Transcript: The New Regime

Following the opportunity to talk to the new Browns regime, Barry McBride and John Taylor talked to Browns fans for 90 minutes last night in the OBR chat room. Here's the transcript, as the guys give their thoughts about the re-booted Browns organization...

<Chidawg> Hi Barry! Hi John! Thanks for the chat!
Barry McBride: We had the opportunity to meet with Randy Lerner, Eric Mangini, and George Kokinis this morning in Berea.We're not coming back with a transcript, but I figured it would be worthwhile to just let folks pick our brains for a bit.

<Brownsfan91171> hey better have the goods for us
Barry McBride: Aiiigh! (runs)

John Taylor: Sorry, a two-year-old in the midst of potty training trumped the start of the chat.
Barry McBride: Taylor has been given moderator status. You may all quell in fear.

<Brownsfan91171> Barry..........has Magenius learned his lesson with the Jets? Please tell me he is not isolating players?
Barry McBride: 91171: Really too early to say yet. The opinions he expressed to us today seemed pretty consistent with his Jets experience.

<ChezDawg99> Was it an OBR exclusive or were other media there?
John Taylor: 99: The OBR was the only media there.

<TommyDee> Is there any truth to the whole mural debacle?
Barry McBride: TommyDee: The mural is getting moved.
Barry McBride: It will probably wind up in the front of the building.

<Brownsfan91171> Barry....can you start with your impressions of the meeting, the there direction?
Barry McBride: 91171: There is certainly direction. It is clear that the team's past mistakes are informing their current direction. Whether they're making all new mistakes has yet to be seen.

<Hogan> Are you worried that they haven't added a layer to replace McCreight with the draft coming up? Also rumors are that there are more scouts leaving?
Barry McBride: Hogan: We asked a little bit about Harris in terms of whether he might come in as someone working for Kokinis, but that doesn't seem to be the drection at all. Harris will wind up in Detroit, most likely.
John Taylor: Lerner said Harris was not talked to about any other position within the organization other than the GM position.

<Pazienza> When will the rest of the coaching staff be revealed?
John Taylor: Pazienza: Magini will officially announce the new offensive line coach and the S & C coach tomorrow at his
press conference.

<trickdawg81> What is the OBR's feeling on the state/direction of the franchise? I'm not feeling too good about it.
John Taylor: 81: my feeling is that it's way too early to tell one way or the other. I'm somewhat confident Lerner may have gotten this one right.
Barry McBride: trickdawg81: I'm very worried about the short term, meaning the next six months. We have a franchise that is getting horrible publicity and the only way to really turn that around is winning.

<tommybo> Did we snag Callahan?
Barry McBride: Tommybo: heard nothing about Callahan.

<ChezDawg99> Did you sense the three were on the same page?
John Taylor: Chez: I got the sense that mangini and Kokinis may not be on the same page initially in all decisions, but they would end up there when all was said and done.

<Mespaw> Has he spoken with Cribbs about reworking his contract
John Taylor: Mespaw: there has been no contact with Cribbs' agent as of late last week.

<ChezDawg99> Was one of the three more of an dominant spokesperson today?
Barry McBride: Chez: We talked first with Lerner, then with Mangini. Kokinis joined us only briefly and then had to get pulled out.

<Pincushion> Barry: Does the fact that they met with you exclusively mean that they are opening up to some media outside the building to build better relationships?
Barry McBride: Pincushion: It means it's clear they want to get their message out there.

<kevinmackfan> any truth to cribbs playin safety
Barry McBride: KMF: Semi-funny story there... Mangini was talking to us about getting eveyrone on the same page. I said "So does that mean Cribbs is going to play safety or not"? Mangini talked about his experiences with Troy Brown, and the importance of getting athletes on the field.

<RoosterrDawg61> 2,0was there any talk of personel changes or free agents who wont be back
John Taylor: Dawg61: We didn't really get that far into it.

<nudawg> Who is going to have the power during the draft?
John Taylor: nudawg: "Consensus" will be the buzzword, and it seems to be a word that will actually be taken to heart.

<dcarbetta> 7,0what exactly was the purpose of your meeting?
Barry McBride: dcarbetta: It was spurred by Lerner's reaction to my letter. He has been very open and willing to answer any question we put to him, and to follow up with us.

<nudawg> Does that mean they will flip a coin if they can't agree?
Barry McBride: nudawg: I almost made that joke, but asked Mangini what would happen if they don't agree. He talked about the need to reach consensus at the end of the day.

<Pazienza> Does Lerner feel foolish for guaranteeing RAC, Savage, Chud all that money?
John Taylor: Pazienza: I think he felt his hands were tied given what transpired with Chud .

<Pincushion> Did Mangini get into any philosphy at all? What kind of camp he's going to run, etc
John Taylor: Pincushion: he never, we never, got into that.

<dcarbetta> 7,0so which question was top on your list?
Barry McBride: darbetta: My biggest question was with regard to how the organization was being put together and how the team could avoid the mistakes of the past.

<Hogan> Any RB talk?
Barry McBride: Hogan: We didn't dive that deep, unfortunately, and Mangini wouldn't tip his hand if we tried.

<cpross> Barry -how did they respond?
John Taylor: One thing I think Mangini wanted to stress was everyone in the building having one common agenda. Focus on that one common agenda/goal, and stop worrying about what the next person is or isn't doing.
Barry McBride: cpross: JT's answer really nails it. Getting everyone in Berea to a single agenda - next week's opponent - was brought up consistently.

<ramllov> 88 members barry, they want to know about the Browns tonight
Barry McBride: ram: There's a lot of curiosity out there about whether or not the team is headed in the right direction.

<Pincushion> Was Ernie Accorsi's past and future involvement brought up at all?
John Taylor: Pincushion: Accorsi was officially hired as an advisor the day after Mangini was hired. He was also involved in the process that brought Savage to Cleveland, FWIW.

<dogsqb13> 13,0how was the energy in the room ?
John Taylor: dogsqb13: randy Lerner is a very impressive individual. I just wish he would let the fans of his team see that.

<kevinmackfan> did they offer you something to drink
Barry McBride: KMF: Lerner asked us if wanted coffee, water, or cold beer, LOL.

<tommybo> Im hoping you took the beer!
<SamAtlanta> 5,0Was it good beer?
<kevinmackfan> hope you chose cold beer
Barry McBride: I told them the beer sounded good, but wound up with coffee. Lerner has damn good coffee.

<Einsteinium> Barry did JT offend anyone by showing up drunk with his fly down & throwing out vulgarities, or does he save that for us?
John Taylor: I showed up hung over, and my fly was three quarters of the way up. I think.
Barry McBride: Einstein: I was expected JT to be taken away by security when we walked into the building. I was ready to go Jack Bauer and try to rescue him.

<tommybo> Any news of Accorsi having an ongoing involvement in the team?
John Taylor: tommybo: Lerner has a long standing relationship with Accorsi, but will not be joining the organization in any type of official front office capacity.

<Hogan> So no real roster / draft nugget - more philosophy
Barry McBride: Hogan: We talked about the quarterback position, and Cribbs.

<Pazienza> Are Browns changing the uniforms?
Barry McBride: Didn't asked Pazienza.

<Mespaw> 5,0So what did they say about the qb's?
<Hogan> talk to me - QB position
John Taylor: Mespaw: when Mangini was asked about the QB position, he started "grilling" us about what we thought when Bernie was released.
Barry McBride: Hogan/Mespaw: What came out of that was that Mangini is clearly not going to be swayed by public opinion on the QB issue.

<jb42776> did u guys ask how much cap space?
Barry McBride: JB: No.

<section348> Do you feel they answered you with what you were looking for to appease you or do you feel they were honest and direct with what they are trying to do?
Barry McBride: Section348: They were being honest and direct with us. If there was anything they felt uncomfortable talking about, we took it off the record.
John Taylor: 348: I think they were as honest and direct as they could be, especially Lerner.

<Mespaw> 5,0what did you say about Bernie?
John Taylor: Mespaw: I said I was against it at the time, but understand now why it had to be done.
Barry McBride: Mespaw: I said I agreed with the decision, but not with the timing.

<Hogan> More or less confidence in Man/Kok after this - on a scale of 1 to 10 - - 1 = less 10 = more
Barry McBride: Hogan: With respect to how things are organized, probably a 7. With respect to how things are going to be perceived and reported, much less.
John Taylor: Hogan: I'm still about the same. I'm in the middle. I do know that Lerner is very confident in the process he undertook. As for me, I'm still from Missouri. Show me on the field.

<BrownsBot> Did they ask you guys to put out an article telling all the other media people to shut the hell up about things they know nothing about?
Barry McBride: BrownsBot: No, they didn't try to sell us on anything. Just answer questions and let us form our own conclusions.

<ribsnwhiskey> Barry... Lets get back to Lerner. I want to beilieve in him; but after hearing how Ronney is in the office every day and taking charge. My question is without a real leader can we succedd.
Barry McBride: Ribs: If Lerner has the right people, sure. There are multiple ways to build winning organizations. Kraft, Rooney,etc, all different people.

<Einsteinium> What was your sense of Mangini in person ... can he be personalbe and engaging, any charisma there at all. He seems like a bit of a tool in pressers?
John Taylor: Einstein: I don't think Mangini will ever be the life of the party, but does that matter as long as he wins? He knows his football, that was abundantly clear.
Barry McBride: Ein: Much more soft-spoken than I expected. He's a smart guy and will challenge questions back by asking his own. I don't have a problem with that.

<BrownsBot> Or was there any conversation on the perception of their "regime" right now?
Barry McBride: BrownsBot: That dominated the discussion. A point I kept trying to make was that the more fans know, the better they can reach the smart decision about the team's performance.

<Nickelbacker> 5,0Mangini= Rac without the extra girth
John Taylor: Nickelbacker: plus he's not in over his head as a head coach.

<tommybo> Did Mangini address some questionable in game decisions this past season?
John Taylor: tommybo: no, we didn't go there because I don't think he would go there. We asked him about getting playing time for the Utes when the season seemed lost, and he brought up Norv Turner and the 4-8 Chargers.

<SamAtlanta> 5,0Barry: Have they finished their roster evaluation?
Barry McBride: SamAtlanta: I'm not sure they would ever say they were finished, but they're putting in very long hours at this point, so I would assume "no". They have a lot of things they have to do fast.

<dcarbetta> 7,0Can you give us the one biggest thing you got from the encounter that makes you think they're handling this rebuild well?
Barry McBride: dcarbetta: Probably that there wasn't any defensiveness and that they've clearly tried to avoid mistakes of the past.

<Keith322> How does Mangini want to re-sign our free agent safety Sean Jones?
John Taylor: 322: did not ask him about that.
John Taylor: I really wish we could've had more time with Kokinis. I don't think we actually got to ask him a question directly before he got pulled away.

<pimpkev3> do we have any solid guess at the cap figure
John Taylor: pimp: right around $15 or so million.

<section348> What insite can you give us on how well he knows his football as you stated he clearly does? Just x's and o's or more behind that?
Barry McBride: 348: His experiences with Parcells and Belichick are clearly important to him. He talked about how much he admired their ability to make the right decisions even if they aren't the most popular ones.

<Hogan> First impression of Kok?
John Taylor: Hogan: he's shoretr than I thought he would be.
Barry McBride: Hogan: We didn't get much time with Kokinis. I wanted to ask him and Mangini how they would resolve disputes, but he escaped prior to getting a crack at that one.
Barry McBride: We did ask Mangini and Lerner both that question.

<ghostwolf> Any comments on the org dealing with local or national media?
Barry McBride: Ghost: It's very clear to me that Mangini sees press access as creating a competitive disadvantage.

<TommyDee> T.J. McCreight? Come on that was the most interesting happening since the firings/hirings
Barry McBride: TD: What do you want to know about McCreight?
John Taylor: TommyDee: I'll answer that for Barry. Yes, a big part of the reason T.J. was let go was because he was a leak.
John Taylor: And that didn't come out today, BTW.

<BigDaddy78> How long is Manginis contract for?
Barry McBride: BD: It's four years, I believe.

<Pazienza> Did Mangini have any thoughts on the super bowl?
Barry McBride: Paz: Didn't ask Mangini about that, but did talk to Lerner about the Steelers organization. He pointed out that the right head coach (Noll) was really the key to the Steelers overcoming 40 years of ineptitude.

<shakadawg> 1,0Why the respect now for theOBR? Was is just "the letter"?
Barry McBride: Shaka: I think they understand that hard-core fans are mostly hanging around this dump, LOL. We talked a bit about fan perceptions of what they were doing.

<TommyDee> Is that normal to fire a guy with a talent because he leaks info?
John Taylor: TommyDee: to the extent he was doing it, yes. And that's as far as I will take it right now.
Barry McBride: TDee: What's clear is that they want everyone working for the same agenda.

<ramllov> Is Steve Sabo still with the team?
John Taylor: ram: to the best of my knowledeg, Sabo is still with the team.

<browns28> barry is there going to be a chat transcript
Barry McBride: 28: Very possibly. Tomorrow is national LOI day, which will be very busy for both John and I, so I can't promise a quick turnaround.

<WinDawgs> How long was your meeting,and did you discuss the roster and posible player moves?
Barry McBride: Win: Two and a half hours, and we didn't dive into great deal with roster positions, other than to ask a
number of questions about why the team made certain decisions last year.

<ghostwolf> What IS the agenda?Consistency?We have that in suckage...
John Taylor: ghostwolf: the agenda is to win. A team agenda, not personal agendas that ripped the front office apart under the previous regime.

<pimpkev3> john, best of luck tomorrow sorting out CFT. youre gonna have your hands full
John Taylor: pimp: Barry needs some of your luck for tomorrow as well. :-)

<TommyDee> The first time you guys met Savage vs. the first meeting with Kokinis. Thoughts?
John Taylor: Tommy: Never met savage face-to-face, didn't get a chance to talk to Kokinis at all today.

<ramllov> So you got some good background deals
Barry McBride: Ram: Much, much better sense of what had happened over the past four years.

<kevinmackfan> was any of the off the record ques interesting
John Taylor: kevinmackfan: very enlightening and very interesting.

<Hogan> lerner give you antying on Savage and how big of a mess he persoanlly left?
Barry McBride: Hogan: A bit of that sort of thing was off the record, but Lerner talked highly of Davis as a coach, and clearly looks back the failure there as being on the personnel side.

<Pazienza> Did you learn anything new or were you just presented with so much fluff?
John Taylor: Pazienza: I learned a lot of stuff I never knew before. A lot. Put a lot of things in perspective.

<dcarbetta> 7,0barry: disfunction for all 4 of the past 4 years, or growing just the past one or 2?
Barry McBride: Dcarbetta: I believe that the group there looks back nine or ten years and pulls learning experiences from them, let's put it that way.

<Smooth32> Any truth to the rumors on PFT of the Browns letting go more scouts?
Barry McBride: Smooth32: Nothing we can confirm. Keep in mind that Kokinis has only been on the job for a week to ten days. They'll have to get a sense of whether the guys there are team players.

<BigDaddy78> Is Mangini the playcaller or is he leaving that to the coordinator?
John Taylor: 78: didn't get into it, but I would assume Daboll will be calling the plays. Mangini is a defensive guy.

<pimpkev3> lol JT,BM: best of luck to both of you tomorro, i'll be on CFT all day g'night to all keep up the good work
John Taylor: Thanks pimp. It's appreciated.

<adogbtown> what's taking Mangini so long in naming a coaching staff? He seems to have lost whatever advantage he had when he was the first coach hired.
John Taylor: adog: his most important hires are already in the bag.

<quarz> Was there a crush Romeo mentality in the front office...scapegoat?
Barry McBride: quarz: Not from this current front office. Savage clearly tossed RAC under the bus in the final days.

<Mespaw> did you speak about RAC or Phil with Lerner today?
Barry McBride: Mespaw: Extensively.
John Taylor: Mespaw: yes on both, but that's basically all OTR stuff.

<BigDaddy78> Based on your impressions of Mangini, put yourself in the players cleats, you gonna follow this guy, or will there be resistance?
John Taylor: 78: I would follow him.
<BigDaddy78> Good to hear John.
John Taylor: 78: more importantly, I'd want one of my kids to follow him. That's not to say he will or won't be successful, but it won't be for lack of effort or knowledge that it doesn't happen.

<adogbtown> JT, does that mean there are more hires that haven't been announced yet? What's his timetable for having a staff in place??
John Taylor: adog: he will announce the OL and S&C tomorrow at the PC.

<Pazienza> Does Mangini have "it"?
Barry McBride: Paz: I don't know, and neither does Lerner, but he believes that the head coach was the key hire, and that he has a chance of having landed a good one.

<Mespaw> AHHHHH.....your killin me :) Anything On the record that you can disclose??
Barry McBride: Mespaw: I think with respect to RAC and Savage that Lerner was clearly aware of issues, and that it was clear that it wasn't just a last-season problem.

<kevinmackfan> will em talk about roster tommorrow
John Taylor: kevinmackfan: he will talk about whatever the media asks.

<kevinmackfan> sure hope someone asks if donte stallworth is being cutt cause he is a thief
Barry McBride: KMF: There is no freaking way Stallworth will be on this team under his current contract. If they do that, it will be letter-writing time for me again.

<Einsteinium> Any discussion about holding on to RAC ofter year 2 and Savage's role in that?
Barry McBride: Ein: No discussion about Savage's role with that.

<dawgbacker26> Larry Foote.. Good replacement for Andra Davis?
John Taylor: 26: I would be a good replacement for Andra.

<racmpc> JT. Sounds like you feel pretty good about the EM regime
John Taylor: racpmc: cautiously optimistic.

<Mespaw> did he say anything on the record about considering not giving them contract extentions last year?
Barry McBride: Mespaw: Our analysis about what drove the extensions was correct. It's not looked back on as the brightest moment.

<BigDaddy78> True, but I worry the big egos on this team may make waves....
John Taylor: 78: I think the "big egos" on this team are in for a rude awakening.

<ghostwolf> Does Mangini know he is supposed to Q&A at this one?
Barry McBride: Ghost: The PC was Mangini's idea.

<dawgbacker26> I know that JT, I guess I should have been more specific... Will he be looked at as a replacement in the offseason, especially if Curry is off the board
John Taylor: 26: I would be stunned beyond belief if Andra is part of the 2009 Cleveland Browns.

<ramllov> Barry was there any discussion about getting more draft choices this year?
Barry McBride: Ram: Considered asking Mangini about trade-down, but knew I wouldn't get the sort of answer we wanted. At this point, they're still actively debating what they want to do.

<TommyDee> JT- can you elaborate on the ego statement....... I assume you mean Shaun Smith, KWII, Braylon....
John Taylor: Tommy: this was not discussed specifically, but I would assume that mangini's "one agenda" platform would apply to the players as well as everybody else in the building. And it's about f***ing time.
John Taylor: Pardon my French.

<RoosterrDawg61> 2,0in your opinion is mangini the best fit out of the other 4 coaches they have had since they have 2,0been back
Barry McBride: Roosterr: The only competition there in my opinion would be Butch Davis, and the organization with Davis was flawed.

<Mespaw> Did Lerner say when he solidified his decision to let both the HC and GM go? Was it well before the Stoolers game?
Barry McBride: Mespaw: It was clearly before the Steelers game.

<Hogan> Opinion - Quinn a lock?
John Taylor: Hogan: that seems to be the case.

<Hogan> Sounds like FO was a true debacle the last few years... worse than ever since the return?
Barry McBride: Hogan: It's sort of like asking whether you prefer Plantar warts or hitting your small toe with a hammer. All of these front offices clearly had flaws, because none of them got the job done.

<Pazienza> How big a turnover in the roster can we expect this year?
John Taylor: paz: too early to say.

<Mespaw> Will we see a new President of Football operations, or have all of the big hires been done?
Barry McBride:
Mespaw: No more big hires.
John Taylor: Mespaw: I wouldn't hold my breath on anyone being hired who would be above Mangini/Kokinis.

<kevinmackfan> so did winslow have an std last yr or was that bs
Barry McBride: KMF: We talked about how that was communicated, and it was clearly indicative of big problems in Berea.

<TommyDee> JT, more elaboration, based on what you know, would you say the debacle of these 10 years since the return has much more to do with the whole organization's problems (everybody else in the building) than the GMs and HCs in place?
John Taylor: Tommy: the problems were caused by the people hired to set the foundation. I guess you could blame Lerner for Savage/RAC, but he had a lot of very knowledgable football people telling him those were the guys.

<WinDawgs> Is inside the Berea facility as first class as rumored?
Barry McBride: WinDawgs: It's a nice facility both on the business and football side.

<shakadawg> Did Lerner offer to buy the OBR?
Barry McBride: Shaka: LOL, there's not enough money in the world to buy the OBR. It's not a product, it's a way of life. You might as well ask to buy inner peace.
John Taylor: coughcoughfullofshitmcbridecoughcough
<SamAtlanta> I bought a 6-pack of Inner Peace the other day for about $6, so there's still hope, Barry!
Barry McBride: Sam, next time get me some too.

<cbusdawg27> Will Kosar/Brown continue to advise or is it hands off with Mangini and George?
John Taylor: cbus: did not get to discuss JB or BK.

<section348> How quick do you feel if Mangini makes a mistake he fixes it? eg assisant coaches or high draft picks?
Barry McBride: 348: Mangini is clearly being deliberate in his hires.^`2026 He realizes that you're married to the guys you bring in.

<TommyDee> JT: but wasn't Accorsi the one that suggested Savage and was also in on this process?
John Taylor: Tommy: yes, among a lot of others.

<Einsteinium> who's been the single best football mind we've had in Berea in the last 10 years IYHO
John Taylor: Ein: on the field? Butch.
Barry McBride: Ein: Hard to convince me that there's been a better scout than Savage.
John Taylor: Ein: if Butch just would've stuck to coaching... it's safe to say Lerner laments that as well.

<ramllov> How do they feel about the talent on the roster?
Barry McBride: Ram: Talent would be tough to gauge, but it's very, very clear that players are going to have to be team-first, and that there is skepticism about some of the guys who played a lot last year.

<ghostwolf> Anything about what Mangini REALLY learned from former bosses or Jets experience?
Barry McBride: Ghost: Mangini frequently references Belichick and Parcells. The question is whether he learned anything from losing out on the Jets, and I can't gauge that.
Barry McBride: He did talk a bit about keeping teams focused week in, week out, and talked about how a lot of people started worrying about the wrong things when they got out to an 8-3 start.

<adogbtown> was Mangini open or guarded??
Barry McBride: ADog: Mangini won't give up anything that could put the team in a bad situation.

<billling> good chat i can't get a word in side ways go browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barry McBride: Billing... ask anything. If we can't answer it, you'll be able to tell.

<jb42776> What do Lerner and Mangini think of all the bad press lately?
Barry McBride: JB: I suspect that one of the things that Lerner has realized is that you can't let public opinion guide you.

<kevinmackfan> so is it true lebron is a brown and playin wr
Barry McBride: KMF: If that's true, Dan Gilbert needs to sit him down and have a chat.

<TommyDee> Barry: what wrong things? 8-3...... what does that mean? Did he mention any blame (cough, Favre, cough)
Barry McBride: TDee: It was more about press attention, speculating about Jets-Giants super bowls, etc. Nothing about Favre.

<ramllov> Barry did you ask George Kokinis if he completed his Browns calendar yet?
Barry McBride: Ram: Didn't get much shot at Kokinis, unfortunately.
John Taylor: ram: we got to ask no questions of Kokinis as he had to leave while we were talking to Mangini.

<dapound> 13,0Did they discuss any goals for the up coming season
Barry McBride: dapound: We asked Mangini about his "planning horizon". What he would do if the team started off 3-7 or was down to his third quarterback. That was tied to the perception of RAC as someone who wouldn't play youngsters.

<Hogan> After today - who would you rather - realistically - have as coach
John Taylor: Hogan: Bill Cowher.
<Hogan> "realistically"
John Taylor: Hogan: Cowher. And that's my final answer. :-)

<ChezDawg99> So which sportswriter is monitoring this chat so he/she can turn it into a morning sports article?
John Taylor: 99: do you want them listed alphabetically or in order of arrogance?

<ChezDawg99> Arrogance would be fine
John Taylor: 99: :-)

<Hogan> talk to anyone else in the building - do they seem excited? any players?
Barry McBride: Hogan: We didn't mingle with players at any time.

<ghostwolf> Any time in the future when we can expect to hear more from Kokinis besides draft day?
Barry McBride: Ghost: I would expect to hear from him as free agency kicks off.

<Pazienza> Savage spent 3 years blaming Davis for his problems - any refernce to Savage at the heart of Mangini/Koko's task?
Barry McBride: Paz: Never heard a word of trying to lower expectations because the last guys screwed up so bad. That's a good sign, I guess.

<Mespaw> Did you guys ask about the public perception of Derek Anderson? Do you think that any of the three you talk to realize that he's basically a marked man in cleveland?
John Taylor: Mespaw: I think it's safe to say Lerner was not happy with how the whole QB situation played out last year.  Not much depth or detail on that.

<adogbtown> Is the delay in naming the rest of the coaching staff perhaps 'cause he's talking to college guys and they're tired up with recruiting??
Barry McBride: adog: I don't think so. No indications that they're favoring college guys, just being very deliberate.

<dcarbetta> Any talk of the cupboard being bare?
Barry McBride: dcarbetta: No

<Hogan> Do you think Grossi knows about Lexapro?
Barry McBride: I don't know about Lexapro. What is it?
<Hogan> Ask Pat Mac
<Hogan> They both seem to need some
Barry McBride: Pat M and Tony are both telling you what they think, and not posturing either for fans or to win favor with the front office.
<Hogan> Barry - ok... hand slapped.
Barry McBride: Hogan: I know, I know. It's not fun reading people down on the team. Those two guys I respect and I don't see them as being one-note guys.

<jb42776> passans view is always the same to me. Negative view.
John Taylor: Passan is a very good and knowledgable dude.

<SamAtlanta> You honestly wouldn't get that impression reading his last several articles.
John Taylor: Sam: just because you don't agree with him doesn't mean he's some ill-informed hack. I don't agree with a lot of what Rich writes, but I respect the fuck out of him.

<Mespaw> John - just your opinion - would DA even play for the Browns again after the way he was "treated" by the fans?
John Taylor: Mespaw: yes, I think he would. Just a hunch, I guess.

<Pazienza> Are Lerner/Mangini/Koko having a sit down like this with other media members - or just for the privileged OBR?
Barry McBride: Paz: I believe that similar openings are available to others willing to explore them.

<Hogan> How about Trip McCrack - sticking around?
John Taylor: Hogan: Trip will be around from evrything I've been told.

<TommyDee> Barry - press blame? Should that not worry us? Everything the Browns do gets questioned by the Press negatively. I don't like hearing that he blamed that...
Barry McBride: TDee: I don't think that the press will influence these guys that much, which is good. I don't think they blame the press for the team's performance, but they want a fair shake.

<aaronwilson> Any word on what scouts reportedly got fired and anybody coming from Baltimore to work for George? Great chat, guys.
Barry McBride: OMFG! Someone kick the guy from PFT outta here ;-)
Barry McBride: Aaron, to answer your question, I don't think that the Browns are looking to continually raid the Ravens organization. I wouldn't look for a mass migration, but we didn't get a chance to talk to George about how he's going to change the scouting group.

<aaronwilson> By the way, great job with CFT, JT
John Taylor: Thanks, Mr. Wilson.

<TommyDee> Do you honestly think the Browns are ever going to get a fair shake by the press until they prove they deserve it (maybe that's the OBR in, you are the Browns press now!!!!!)
Barry McBride: TDee: I spent a little while trying Mangini's patience about talking about the press has been fragmented. The PD, for example, has a much different audience than we do. I think that teams would be helped by getting into Xs and Os with folks like us. Help fans understand the decisions that are made.

<Hogan> Aaron Wilson - are you and everyone else that runs PFT - Steelers fans?
Barry McBride: Hogan - Aaron is decidedly not a Steelers fan.
<aaronwilson> I'm not a Steelers fan, or a Ravens fan. I just write what's going on. I don't care who wins or lose, I just keep score.
<aaronwilson> I just love football

<cmayer2222> Shaun rogers incident was that brought up to mangini
John Taylor: 2222: no, it wasn't.

<Pazienza> Who is the new offensive line coach?
John Taylor: Paz: we can't say on the record, but the reports seem accurate as to the name.

<SamAtlanta> JT: My point is that Rich seems to be one of those guys that won't be happy, regardless what the result 5,0is.
John Taylor: Sam: he's old. Ancient. decrepit. Cut him some slack. :-)

<mes92658> Maybe already asked, but... will Bernie be involved in any way ??
Barry McBride: Mes: Bernie's name did not come up with respect to the team's front office. Mangini and Kokinis are the guys running the football organization. Period.

<adogbtown> JT, to piggyback on what Aaron said. You're doing some great work at CFT. You seem to have raised that website from the ashes!
John Taylor: adog: gracias, good sir.

<TommyDee> Barry: So in other words, the rumor that the Mangini hire might hurt you guys...... might actually have the opposite effect.
Barry McBride: TDee: It's going to be tough to get information out of the organization. But they listened patiently to my hints about the value of opening practice.
John Taylor: Tommy: I wouldn't go that far. I never thought it would hurt us in the first place. It would just make beaties work harder, which puts us at the head of the pack as nobody will out-work us.
Barry McBride: Mangini gave us some insight into how teams monitor what is said in the press weeks ahead of games. Nothing gets through the filter.

<adogbtown> JT, I'm sure tomorrow's gonna be a busy one for you with NLOI day and all. Does OSU end up with a top 5 recruiting class in your opinion? Who's #1??
John Taylor: adog: there's no way tOSU doesn't have a top five class.

<ramllov> barry/John do you have a scoop for us?
John Taylor: ram: here's a scoop -- today is the 21 straight day my daughter has gone without an accident.

<aaronwilson> I am Aaron Wilson, yep.
<Einsteinium> aaron if you r who I think u r .... I give CFT 20 hits a day simply because of JT, he goes, I go.
John Taylor: We've come a long way,'Stein. :-)
<Einsteinium> just don't call me steen
John Taylor: :-)

<Pincushion> It sounds like you guys took away a lot of positives from these interviews, did anything not jive for you guys though or set off your bs sensors?
Barry McBride: Pin: Concerns - how the team will be perceived if they don't win. My concerns about how fans and the media are reacting are the same as they were.
Barry McBride: Also, the same concern about "who is the final arbiter" exists because there's not an organizational answer to it. Mangini and Kokinis simply have to work together.

<ghostwolf> Good chat fellas...thx for the intel from das Berea Fortressbunkerspieler...g'night
John Taylor: later ghost

<adogbtown> So, where do you guys think Phil Savage ends up?? Is he going to take a year off and collect a fat paycheck from Mr. Lerner? Will he become a draftnik to rival Mike Mayock & Mel Kiper??
John Taylor: adog: I would be stunned if he took an official role with anyone this year. From what I've been told, he could've done that with the Lions.
Barry McBride: Adog: I see Savage continuing to lead the nomadic lifestyle of a scout. Can't see him being a writer, but you never know. Seems like he's keeping his face out there.

<Einsteinium> Does anyone else think Mayock in underrated ... he called out some busts last year
John Taylor: Mayock is the best, IMHO

<Hogan> Any concern about Mangini taking Gholston last year - and our current college group?
Barry McBride: Hogan: I'm also worried that he tried to trade for Lee Suggs, LOL. Yeah, that's a concern. He talked a bit today about the pick of Ferguson for the Jets, and it's hard to argue with that.

<Hogan> We were on DBrick in the Draft Brew a year ahead of time - ask Sobo
Barry McBride: I remember that vividly, Hogan. Lots of us were bummed when he didn't declare.

<BigDaddy78> So, if lets say, Kok really likes player A, and Mangini absolutely hates same player, what gives, rock paper scissors?
John Taylor: 78: I see a steel cage match.
<BigDaddy78> I pay a dollar to see that
Barry McBride: 78: They can simply call me to give them the answers. No charge.
<TommyDee> JT: well who would you take in that cage match, you saw them both
John Taylor: Tommy: I would put my money on Mangini, although Kokinis could be one of those silent assassins.
<BigDaddy78> Barry the dealmaker
John Taylor: 78: they will debate the merits of the player concerned, then eventually come to a consensus. Mangini brought up D'Brickashaw as an example of that in NY. Some wanted Davis, others a QB, and after "fighting it out", took the LT.

<Hogan> Did he say anything about Gholston?
Barry McBride: Did not quiz him about Gholston. There was a window behind us and I didn't want to get chucked out of it.

<Mespaw> So did they say ANYTHING about free agency on or off the record?
John Taylor: Mespaw: nothing.
Barry McBride: Mespaw: No. They're not ready to talk about that, and wouldn't give us scoop if there were. Some questions you simply don't get answered.

<BigDaddy78> Barry , how often will you get access to the staff?
Barry McBride: BigDaddy: They seem very open to talking and helping us understand their train of thought.

<Hogan> Lets go back to Cribbs at Safety - i laughed that off a month ago - now maybe not - you guys?
Barry McBride: I sort of laughed it off as well, but Mangini didn't. He has tried similar things before.

<TWILL716> I'm watching recorded games of Corey Williams and he's not athletic enough to be a 3-4 DE
John Taylor: 716: Williams will be fine. He was hurt most of the year and moving to a new scheme. He will surprise next year. Book it.

<TommyDee> Barry: where are you at with this organization if you hadn't sent that email?
Barry McBride: TommyDee: The information we've been given has been very helpful in understanding the reasons behind the team's decisions. If the organization wanted me to feel better about them, they succeeded in that.
Barry McBride: Doesn't mean that there aren't continuing concerns. I think they will continue to get bad press, mixed with some puff pieces by journalists seeking to win favor.

<Pincushion> I'm out guys, thanks for all the awesome info. Great Job!!!!
John Taylor: Later pin

<howldawg> JT will williams require the surgury?
John Taylor: howl: that has yet to be determined. I'm supposed to make a call tomorrow to find that out. Hopefully I'll have some 411 on Corey tomorrow.

<adogbtown> With talk of moving Cribbs to safety, I get the impression Sean Jones probably won't be back. You??
John Taylor: adog: no sense either way on Jones just yet.
Barry McBride: adog: No guarantee on Jones being back or not, but not picking up anything about frantic talks on radar yet.

<Hogan> do you feel better about the past or the future or both?
John Taylor: Hogan: I definitely feel better about the future than the past as it hasn't happened yet.

<mes92658> Curry or Jenkins, Which one ???
Barry McBride: MES: You ask me, we have greater needs at LB.

<TommyDee> Barry: Follow up question: "they" know you feed us, us being thousands of Browns fans. Do you think Lerner addressed and met you knowing that he's losing some of the fanbase and our confidence? Or do you feel he was sincere in wanting you to be better informed?
Barry McBride: TDee: I think they're sincere, and are becoming more familiar with what the OBR does and the notion that we tend to be a bunch of true fanatics. The vocal hard-core fans.

<howldawg> Yea Barry but what did Lerner whisper in your ear?
Barry McBride: No, our relationship isn't like that.

<Mespaw> Barry or John - which would you choose.....FA linebacker or 1st round draft linebacker?
John Taylor: Mespaw: BOTH.
<ramllov> BOTH
John Taylor: Ha, beat ya ram.
<Mespaw> That's not choosing :)
John Taylor: That's choosing both. :-)

<Mespaw> If Crabtree did fall past Seattle though, could you really pass him up?
John Taylor: Mespaw: I could. If they are going to continue with a 3-4, there is such a screaming need at LB, and enough LBs rated in Crabtree's neighborhood, that I would pass on him.

<Hogan> I want our LBs to be described as violent please
Barry McBride: Hogan: On the field.

<TWILL716> Would Everette Brown make a great OLB. He reminds me of Freeney
Barry McBride: Everette Brown is a player I want to learn more about. The Browns have to do something about pass rush and getting a banger in the middle. They're going to have to make two moves at LB, at least.

<Hogan> Something about FSU guys now that Savage has tainted me with his relationship with that program
John Taylor: Hogan: don't let past mistakes affect what you do in the future that could be good for your team.

<Mespaw> So does it crack you up that everyone has Jenkins as our pick?
Barry McBride: Mespaw: I'm shaking my head about it.
Barry McBride:
Barry McBride: Jenkins and Curry are tied in the Mock Muncher, but I need to put more mocks in the draft. You're going to see a move to LB as the mockers get smarter about what the Browns actually need.
John Taylor: Mespaw: it makes me nauseous, actually, and I'm a tOSU honk.

<ramllov> Taylor what about Kameron Wimbley. Is he going to be the guy with the new regime?
John Taylor: ram: I want to give Kam one more shot with a real coaching staff.

<TWILL716> Wimbley is too soft, getting blocked by TE and trying to jump AOUND blocks
John Taylor: 716: I want to see what they can do with Kam. Kinda like I want to see what D'Qwell could be like with a real ILB next to him.

<TommyDee> JT & Barry: somehow Curry, E. Brown & Crabtree are all on the board at 5. Make the pick.
Barry McBride: Curry, with the right to change my opnion because I'm not a draftnik.

<Einsteinium> I'm out .. good info. tonight, see ya over at CFT tomorrow JT.
John Taylor: Later Steen.
<Einsteinium> nice ...
John Taylor: :-) @ Ein...

<Mespaw> I would die if they took a frickin CB. How many picks do you honestly think we'll end up with when all is said and done
John Taylor: Mespaw: I'm gonna hazard a guess at one additional pick, and hope for more.

<SamAtlanta> Thanks for the great chat, guys! I'm gone...
Barry McBride: See ya Sam.
John Taylor: later sam...

Barry McBride: I'm getting some pressure from family members to shut this puppy down at 11. Anything else we can answer?
John Taylor: I'm out in six minutes as well.

<NickFantana> dude, i missed it. is there going to be a transcript?
Barry McBride: Nick: Probably, but tomorrow is LOI day and JT and I are both going to be scrambling like mad. Look for Lane on the front page tonight.

Barry McBride: Last call!
Barry McBride: Last chance to somehow get me a beer.

<Hogan> Anything else you can think of that was on the record not addressed yet?
John Taylor: Hogan: not really. There are some notes I jotted down when I got home that I'm gonna sift through tomorow and see if I can come up with a piece.

<Hogan> End of hte day - when you were walking in the parking lot after - good thoughts?
<Hogan> in other words - do they have their shit together?
John Taylor: Hogan: I was very impressed with the individuals we met with. Very. Now I want to see them translate that into on-the-field and organizational success.

<ramllov> Your overall impression for 2009?
Barry McBride: RAM: Critical season for the team in terms of how they are perceived. A losing season combined with poor perception and closed doors to the media could be a disaster. They need to win. Now. Desperately.

<WinDawgs> Was Bernie present?
John Taylor: Bernie was not in the building as far as we knew.
Barry McBride: Win: In spirit. Remember, Lerner, us, Mangini, all have experience with him. Common thread.

<adogbtown> JT & Barry, is tomorrow's PC Mangini's attempt at a peace offering with the media, given the negativity that has surrounded him and the team of late? Do you look for any big announcements?
John Taylor: adog: the only "big" announcements will be the two new coaching hires. I don't think mangini is going to give out any state secrets.

<aaronwilson> How do you guys think Braylon and Kellen will mesh attitude-wise with Mangini? Do you think they'll peacefully coexist or is trouble brewing?
John Taylor: aaron: they will have no choice but to change the way they've been under Club Crennel.
Barry McBride: Aaron: Bluntly - KW2 fits. Braylon, I dunno. No special privileges for anyone now.

Barry McBride:
Thanks guys... next time we'll use some Bauer-esque techniques to extract draft picks and free agent targets ;_)

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