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Q & A with Sobodawg, who is tracking the Browns activities at Senior Bowl practices closely. If you've got questions for Our Man in Mobile, join us in the subscriber chat room at 9PM EST this evening.

PISSONPITT: SOBO is Rey Maualuga dropping? You said "few teams/agents are wary of him" Does this mean he could drop to the second round? and do you think he would be a good value pick for us in the second if available at our current position?

SOBO: Let's see how this week progresses. I know Maualuga himself was a little worried about this week and how everything would work for him. If he was a little tentative yesterday in his play, it certainly showed.

Fact of the matter is, he's been dropping some all season once teams watched him more and more.   Then when you factor in his personality, it could take another hit.  I doubt he falls that far, but I wouldn't put it out the realm of possibility.  And I certainly take him in round 2 if he somehow was there.

He's actually been a name a lot of people are talking about down here, but for different reasons.  He hasn't signed with an agent and he's not working out anywhere special other than at USC. Going to try and talk to him today to get a little more.

CDUNFEE1289: Thoughts Boston College DT Brace... After watching all the Senior Bowl practices so far on NFL Network, ive noticed Brace from Boston College has looked pretty good and would seem to be a good fit for a two-gap nose tackle position, you think he would be somebody we could get later in the draft? What r ur thoughts on him?

SOBO: Brace has been good, not as good as Raji, but he's been shooting gaps and just a load against the run.  Where he hasn't been all that good, and would make him a liability as a pure nose is that he doesn't move well laterally.   He's a straight ahead bull rush type of guy.

MCORF: Sobo, check out Mitch King. I have met the kid a few times and seen him play on numerous occasions. He is in the backfield every play.

SOBO: Wouldn't say *every* play but he's certainly played much better than I expected.  What is fascinating to me is just how polished his is a prospect.   His technique is almost flawless at times.   But he can be stoned every now and again by bigger linemen.

BROWNSFAN1313: Clint Sintim. Is he someone who would be there in the second?\

SOBO: He's probably a late first/early second guy. His best asset while being in Mobile isn't being showcased.   Sintim is a 34 pass rushing OLB.   Granted he gets to show off more of his coverage skills and how he plays the run as a traditional SSLB, but that's where his bread is buttered.

PUGZ1: Pros / Cons of Rey Maualuga? I recognize that Aaron Curry is currently Scout's top rated linebacker, but I also recognize that with a defensive minded coach in Detroit and what appears to be very little defensive talent in KC that Curry might not fall to the Browns (even at #5). Next in the line at the LB position is Rey Maualuga, but he doesn't seem to be getting much press by the Insiders lately. Is there something those of us in the general fanbase are missing about his ability to play LB for the Browns?

SOBO: Rey is a physical presence in the middle but lacks natural instincts at the position, and really struggles to get off of blocks at times. Plus down here in Mobile, and talking to him personally, he's definitely a different cat and quite a few teams/agents are wary of him.

RENO BROWNS FAN: So reading between the lines on the tfydraft reports, none of the center prospects (Unger, Mack, etc.) sound like they have handled the big DTs very well.  Did you get any different read on any of them?  With our entire division (other than the Bengals) employing stout NTs, don't we need someone at the pivot that is a little stronger at the point of attack?  If these guys can't do it, is there anyone else in the draft that can fit the bill?

Second question, sounds like Ziggy Hood from Missouri fits most with what we need at DE.  He seems to be the Trevor Laws of this year's Senior Bowl.  Sounds like he has been strong at the point of attack, but has some pass rush ability.  BJ Raji and Brace sound more like the pluggers that RAC usually had at DE.  Would that be your read on the situation?  Also, where do you think Hood ends up?  Will he be available for our #2?

SOBO: Do I have a different read than those aforementioned reports?  Since I wrote them, probably not.  

This is certainly a solid center class, but a few of the prospects have not looked as good in person as I would have expected or liked.

Ziggy Hood is a very good player.  But since I watched him early in the season, he' always struck me as a penetrating one gap DT.  He could certainly end up late round 1 when it's all said and done.

Raji simply has been the best guy here, and has done it all.

Brace is bigger but he loves just to fire off the ball and drive who ever is blocking him backward.  Doesn't get off blocks well and doesn't move particularly well.

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