The Health Of Brady Quinn?

While the attention of fans is on a new front office, whitewashed murals, and other off-field topics, the Browns have several players who need to heal up this off-season. How are they doing? The OBR has the answers, exclusively...

A source close to Brady Quinn has informed The Orange & Brown Report that the quarterback had the pins removed from his finger "sometime around the tenth of January", and has now been throwing a football for well over a week.

Barring an unexpected development, there is no indication at this point in time that Quinn will miss any of the organized off-season training activities, mini-camps, etc.

"The (surgical) procedure and rehab went as expected, and he's ready to get back at it," the source said.

--A decision will be made no later than Thursday or Friday as to whether or not Corey Williams will have a medical procedure performed on his injured shoulder. Williams and his people are currently working in conjunction with the Browns' medical staff in making the determination.

Extensive tests performed after the season indicated no major structural damage to the joint. If a procedure is performed, it's thought to likely be as simple as a "clean-out" of the area. There is some thought, however, that rest and simple strengthening will fix the issue, as opposed to an invasive procedure -- regardless of how minimal -- being performed.

Regardless of what the ultimate decision turns out to be, it's very unlikely Williams would not be available for the club's offseason minicamps.

--According to sources close to the Browns, the heavily talked-about "mural whitewashing" of Browns legends has never been just that. The team is going to move the mural to another location in the facility, and there will be some other announcements of a similar nature at some point in time.

--There have also been rumors making the rounds that Josh Cribbs had underwent some type of offseason surgery/medical procedure. A Browns source says those rumors are simply not true, and that Cribbs has had no surgery this off-season. The return specialist underwent an extensive physical at season's end and was given a clean bill of health.

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