Screamout At The Not-OK Corral

As the Browns 2008 season spiraled out of control some issues came to a head. Loudly. John Taylor has the exclusive story of one such moment as the season came to a close...

For a pretty good portion of the 2008 season, The Orange & Brown Report had talked of a "disconnect" between the coaching staff and and the front office.

On numerous occasions, especially very early on in the season, we reported of head coach Romeo Crennel and various members of his staff pleading with the front office to bring in some veteran help. Among other things, the staff was looking for experienced additions at both the wide receiver and cornerback positions.

In particular, Crennel and former offensive assistant coach Dave Atkins pushed very hard for the addition of 13-year veteran WR Joe Horn. Horn's agent made it abundantly clear to Atkins on several occasions his client could be had for a one-year deal in the $1 million dollar range. Additionally, Crennel spoke to Ty Law and his agent numerous times, telling him he was doing his best to get him to Cleveland. Like Horn, Law was willing to come in on a one-year contract for roughly the same money Horn found acceptable.

Both players, and several other potential additions, were shot down at every turn by Phil Savage.

That season-long disconnect apparently came to a head shortly after the season-ending loss to the Steelers.

According to a source who witnessed it, Crennel and two unnamed members of the front office engaged in a lengthy and heated conversation outside of the visitor's locker room in Pittsburgh. The situation never became physical in any way, shape or form, but, the witness, said, "there was no doubt there were some issues between the group and they were airing them out."

The witness refused to identify the names of the front office personnel involved, other than to say neither of them were Savage. He also added that he was not privy to what the "conversation" was about.

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