Lane Adkins' Skinny Tidbits

The Browns cut players and re-gained cap space this week, but the changes haven't stopped. Lane Adkins provides the latest on the team's thinking and the status of players who are trying to return to the field...

- The release of OLB Antwan Peek, who's coming off a torn patella tendon, comes as no surprise. Peek's salary cap savings will be worth approximately two million dollars to the Cleveland Browns, which just happens to be an organization investigating numerous options to provide cap space heading into the free agent player signing period. As for Peek, his inability to stay healthy was a primary factor in his contract termination, although the veteran from Cincinnati, Ohio, intends on playing in the 2009 season.

- Some were surprised that the Browns did not terminate the contract of defensive lineman Robaire Smith this past week. Smith, coming off Achilles tendon surgery, is doing exceptionally well and is expected to be in off-season work sessions in Cleveland, unless the organization looks toward Smith to free-up additional salary cap dollars.

- Another player on the mind of many is WR Joe Jurevicius. Jurevicius, coming off numerous surgical procedures to mend and remove a staph infection from his knee, wants to return for the 2009 season. At the present time, Jurevicius is physically unable to perform -- or, we should say, he would not pass a physical -- though the native Cleveland product is determined to see the field next season in a Browns uniform.

- While there has been some passing conversation between the new head coach and some staff directed toward QB's Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, neither player has a clearer understanding as to what will occur heading into the off-season, as they did when a disastrous 2008 season concluded. Both players ended the season on the IR; Anderson with a knee injury, which is now fine, and Quinn with a broken finger requiring surgery, which is also fine. While the new Browns offense under the direction of Brian Daboll is expected to have a significant New England/Charlie Weis influence -- which would favor Quinn -- Anderson has not been looked at lightly in regards to his potential; one cannot simply train the size and big-arm Anderson possesses.

- A common theme is making its way out of the Browns headquarters in Berea, Ohio this off-season, and it is one of determination and evaluation. While the 4-12 record of the team in the 2008 season was disappointing, film study is showing plenty of issues in the scheme on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball, which does not reflect positively on the previous regime according to those breaking down the 2008 team.

- OLB Willie McGinest has not ruled out playing in the 2009 season and the Browns have not closed the door on his return, though such an occurrence is unlikely. McGinest and Eric Mangini have a solid relationship going back to their days in New England and the new head coach may place a call to the veteran if the Browns are in need of depth at the position.

- If there is one word to describe this Browns organization at this time heading into the off-season, it is "pressure". The heat is on to change the perception of the organization, from the inside out, which also leads to what this organization has lacked on the playing field -- applying pressure to the opposition.

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