What We've Been Told

Media "clampdown" or not, the OBR has learned a great deal about Berea's continuing soap opera as the massive turnover continues. Lane Adkins has the scoop about what is transpiring behind the scenes. Must-reading.

- Is no news good news? In the case of players under contract to the Cleveland Browns, probably not. Most are basically in the same boat as they were in the immediately following the end of the season. Namely, clueless. Numerous players contacted by theOBR have neither spoken with new position coaches, coordinators or the new head coach.

- Similar issues exist for players whose contracts are expiring. With the change of structure within the organization, numerous players and agents alike tell us that they have not have a good experience attempting to talk with the new regime. 2008 season contracts expire in about four weeks.

- Is this why the Browns have not filled out their coaching staff? The Orange and Brown Report has been told that no less than three assistant coach candidates have rebuffed feelers from the Browns for open positions on head coach Eric Mangini's staff. The reason intimated to the OBR: Mangini has a reputation of being very difficult to deal with at times - and can be less than respectful to those surrounding him. Two coaches who were on staff with Mangini either in New York or in New England did not jump at the opportunity to join him in Cleveland.

- While the team tries to build its new coaching staff, the old one remains in limbo. League sources tell theOBR that the Cleveland organization has been steadfast in their desire to hold employees under the terms of their respective deals – unless, of course, the employee would like to resign and fore-go financial or other rewards specified in their employment contracts. A number of coaches and several scouts have had opportunities pass them by while waiting for the Browns organization to determine if they would be part of the organization moving forward

- Around the league, the perception of the Browns organization is anything but positive. Some former employees of the organization have taken numerous stabs at the Browns new brain trust. Others wait for the organization to terminate them so they will receive the benefits of their contract.

- During the 'phone-gate' investigation, two employees were identified as making numerous calls to those within the league and/or media. Both persons involved were privy to detailed and personal information which could be detrimental to the Cleveland Browns football organization.

- As reported by theOBR, former Pro Personnel Director T.J. McCreight left *ahem* the organization as reports of questionable leaks were being investigated. McCreight voluntary departed from the Browns front office without receiving the benefits of his contract. Also, due to McCreight voluntarily departing the organization, the Browns will not discuss his involvement as a possible target in the "phone-gate" probe.

- Former Browns' general manager Phil Savage had his hands in many issues within the organization during his tenure. At this point, Savage is viewed in a far-from-positive light by the Cleveland Browns organization and the head coach that was in place during this tenure. Former members of the Browns staff are now coming forward saying Savage suffered from ego, power and jealousy issues - and was never at fault for the direction of the team and organization.

- TheOBR would be remiss not to mention we have been told by a league and former team sources that Savage himself was pushing the buttons behind the leaks of numerous tidbits of information to the media.

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