Fan View: Head Coach = Stumbling Block?!?

Jeff B. doesn't understand why in the world the Cleveland Browns owner is focusing on interviewing coaches...

First of all, props to the staff of The OBR.  I don't say this because I comment on this site either

As a true Browns fan, where can you go for more in-depth coverage?  I haven't found anywhere.  We as fans are lucky this resource exists.

Now that I got that out of the way I need to ask a simple question.


I understand and appreciate you want to get it right this time after so many failed attempts and I'm not saying that Scott Pioli is personally my #1 choice (I'd actually prefer Parcells since he's had success in so many different places while Pioli has really only had success in one place) but if you think Pioli is your guy then why are you trying to package your choice of coaches along with it?

That is the reported sticking point.  Lerner has his ideas on who should coach and Pioli supposedly has his.  For more on that story, get an Insiders pass and get access to the excellent reporting Lane Adkins and John Taylor are doing on this.

Back to my questioning of Lerner....

If you have identified the next executive you want then why are you trying to force a coach upon him?  Haven't you said repeatedly in the media that you leave the football to the football people?  The reason that you haven't had success up until now is that you've chosen the wrong football people but that still doesn't mean you've all of a sudden become a "football person."

Or have you?

My thoughts are that you haven't.   How could you with your business ventures, soccer team and everything else you have your hands in?  I'm not getting any better at golf because I don't eat, sleep and breathe it and I suspect you aren't getting better at football because you haven't had the time to put in the proper effort and you can't play catch up in a few short months.

Yes, I do want you to get it right this time.  Lord knows I'm sick of a single digit to the left of the dash and double digits to the right of it (yes, I'm talking about the won-loss record).

But to me, "getting it right" doesn't mean force feeding a coach to a guy that you've identified as the football expert to bring your team back to prominence.

Unless were going to go to a Daniel Snyder franchise model.

That's worked REAL well.

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