Adkins: Is The Future Tolling For RAC?

With the guillotine looming, what's RAC's state of mind? Is it on a future in Cleveland, or is he in self-preservation mode? Can he still save his job? The OBR's Lane Adkins spells it all out in his latest...

In the event you were wondering, Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is not waiting by the phone tonight to learn his fate. After the dismissal of general manager Phil Savage earlier today, Crennel could find himself next on the list to depart the Cleveland Browns organization.

Despite reports Crennel was or will be fired Sunday night, the embattled head coach of the Browns has not been informed of his demise -- not yet, at least.

And, according to those close to the head coach, he is not waiting anxiously by the phone for it to ring either.

Crennel has a scheduled meeting with the team, a press conference with the media and a meet-and-greet with team owner Randy Lerner on his plate Monday. While speculation persists that Crennel will be fired Monday, he is treating the situation as he has for the past thirty years of his coaching career.

Crennel fully expects to sit down with Lerner and discuss the troubling 2008 season, if for nothing more than to gain the satisfaction of relaying his thoughts about where the season went wrong. He will do so in his own words and not those tied to a general manager that left the veteran coach hanging on many issues and aspects during the season.

Quite often the head coach has discussed the inability to know what the future holds. Monday will be no different for Crennel as he will arrive early at the Browns training facility in Berea, meet with his coaches and players, and talk about the latest game played.

Crennel has heard the rumors and often shrugs off the speculation as he can only control what he can, and nothing more.

If Monday transpires as expected, Crennel will be yet another head coach in what is becoming a long line of leaders that has not fared well in Cleveland.

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