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Browns fans know that the OBR is the place to go for year-round coverage of the NFL draft. We send our own people to all the major events and go into depth you can't find elsewhere. draft analyst Chris Steuber talked OBR draftniks in chat this week. Here's the transcript...

Chris Steuber: Hey guys, how's it going this evening?

<ramllov> Chris, what college coaches does Eric Mangini want for his coaching staff. He mentioned he was looking for four or five.

Chris Steuber: I haven't heard which coaches, but I'm sure we will find out shortly.

<kevinmackfan> Any chance the Browns take Maaluga (sic) pick 5?

<kevinmackfan> Sorry about the spelling of Rey.

Chris Steuber: I think drafting Maualuga at No. 5 is a bit high; Aaron Curry is the best LB in the draft and will be the best option at LB for the Browns.

<ramllov> Which of the top ILBs or OLBs college players do you see the Browns drafting?

Chris Steuber: I think the Browns will draft Curry at No. 5, if he's available.

<kevinmackfan> Just not impressed with Curry. I want a violent LB. Curry just doesn't seem to be that guy.

Chris Steuber: Curry is a dominant LB. He's an aggressive player who is a great tackler. He's a little stiff in the hips and has to work on his coverage, but he's outstanding overall.

<racdawg> Any good pass rushers available in round 2?

Chris Steuber: There are some good prospects in the second round who are outstanding pass rushers: Connor Barwin (Cincinnati), Larry English (Northern Illinois), Paul Kruger (Utah), Robert Ayers (Tennessee); just to name a few.

<kevinmackfan> What can we get for DA?

Chris Steuber: A year ago, you probably could have received a first-round pick for Derek Anderson. But now, I think you will be lucky to receive a mid-round selection.

<ramllov> Chris would you be satisfied with these OLBs, when you could have had Everette Brown or Brian Orakpo?

<ramllov> I guess I am asking what is the higher need for the Browns ILB or OLB?

Chris Steuber: I really like Everette Brown. He reminds me a lot of Dwight Freeney. I think Brown could go as high as No. 3 to the Chiefs when it's all said and done. I think Curry is a better overall prospect than Brown, but it really depends what you want. Brown is a great pass rusher, while Curry is an outstanding tackler.

<ramllov> I still think the Browns should go free agent ILB and draft OLB.

Chris Steuber: I think the best available LB is what the Browns should select.

<ramllov> Could Curry play OLB?

Chris Steuber: Curry is an OLB.

<kevinmackfan> We need a safety. Do you like the kid from Central Michigan or Western Michigan?

Chris Steuber: I really like Louis Delmas (Western Michigan). He's rising up draft charts after his performance at the Senior Bowl. He will be an early second-round pick and he would be a great option for the Browns in round two. He's physical and possesses great ball skills.

<kevinmackfan> Yeah I heard Delmas likes to hit but is a little light in the pants.

Chris Steuber: Delmas is a very good tackler; great technique.

<daddywags> Is 36 too high for Connor Barwin? I like what I've read about him.

Chris Steuber: The 36th pick sounds about right for Barwin.

<ramllov> Chris, Mangini talked about must haves for the Browns, he did not say which positions, but we believe ILB and OLB, center and second wide receiver.

Chris Steuber: I think they have to solidify their secondary, add impact at LB and shore up their defensive line. Defense, defense, defense.

<daddywags> Chris - Who is the best running back in the draft?

Chris Steuber: The best RB in the draft is Georgia's Knowshon Moreno.

<daddywags> Thanks, is it possible we would consider him at 5? We've not had a stud RB since '99 - that's 10 drafts already.

Chris Steuber: Anything is possible, but I think drafting Moreno at No. 5 is a reach. He will go between No. 12 - 16.

<redright> Chris... anybody likely to become available at the #5 pick that someone would trade up for? Who? And whom?

Chris Steuber: I think it's possible that Matthew Stafford falls a bit in the first round and a team that needs a QB could move up and select him. But I think the Browns will stay at No. 5.

<ramllov> Chris how high do you have Moreno? Does he do it all, up the middle and outside, as well as receiving skills?

Chris Steuber: Moreno is a stud. He's a game breaker who's tough between the tackles, quick on the edge and has very good hands out of the backfield. He's a young LaDainian Tomlinson.

<redright> Is there a stud center available in round 2? We draft high in rd 2. Is there a center that rates a high 2? Who are your top centers and do the fit the needs of the Browns in facing big nose tackles regularly?

Chris Steuber: Cal's Alex Mack could fall into the second round. Oregon's Max Unger, Louisville's Eric Wood and Arkansas' Jonathan Luigs are quality second - third round prospects.

<MDCleveland> Who's the best mid-round WR in the draft?

Chris Steuber: The best mid-round WR is Rice's Jarett Dillard. He's small, but posted some incredible numbers in college that make you do a triple take. He's very good; a polished receiver with great hands.

<redright> Why do you think the Browns, being afforded the opportunity to trade down, would stay and pick and #5? Do they want someone that badly that he would be preferred over two picks?

Chris Steuber: I think there will be a lot of quality players available at No. 5 and the Browns need an impact player.

<isentintheclowns> Do you believe Loadholt could be a second-round pick for us as the RT?

Chris Steuber: Loadholt will most likely fall to the second round and is a solid pick.

<ramllov> Chris, what is the difference between the fifth and eighth pick. The players in the top 10 or so appear pretty much the same level, just the position you need., It is not like there are only five blue chip players like 2004?

Chris Steuber: This year's draft is interesting, because there isn't a clear-cut No. 1 pick. There are a lot of very good players in this year's draft; guys who can have an impact right away at the next level. I think between picks 1 - 20, you will get a solid prospect.

<isentintheclowns> What time frame for Javon Ringer coming off the board?

Chris Steuber: Ringer will be a late second-, early third-round pick.

<redright> Chris, Ram raises an excellent point. The Jags need an OLT and may be willing to jump up to 5 with their 8th and a second. Is that reasonable?

Chris Steuber: There are four elite tackles (Michael Oher, Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith) in this year's draft, and they're all closely graded. All four will be gone in the top-15. If a team identifies one of them as the one they want, they could move up, but I think the Browns stay at No. 5 and select Curry or Malcolm Jenkins.

<isentintheclowns> Is LeSean McCoy as good as advertised?

Chris Steuber: I think McCoy and Moreno will be the best RBs from this class. They do a lot on the field and they're dynamic.

<daddywags> What are the odds that KC takes a QB in round 1?

Chris Steuber: I don't see the Chiefs going QB in the first round; I see DE or OT.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Chris: Why do you like Michael Oher as a Top 5 prospect when almost every other draft expert has him as a teen's guy?

Chris Steuber: When I watch Oher on film, he's so dominant. He has moments of inconsistent play, but when he turns it on, he's the best in the country. I think the four top tackles are very close and you could flip a coin on all of them, but in the end Oher will be the best. He just has the ability to control DEs.

<kevinmackfan> Where do you see Beckum going?

Chris Steuber: I think Travis Beckum goes in the late third round. He could fall into the fourth, but he's too talented to free fall.

<redright> Is Michael Jenkins a shut down corner or a safety on this level?

Chris Steuber: Jenkins is a corner; a physical corner with lock down potential. He's a cornerstone defender at the next level.

<ramllov> Chris, why is Jenkins that well thought of. The Browns need defensive front seven players to pressure the QB and stop the run. Secondary is a secondary need, just an opinion.

Chris Steuber: I think the secondary still needs to be addressed. I agree with you that the front seven is a little more of a priority. But if Curry is off the board, Jenkins is too good to pass up.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Chris: Do you think Antonio Cromartie is a fair comparison to Malcolm Jenkins?

Chris Steuber: I think Jenkins compares well to Shawn Springs. Cromartie isn't a physical corner; he's an opportunistic corner who plays the ball too much and gets burned. Jenkins is a physical, cover corner who has ball-hawk ability.

<ramllov> Chris who do you see the Detroit Lions going with their first pick?

Chris Steuber: At this point, I think I'm the only one who thinks the Lions will select USC QB Mark Sanchez.

<isentintheclowns> why would Brian Hartline declare for the draft?

Chris Steuber: I have no idea why Hartline declared; he got some bad advice.

<kevinmackfan> Where do you see Jamison from Michigan going? I think he would be a nice fit for us in later rounds.

Chris Steuber: Tim Jamison had a nice week at the Senior Bowl and was explosive off the line. He's helped himself this offseason and could climb into the late third round.

<redright> Chris... It seems you have solved the draft for us. If Curry is there we take him. If Curry is gone we take Jenkins. So what then do we do with our pick in the second?

Chris Steuber: Yes, if the Browns come away with Jenkins and Connor Barwin, that's not bad.

<kevinmackfan> Any late-round gems?

Chris Steuber: There are a lot of late-round gems: Central Washington QB Mike Reilly, Shaw DT Louis Ellis, Florida Atlantic LB Frantz Joseph, Colorado State RB Gartrell Johnson... many of them.

<redright> I'm hearing Sanchez in MA and don't get it.

Chris Steuber: To me, when I watch Matthew Stafford; I don't see much potential. He is what he is; a gunslinger who will turn the ball over in key spots. Sanchez, although he only started one season, has the ability and potential to be a Carson Palmer-type player.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Chris: Is Aaron Curry the best linebacker prospect since LaVar Arrington?

Chris Steuber: I think Curry is up there with the best LBs this decade. He has a lot of Derrick Brooks in him. He's very good and steady.

<redright> What do we do with our 2nd round pick?

Chris Steuber: It depends on what the Browns do in the first round. But they could go for a safety, linebacker or running back in round two.

<isentintheclowns> Where do you see Patrick Turner ending up?

Chris Steuber: Patrick Turner will be a fourth - fifth round pick.

<kevinmackfan> Is Maybin going to slip to 2nd round?

Chris Steuber: I'm not very high on Maybin. He's undersized and doesn't get off blocks very well. He's very quick and uses his hands well, but he can be dominated at the line of scrimmage. He has to put at least 15 pounds on to be successful.

<kevinmackfan> is Chung better then Delmas?

Chris Steuber: I like both Patrick Chung and Louis Delmas. They're similar. They're both physical, playmaking safeties; Chung is a little more solid... interesting question. I think they're both second round picks.

<redright> Chris, you have me 90% convinced that Curry is our target pick with the #5 pick in the draft. Can you tell us more of why you like him so?

Chris Steuber: Curry is a beast. He's very aggressive and has great instincts. Like I said, he's a little stiff in the hips and will struggle in coverage. But overall, he's the best LB in the draft.

<isentintheclowns> Why the Laurinitis (sic) slide? Is someone going to get a later steal?

Chris Steuber: I don't think he's falling as much as Curry and Maualuga just being better athletes. Laurinaitis is still a stud to me and he's going to be a very good pro; a mid-to-late first round steal.

<daddywags> You probably answered this already but does Curry play inside or outside in a 3-4?

Chris Steuber: I asked Curry what he preferred to play in a 3-4 and he said he can play inside or outside. He's a football player; wherever the coach puts him, he'll play.

<cdunfee1289> What are your thoughts on Donald Washington?

Chris Steuber: Just like Hartline, I was shocked that Washington decided to enter the draft. He has some skills, but he lacks speed. He will be a late round pick.

<redright> Chris, How do you see the first four picks going?

<redright> What players, what teams.

Chris Steuber: You mean the top four picks in the draft?

<redright> Yes.

Chris Steuber: Detroit - Mark Sanchez, QB, USC; St. Louis - Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss; Kansas City - Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia; Seattle - Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech; Cleveland - Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest.

<ramllov> Do you see both these players from Ohio State losing their jobs in Columbus is what caused them to come out early?

Chris Steuber: That could have been the cause, but I don't think it should have forced them to leave. I don't know why they would enter the draft when they will both be late round selections, if drafted at all?

<ramllov> Chris, how do you rate this 2009 draft. What draft was similar?

Chris Steuber: It's hard to compare this draft to another class, but I'd give it a B grade.

<isentintheclowns> Any chance Beau Bell helps at all this season?

Chris Steuber: It depends on how he comes back from his injury, but Bell is very talented.

<isentintheclowns> What's the latest you believe the Browns could draft a possible starting center?

Chris Steuber: This year's draft is one of the deepest I can remember at center. There are at least five great centers in this draft. The Browns could get a quality center in the second round.

<ramllov> I guess, I need to know who much talent difference between a 5th pick and 36th pick at CB is verses a 5th pick and 36th pick at OLB?

Chris Steuber: When you draft a player high in the draft, you're expecting him to have an immediate impact on your team. When you select a player in the second round, you hope he can contribute in his first season. I think in this year's draft, there's a lot of depth; similar to last year's draft.

<ramllov> If the Browns make those two selections, which is the best combination of picks?

Chris Steuber: I'd go with Curry in the first and either Barwin, Kruger, Delmas, Max Unger or Sean Smith (if available) in the second.

<daddywags> Do you think Rasheed Jennings can play in the NFL? Where should he be drafted?

Chris Steuber: Yes, Jennings can play; he's the real deal. He will be a late second, early third rounder.

<redright> I'm taking this from the chat: #5 Browns pick Curry and if not there Jenkins. #36 the Browns take Mack or next best center.

Chris Steuber: I think Curry in the first and in the second either Barwin, Kruger, Mack, Unger or Sean Smith.

<ramllov> Chris, could Sean Smith be a FS?

Chris Steuber: Yes, I think Sean Smith is a tweener and could be a free safety. He has the ball skills to be very good.

<daddywags> Is there any hope for Kam Wimbley?

Chris Steuber: I think Wimbley still has a chance to be good. Let's see what he does under Mangini.

<isentintheclowns> Chris, too early to join the jets fans and proclaim Gholston a bust?

Chris Steuber: I'm not going to say Gholston is a bust. He was a DE in college and was asked to switch to OLB. He needs time to develop. He has the ability to be a great pass rushing LB.

Barry McBride: Thanks Chris!

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