Where's Mike Shanahan?

With rumors starting to indicate an interest on the Browns part, where does the Denver coach stand? John Taylor has the scoop.

If Mike Shanahan's sudden availability is going to suddenly change the dynamic of the Cleveland Browns head coach, it hasn't so far, despite rumors that the Browns are interested in the ex-Broncos head coach.

Sources close to the situation in Denver have told the OBR's John Taylor this afternoon that neither Shanahan nor his representatives have been contacted by anyone associated with the Cleveland Browns as of this time. Our sources in Denver are very close to Shanahan and stated that they would would be surprised if he didn't receive calls from numerous teams, including the Browns.

After being unexpectedly relieved of his post in Denver after a long and successful tenure, Shanahan isn't sure about his future path. Shanahan plans on sitting down with his advisors in the coming days to map out a plan, which may include the head coach taking a year off. Of course, a sudden interest by well-heeled Browns owner Randy Lerner could quickly speed up decision-making on Shanahan's part.

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