Browns Freeze Ticket Prices for 2009

The team's average ticket price is now second-lowest in the NFL.

Perhaps reflecting poor economic times or the team's disappointing performance, the Cleveland Browns organization is once again holding the line on ticket prices in 2009. The team's pricing gives them the second-lowest average ticket cost in the NFL.

"After careful consideration, we decided not to change our ticket pricing for the upcoming season," Browns President Mike Keenan said via a press release, "We hope that this, along with the introduction of new payment options, will ensure an affordable product and provide our fans with greater flexibility when they purchase their 2009 season tickets."

The Browns have provided extended deadlines for ticket purchases this year, as well as the opportunity for fans to play via installments. Season ticket holders have until May 1 to pay their invoices this year, rather than the April 1 deadline that the team has used in recent years.

NFL teams have not been bound by financial challenges in some time, but now are feeling some economic pressure. The Browns recently laid off over a dozen staff members, and face a deteriorating market for luxury purchases and revenue-producing corporate partnerships. The Browns and other NFL clubs are headed to a possible work stoppage in 2010 as they work to get payroll costs under control.

The team also has to deal with pressure from its peers in the NFL to contribute in equal measure with other clubs, but has been blessed with good attendance which enables it to keep prices low and still meet league requirements.

More information and online payment options can be found on the team's website at

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