What We've Been Told

Yes, things seem quiet in Berea, but the OBR's Lane Adkins is keeping his ear close to the ground and picking up those subtle vibrations. Here are the latest whispers...

- One source informed The Orange and Brown Report last evening George Kokinis has been offered a contract by the Browns. Another team source tells theOBR that Kokinis has all but signed on the dotted-line - and is expected to do so relatively soon. The Baltimore Ravens organization fully anticipates Kokinis will be joining the rival Cleveland Browns in the coming days.

- Unannounced new QB coach Carl Smith will be working hand-in-hand with first time offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, as noted in this column earlier. One of the first orders of business is to evaluate all the Browns offensive personnel…  and especially the QB position.

- As we alluded to numerous times recently, Browns' new head coach Eric Mangini continues to look toward New York and New England to provide quality and depth to his coaching staff. At the present time, Mangini is believed to have either hired or lined-up three assistants from those two organizations. At the same time, the team remains a keenly interested observer regarding the contract status of the Jets' assistant head coach / offensive line coach Bill Callahan.

- While Mangini and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan have sought Oakland Raiders' linebackers coach Don Martindale as a candidate to oversee the LB's in Cleveland, indications are Martindale would like to remain in Oakland. It appears likely he will do so as the defensive coordinator of the Raiders.

- Former Browns QB coach Rip Scherer recently signed a deal in Carolina with the Panthers. Scherer was highly respected by the QB's on the Browns roster - and was not offered a position on Mangini's staff.

- Reports surfacing that new Kansas City Chiefs front office guru Scott Pioli wanted to tear-down the Cleveland front office and roster are true, as we reported in the early stages of the process. Pioli did believe the organization needed significant change and we have been informed that during his discussions with Browns team owner Randy Lerner, he clearly relayed these thoughts.

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