Rumor Central: Participate in Enlightenment

You asked for that Rumor Central engage in participative weirdness. We comply.

There may be some consumers of's Cleveland Browns news and commentary who arrived in the past few years, and may be confused.  

Sure, they come to the website and see articles by guys like Lane Adkins, Fred Greetham, John Taylor, Rich Passan, Adam Caplan and the OBR's many other writers. Then they open up the magazine and see all the above, plus Jeff Schudel, Pat McManamon, and more. 

And they think to themselves, "Wow, this is truly a media entity comprised entirely of people who know what they're talking about". 

How little they know. They may not have been around in February 1999, when this website changed from full-time Ravens mocking to reporting about the Cleveland Browns. Back when there was just one guy writing, and he was demonstrating the awesome journalistic power of stupidity, beer, weak HTML coding, and a disturbing obsession with every scrap of Browns news we could find.

A power which has recently been flexing its brawny editorial muscles once again in the OBR's free, revived and barely-tolerated Rumor Central

But much has changed over the last ten years. 

Fans read the revived Rumor Central, and have said: "Yes, we do like that there is a Rumor Central. It has words in it, which we can ignore, and links, which we can click on. And sometimes there are pictures. Yes, we give our tentative approval, but, you know, it could be more stupid, it could be more disturbingly obsessed, it could feature more scribblings from people in various undocumented states of inebriation".   

And so it shall be, because as of last evening and by popular request, Rumor Central now allows you - yes, you! - to comment back on the articles. Together, we can forge a collosus of aggressive linking and dumb commentary that will overtake the interwebs. 

But, first, some good news and some bad news.  

The bad news is that we can't integrate our blog system into Scout's login and password for the rest of the OBR, so you'll need to set up a new registration on our blog system. 

The good news is that we went to the effort of making sure that the OBR's staff blogs at and Rumor Central use the same user database. The login/password should be the same for those blogs. When the Munilot fan blogs come over to our new blog software this spring, you will be able use the same login for it as well.

So, get going. Sheesh. You can register by either clicking here or scrolling to the bottom of the page when you hit Rumor Central.


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