Mangini Spies His Targets

While the Browns play the GM waiting game, head coach Eric Mangini has been busy behind the scenes trying to line up his coaching staff. Here's the latest from the OBR's sources...

SPECIAL TEAMS COACH: Brad Seely will decide by Thursday whether or not he wants to make the jump from New England to Cleveland and become the Browns' special teams coach.  After meeting with current ST coach Ted Daisher, Eric Mangini felt the need to go in a different direction with the unit.  And, oddly enough, a coach that Eric spoke to before he was even hired about the same job in Cleveland -- Scott O'Brien -- is rumored to become the new special teams coach in New England should Seely ultimately decide to leave for the Browns. – JT

While Brad Seely contemplates joining Eric Mangini's staff in Cleveland, he has discussed the possible move with Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick. Speculation is Belichick would like Seely to remain on staff. - LA

LINEBACKERS COACH: We're hearing that Rob Ryan, who SHOULD -- note the capitalizing, bolding and italicizing of the word -- officially be announced as the team's new defensive coordinator within the next 48 hours, has been in contact with former Raiders linebacker coach Don Martindale at least twice recently.  The discussions involved Martindale POSSIBLY moving into the same position on Eric Mangini's new staff.

Martindale's contract expired yesterday, so he's technically free to pursue any job at this point in time.  However, he could be in line to become Oakland's new DC depending on who is hired as the new coach, and would like to wait and see how that search situation plays out. – JT

Bryan Cox, another member of Mangini's staff in New York could be another assistant that has agreed to join the staff in Cleveland. A former LB at the professional level, Cox has worked with the LB's and defensive lineman while in New York. - LA

As previously noted, Oakland Raiders linebackers coach Don Martindale is a wanted man. Former Oakland defensive coordinator and Browns' unofficial defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has asked Martindale to join his staff in Cleveland. Martindale has been playing the waiting game, as intern head coach Tom Cable remains a candidate for the head coaching position in Oakland. – LA

OTHER COACHES: According to team sources, every assistant on the Browns staff under contract has been provided the opportunity to seek employment elsewhere, while Mangini and his 'unofficially named staff' continue to evaluate the state of the Browns - from coaches to players.

Along with Martindale, Mangini and Ryan are believed to be interested in adding another unnamed assistant coach from the Oakland staff - but have been unable to succeed due to the head coach issue in Oakland.
In New York, general manager Mike Tannenbaum remains concerned that Mangini will continue to raid the staff of assistant coaches. Many coaches remain under contract in New York and have been left in limbo as the Jets' head coach search continues. Mangini is believed to have his eye on no less that four coaches from his present staff to join him in Cleveland. - LA

GENERAL MANAGER SEARCH: To repeat, as recently as last night, the Browns have not contacted former Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist, nor has the exec called the Browns inquiring about the GM position.  Just putting it out there yet again. – JT

DA IN PLAY?: With both Rob Chudzinski and Rip Scherer interviewing with the 49ers over the past few days, the rumors are already starting that San Francisco will make a run at acquiring Derek Anderson this offseason.  The only problem with that?  Everything we've been told points to Chud being one of the people in the organization who was for a switch to Brady Quinn much earlier than it actually happened. – JT

WHERES PHIL?: Apropos of nothing, but an agent tells The OBR that he saw former Browns general manager Phil Savage on the sidelines of the East-West Shrine Bowl practice in Houston.  Once a scout, always a scout I guess.  Additionally, we have seen the report of Savage being linked to Detroit, but have heard nothing that would corroborate the lone article on Savage's future. – JT

The Scouting and Personnel Dept's of the Browns remain unaffected by the termination of Phil Savage. Under the direction of T.J. McCreight, the scouts and personnel dept members are going to be at the East/West game, as well as Senior Bowl week in Mobile, Alabama. - LA

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