Fan View: Back to the Future

Jeff B. sees an eerie similarity to 2005 with the latest rumors about the Browns re-boot. What's your take? Join the internet's most popular Browns forums and let your voice be heard.

Keep me away from sharp objects for the next few days if this comes to pass.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that a higher up in the Ravens front office and a former New England Defensive. Coordinator are about to become the new team to lead Cleveland out of the darkness.

Welcome back to 2005 people.  Remember Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel?

You're about to see the sequel and its going to lose just as much at the box office.

The only real difference is that Eric Mangini won't be coming directly from New England with a yet untarnished head coaching record.

We have seen that he can have a losing record and fail to meet expectations as a head coach.

Hey, at least he's got head coaching experience!

Randy Lerner, please say it ain't so that you are considering the pairing of a failed head coach and a guy that's never been a GM before (George Kokinis from the Ravens).

Hellooooooooooooooo, earth to Randy.....

The JETS fired Mangini because he didn't get the job done.

You know, the J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S, J-E-T-S who last tasted real success not long after the Browns won their last championship.

Top ten signs you might not be picking the best available candidate, sign #1, he's just been FIRED by a franchise nearly as desperate as your own to win.

If the Mangini-Kokinis marriage occurs and lands in Berea I will have to conclude that Lerner's courting of Cowher, Pioli, McKay and the rest was nothing more than a SMOKESCREEN to disguise what Lerner wanted to do all along which is to get away as cheaply as possible while sticking loyal Cleveland fans a load of false hope with an also ran management staff again.

Did you hear what they are comparing a possible Mangini-Kokinis pairing to?  A few media outlets are saying it could be like Pioli-Belichick, the combo that won 3 Super Bowls.


#1:  If this was such a HOT formula, then why didn't the JETS try it?  Are they just super stupid in New York?  I think not.

#2:  Brady Quinn has to turn into Tom Brady pretty damn fast for it to happen.  Even then it might not be enough.

Bottom line is Mangini had 3 seasons to make a go of it in New York and he didn't.  Kokinis is UNPROVEN as a GM just like Savage.

This is the best you can come up with Randy?

I wrote when Lerner dismissed Savage/Crennel that he was moving decisively but his next hires would determine whether or not he was serious about returning Cleveland to respectability.

A Mangini-Kokinis team arriving as the new saviors of Berea will tell me all I need to know about Mr. Lerner.  That twosome will signal that Randy Lerner has become a much bigger fan of English Football than he ever will of American Football.

And you can take that to the bank.

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