Sobo Talks Senior Bowl

The only independent Browns reporter in Mobile for the Senior Bowl was The OBR's Brent "Sobodawg" Sobleski. Last night, our Man in Mobile gave subscribers the inside scoop on the Browns and this key scouting event.

<nybrownie> So any new rumors circulating down there?
NYB: Talked to a couple coaches today for the Browns and they were in limbo about the whole situation. Really didn't know where they stand or will stand.

<ramllov> SOBO, Do you see any CBs big, who could be at 36 or 100 for the Browns?
Sobodawg: RAM: Keenan Lewis is 6' and close to 200 and has played solidly. And has had the interest of some Browns scouts

<ramllov> Is he going to be there at 36? or 100?
Sobodawg: Ram: Lewis is a mid rounder

<FEVAH> Sobo...give us three names who we might pick in the first round?
Sobodawg: FEVAH: Curry, Orakpo, Ev. Brown

<nybrownie> whos the best looking player so far
Sobodawg: NYB: BJ Raji. Derrick Williams has played very well. And Rey Maualuga finally showed up today and played to his talent level

<ramllov> SOBO do you see Derek Williams, WR having a chance in Cleveland as a pick?
Sobodawg: RAM: I would not rule a WR out at any point in this draft

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, is Kraig Urbik too phone-boothy to be a good fit for us at RG?
Sobodawg: AFS: It all depends on the system Mangini and the staff bring. If you look at what the team has now, Urbik isn't the best fit

<ramllov> Pat Chung is very popular and showing good in Mobile
Sobodawg: RAM: Chung is a solid player who makes a good amount of plays. Isn't the best in coverage but he certainly hasn't beent he worst down here

<ramllov> Where would Derek Williams, WR, go in the draft?
Sobodawg: RAM: D.Williams could go as high as 2 potentially

<c19pdawg> Sobo any chance e.brown isnt another kamerion?
Sobodawg: C19: Don't see it. Brown is much more polished, much more productive, and wasn't banged up through his career like Wimbley

<ramllov> Which safeties do you see as a player for the Browns?
Sobodawg: Ram: Really like Louis Delmas down here. Has been good every day

<c19pdawg> is he worth a 5 though? personally like the wr from texas tech
Sobodawg: C19: Ev. Brown is arguably the best pass rusher in the draft. That always rises and has a lot of value

<Chidawg> SOBO, any OL or DL we should keep an eye on?
Sobodawg: Chi: Guys like Mack and Unger have been getting better each day. Tyronne Green played very well today. Phil Loadholt has improved quite a bit as well
Sobodawg: Chi: Dline, Larry English and Cody Brown as eventual 34 OLBs

<ramllov> SOBO, Robert, Ayers, DE, Tennessee, could he ever be a OLB in a 3-4?
Sobodawg: Ram: Haven't seen quite enough of him yet. He's been sporadic but very good at points

<c19pdawg> who's the browns lead scout now?
Sobodawg: c19: TJ McCreight

<matt83> Anymore scuttlebutt on Kokinis?
Sobodawg: M83: You heard the last I got in the ATI

<AdamFenwickSymes> Is Ron Brace more athletic than Ahtyba Rubin (in terms of quickness & lateral movement)?
Sobodawg: AFS: Quickness certainly, but they're probably on par athletically. Rubin did a better job working laterally

<browns82> are english and brown working out at linebacker
Sobodawg: B82: Purely defensive ends

<ramllov> SOBO, could you see Brandon Gibson, Washington State, WR, playing for the Browns?
Sobodawg: RAM: I liked what I saw early this week, but he struggled some the last day or so

<LordHelpus> It looks like most of the top centers will be available in the second round, should the Browns grab one or wait until later in the draft?
Sobodawg: LHU: Still think they'd be wise to land one of the top guys early

<Chidawg> How about DE? It seems we will need at least 1 starter & 1 or 2 depth guys since EM uses small guys than Crennel.
Sobodawg: Chi: Only legit 34 DE I've seen down here is Fili Moala though Alex Magee has really played well once he came in late

<c19pdawg> would it be easier to take a tweener up to de than down to lb.
<c19pdawg> that seems to be what pitt does.
Sobodawg: C19: Depends on the player, but history dictates DE's move to OLB and not as much the other way around

<matt83> How high might Eric Wood go?
Sobodawg: M83: Wood is probably a 3rd or 4th rounder

<ramllov> Juanquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma, his name I see often, how does he look as a future Cleveland Browns player?
Sobodawg: RAM: Iglesias is a good player and has some wiggle but he's not having a standout week

<c19pdawg> sobo dont get to say it enough thanks for all your work
Sobodawg: C19: Don't thank me. Like I said last night, I just love talking football. Heck I'm always worried I'm not getting you guys enough

<nybrownie> Any late round steals
Sobodawg: NYB: Nic Harris is going to be a good LB eventually, so we'll see where he falls. Scott McKillop and Mitch King are just flatout football players. Watch for guys like Cedric Peerman and Coye Franciese

<ramllov> SOBO, would you be happy with Eric Woods as the Browns center at pick 100?
Sobodawg: RAM: I like Wood's game a lot. Hasn't played as well as I expected this week (none of the centers have) but I would have no problem with him at 100.

<c19pdawg> arent most of these guys the type you hope can be "coached up" at the next level?
Sobodawg: c19: There are a few. Phil Loadholt is the best example off the top of my head. Huge and talented but has really received a lot of coaching this week and he'll continue to need it.

<jmidd44> Anyone know how Daven Holly's recovery is coming? Wonder how that affects the Browns draft thoughts with their CB's
Sobodawg: JM: Haven't heard anything on Holly but the Browns are checking out a corner here or there this week

<ramllov> They were interviewing TEs the last few days
Sobodawg: Ram: That they were and a name I forgot to mention was Shawn Nelson of Southern Miss who has been fantastic

<c19pdawg> sobo your top 2 or 3 guys from down there for the browns. so i can keep an eye out.
Sobodawg: C19: For the Browns? Alex Mack, Rashad Jennings, Larry English. All three of those guys will come in play 2nd round or later

<ramllov> SOBO - When you get a chance, Denver Dawg started a thread on players the Browns scouts are talking to on the TAP ROOM, could you take a look there this weekend?
Sobodawg: RAM: I'll kind of give my thoughts on those players next week when I have some time. Also did a couple short interviews today as well that I'll probably transcribe next week when I get the time as well

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, is Caldwell-Raji the C-DT matchup to watch for in the actual game?
Sobodawg: AFS: Raji against any of the centers. Don't forget Luigs is on the squad as well. And they'll likely be bringing in another tomorrow since A. Parker got hurt today at practice

Sobodawg: RAM: Beatty is a more natural left tackle. He's athletic and pretty fluid, just needs technique work plus some added weight
<ramllov> SOBO, could the Browns actually draft two OLBs this draft?

<Yeti83> Any QBs late round that could be groomable as a backup?
Sobodawg: Yeti: This QB class is horrible. There isn't much more to say than that. If it wasn't for Stafford and Sanchez, this might be the worst QB class ever.
Sobodawg: The only guy I kind of like late is Brian Johnson and he does have a very strong arm

<c19pdawg> where is the strength of this years draft? position-wise
Sobodawg: C19: LB, Dline (particularly end/hybrid OLB's)

<ramllov> SOBO - PHil Loadholt, OT Oklahoma, could he be the swing tackle the Browns need. Start RT, but sub as a LT if there was a game injury?
Sobodawg: RAM: Loadholt could certainly serve a role like that. Reminds me a bit of Marcus McNeill

<matt83> You mentioned Jennings - any mid-round type RBs worth drafting?
Sobodawg: Matt: There is quite a drop-off in talent among the RB's past round 3 or so. Always liked Marlon Lucky out of Nebraska though

<AdamFenwickSymes> Any word on whether Foster's hammy injury is serious?
Sobodawg: AFS: Didn't look too bad. He was just standing around at the end of practice. Looks unlikely he would pull out, unless they find something worse in there

<jmidd44> will those 2 qb's get drafted sooner out of desperation? Maybe helping us land who we want?
JM: Odds are. QB's rise all the time. Scouts aren't as high on them as they were Ryan a year ago though

<jmidd44> where is loadholt projecting? 2nd?
Sobodawg: JM: More likely 3rd or even early 4th

<c19pdawg> what does lucky weigh/
Sobodawg: C19: Believe Lucky is in that 210-215 range

<c19pdawg> sobo can you see the browns drafting like the eagles this year all line and no skill players?
Sobodawg: c19: It's really hard to tell at this point simply because no one knows who the GM is yet, or how it's going to be run, etc. Remember one thing, in the first draft where Mangini was the coach of NYJ, the drafted two linemen in the first round

<c19pdawg> i mean with this class it sounds weak at skills
<c19pdawg> so load up on the big boys.
Sobodawg: c19: You're going to find talent at RB, WR, and corner; just depends where you're looking

<AdamFenwickSymes> Did Clay Matthews' agent start speaking in tongues after his client effectively bull-rushed Michael Oher?
Sobodawg: AFS: Matthews has played well, certainly. But it was one play

<browns82> how has sintim looked?
Sobodawg: b82: Started out relatively strong, but hasn't played as well the next two days. He's a 34 OLB and he's not exactly playing that role this week

<jmidd44> Sobo, I keep hearing Fraley's really dropped off this past year- I'm not sure it wasn't due to not having Tucker next to him- at least in part. Do the Browns need to worry about replacing him now or to look at getting a backup to replace him down the line?
Sobodawg: JM: Center is definitely a concern and something will be done with the position

<c19pdawg> yes he did but was that need or style i wonder
Sobodawg: Ram: Well he hasn't had the chance to really showcase his ability down here which is rushing the passer. He took a couple reps in a pass rushing drill with the lineman today, but that's been about it.

<c19pdawg> can anybody tell me a USC guy to come into the pros in the last 5 years and be a stand out defender?
Sobodawg: c19: Polamalu.
<c19pdawg> and no fair using polamalu.
Sobodawg: Keith Rivers
Sobodawg: Mike patterson has played well

<dapound> Sobo, How would you feel about Jason Smith @5
Sobodawg: Dapound: Wouldn't go tackle at five at all

<c19pdawg> just nthink it might be a scheme thing out there.
<c19pdawg> makes me worry about malugla
Sobodawg: c19: Point was that this is about individuals, not where they came from school
Sobodawg: C19: No college and no player is can't miss.
Sobodawg: They're just covered more by media

<billling> do you see browns trading away their # 5 choice for two picks in first round, it would seem like a no brainer to me!
Sobodawg: Billing: As they always say, it takes two to tango

<c19pdawg> this is why im not sold on maluga
Sobodawg: c19: Maualuga has been a concentration of mine this week. Started out very slow and was outstanding today. There is a reason why so many are torn on him as a prospect

<c19pdawg> sobo does he have a HEAD for the game or just athletic?
Sobodawg: c19: Maualuga's head is all over the place, but when he wants to play there aren't many better

<Yeti83> Is him wanting to play a problem?
Sobodawg: yeti: Don't necessarily think so, but he's a pretty laid back and slightly off guy when you talk to him personally

<ramllov> SOBO, there are always small school players at the Senior Bowl who surprise. Have you seen any?
Sobodawg: Ram: Been talking up Louis Delmas (W.Michigan) and Rashad Jennings (Liberty) quite a bit. Coye Franciese (San Jose St.) has played well too. People will be enamored with Ramses Barden (Cal Poly). But there aren't the standouts like Leodis McKelvin and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie like last year

<jmidd44> Alright SOBO, who's your 2nd day sleeper, and is he at the workouts?
Sobodawg: JM: A lot of the guys I had as potential sleepers earlier in the year just kept climbing boards as the season progressed. So I'll have to get back to you on that later.

<ramllov> SOBO, if there are no Blue Chip players in this draft or one or two, the Browns are not going to find a trade down partner to pick up an extra first or second pick, with trading number 5. Is that accurate?
Sobodawg: Ram: Depends. Teams always fall in love with particular prospects. Case in point, Derrick Harvey last year

<elektrikq> hey Sobo, read a blub earlier that the browns have shown some interest in Patrick Chung from Oregon. Sounds like he's looked pretty good. Where do you see him going in the draft? Maybe 1st or 2nd safety off the board?
Sobodawg: Elek: Chung is probably a mid rounder. He's played well, but he still isn't the most athletic safety

<matt83> Any possible 2nd day LBers to pay attention to?
Sobodawg: Matt83: A name I mentioned earlier was Scott McKillop. Fantastic instincts and really knows how to work his way through trash

<c19pdawg> sobo right now would you, be happy with malugua at 5?
Sobodawg: c19: No

<ramllov> SOBO, Do you see a safety in Mobile or in this draft who could replace and be better than Sean Jones?
Sobodawg: Ram: No

<ramllov> SOBO side note, do you see the Browns picking up Bodden in free agency for a veteran, big CB?
Sobodawg: Ram: It's too hard to tell what the team will do in FA until things start to sort themselves out with the coaching staff and front office

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, any sense whether 3-4 teams are looking at Follett to play inside or outside?
Sobodawg: AFS: Right now Follett has been playing a lot of ILB. He was an OLB in a 34 at Cal but he's undersized at 231

<billling> browns needs in draft
Sobodawg: Billing: Right now in no particular order - ILB, OLB, DE, RB, C, WR, and third corner. Safety if Jones isn't re-signed.

<elektrikq> Sobo thanks for the info on Chung. Had another question on Alex Mack. Has he played himself into the late 1st round ahead? Would love to have him in the 2nd, but I find it hard to believe such a versatile lineman will make it past the playoff teams late in the 1st.
Sobodawg: Elek: All the top centers have been underwhelming. In regards to Mack and Unger, part of it is due to the fact they have been learning guard (which neither has ever played)

<billling> is stallworth that bad or was he not used correctly in offense
Sobodawg: Billing: Stallworth needs to go period.

<dapound> Sobo, which player has surprised you, if any that might have been under your radar. thanks
Sobodawg: DaPound: Larry English has really risen up my board

<DRANOEL> is there a 3-4 DE and NT that can help the Browns out this season? and what round should the Browns grab him?
Sobodawg: DraN: There are some decent 34 ends but most are in that round 2 or 3 range

<elektrikq> re Mackc and Unger, is that "underwhelming" as in not a 1st rounder but decent value in the 2nd, or as in just not living up to the hype
Sobodawg: Elek: Not first round value. Talked to both today, and both good kids; but they're play just hasn't been that of first round caliber players

<c19pdawg> Fraley is undersized how big is Mack?
Sobodawg: c19: Fraley is 320. Mack is 314, but much more solid

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, do you think William Moore will be converted to linebacker?
Sobodawg: AFS: Said all year Moore is a LB playing safety

<billling> if we are going to play 3-4 defense don't you think we need lb,lb,lb,lb, and more lbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sobodawg: Billing: I expect one LB to be signed via FA, and at least one more drafted

<jmidd44> Is Herman Johnson going to be a G or a T? at 382 lbs, we could use him as a guard and a center at the same time. Has he shown anything?
Sobodawg: JM: Herman Johnson is the worst player down here. He's awful. I might use a 7th on him.

<matt83> How about the C from Virginia Tech, Schuman, later in the draft?
Sobodawg: M83: Shuman is a guy who didn't play well enough to necessarily be here at the Senior Bowl, but he's played well enough to warrant some attention. Still a late rounder at best

<jmidd44> Any Conrad dobler types we could get at guard?
Sobodawg: JM: Guard isn't a great class this year. It could be helped if you moved one of the top centers there (which all are getting looks)

<AdamFenwickSymes> Any sense whether the Bengals' coaching staff has fallen in love with Raji?
Sobodawg: AFS: The Bengals staff certainly needs credit; they run a great practice. And almost always, teams that coach the Senior Bowl will draft guys from their squads. Remember Jon Gruden fawning over Cadillac Williams from the moment their plane landed in Mobile

<matt83> You mentioned Nic Harris getting some attention. 4th, 5th round?
Sobodawg: Matt: Harris has played well each day and has risen his stock as a LB prospect

<billling> what are the deepest positions in the draft as far as quality 3-4 defense goes
Sobodawg: Bill: ILB and OLB

Sobodawg: Won't be able to do a chat Thursday simply because I'll be en route home. Though Barry might have something lined up that you all might enjoy (that's what we call a *tease*)

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