Browns Scouts Bowl-Hopping

Yes, there's still college player scouting going on and, yes, we know where... has learned that Cleveland Browns scout Kevin Kelley will be in attendance at the Liberty Bowl today to watch East Carolina take on Kentucky.

Here are some players the Browns may be tracking with an eye to April's college draft.

MLB Micah Johnson, Junior
OLB Johnny Williams, Senior
OLB Braxton Kelley, Senior
DE Jeremy Jarmon, Junior
DT Myron Pryor, Senior
DT Corey Peters, Junior
CB Trevard Lindley, Junior
FS Marcus McClinton, Senior
RB Tony Dixon, Senior
OT Garry Williams, Senior
K Lones Seiber, Junior
P Tim Mashay, Senior

East Carolina:
MLB Pierre Bell, Senior
DE C.J. Wilson, Junior
DT Jay Ross, Junior
FS Van Eskridge, Junior
QB Patrick Pinkney, Senior
TE Davon Drew, Senior
OG Doug Palmer, Junior
C Stephen Heis, Junior
P Matt Dodge, Junior

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