Browns Move On Without McCreight

The OBR's Lane Adkins reports this evening that TJ McCreight has left the organization. Here's what's happening next, and how it has impacted the team's efforts.

The OBR has learned this evening that Browns Director of Pro Personnel T.J. McCreight has left the organization.

According to a source close to the situation, McCreight will be replaced by a new individual brought in by as-yet-unannounced Browns General Manager George Kokinis. It is not known if this individual will be ex-Jacksonville front office leader James Harris, although Harris has had an ongoing dialogue with members of the Browns organization over the past week.

Earlier this week, Lane Adkins told subscribers in the OBR's exclusive Insider Blog that there had been some turbulence in the negotiations for Kokinis' arrival in Cleveland. Some of these differences may have centered around McCreight's role in the organization, as Browns owner Randy Lerner was known to advocate McCreight's remaining with the franchise.

McCreight's exit will impact the team's free agency and draft planning in the short term, as the front office executive has been leading the Browns' off-season scouting efforts.

The OBR's source also indicates this is the first move by the 'new' regime which is focused on a new 'team' environment and structure.

As for the outgoing executive, league sources tell the OBR that it's unlikely that he will have a difficult time finding new employment. At least two teams have reportedly contacted McCreight about front office positions following the termination of Browns GM Phil Savage at the end of the season.

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