Truth and Fiction: The GM Search

Lane Adkins and John Taylor help clarify what's really happening (and what's not) as the Browns look for a new GM. Who else is really interviewing? And is the search getting the team into hot water with the NFL?

KOKINIS KONFUSION – With a bit of confusion out there about whether or not George Kokinis actually met with the Browns, TheOBR spoke with a source in Baltimore on Monday and confirmed that Kokinis and Lerner did meet, that the discussion was lengthy and that there was no formal job offer to Kokinis.

Kokinis is believed to want to evaluate the situation for a few days and determine whether he wants to uproot his family if the Browns offer him the GM position.

According to our source, Kokinis was informed that the Browns organization seeks an individual experienced in pro personnel that can work along with the head coach, heads of personnel, and scouts to create unison within the front office.

Last Thursday, a NE Ohio print publication strongly intimated that that the Browns have an interest in Ted Sundquist to fill their vacant general manager slot.  A well-placed Browns source told The OBR yesterday, however, that the report simply isn't true.

The Browns have neither reached out to the former Denver Broncos GM nor have they been contacted by him either, the source said.  The source added that he "has no idea where the report came from.  It's simply not the case."

LIL POLIAN IN PLAY? Early on, very shortly after the firing of Phil Savage, we received word that Chris Polian was one of the names being thrown around as a potential successor. I think I might've even mentioned it in ATI at some point.

Since that intial rumor, however, we have heard absolutely nothing connecting the son of Colts general manager Bill Polian -- and legendary jerk -- to the job.

Apparently, with Scott Pioli gradually getting smaller in Randy Lerner's rearview mirror, he's back in play. The National Football Post reported late last week the the Browns had "put in a request to interview" Polian.

However, a source with knowledge of the situation tells The OBR that, as far as he knows and as of Saturday afternoon, the Browns had not yet requested permission to speak to the Indianapolis executive.

We have been informed by a solid league source and former member of a league committee that an unnamed team has put the league on notice. The concern expressed to the leagues is that the Cleveland Browns have tampered with Baltimore Ravens vice president of pro personnel George Kokinis.

The question is whether someone affiliated with the Browns spoke with Kokinis prior to an interview being officially granted. It's not known if the person involved is Eric Mangini, who was not yet hired by the Browns at the time.

This has not become an official issue yet - but the Ravens are very wary of the Browns attempting to sneak one in here.

CASERIO ON THE LIST Nick Caserio of the Patriots could be getting an interview with the Denver Broncos. Caserio has been mentioned by theOBR on numerous occasions in past days regarding the Browns vacancy in the front office.

Caserio is on the list in front of Lerner and is expected to receive an interview with the Browns, in particular because of his connection to Mangini and information compiled from league executive.

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