The Mock Draft Muncher Returns!

It's back! The Mock Draft Muncher has returned to grind up and spit out the composite results of the major mock drafts. Find out what the internet's draftniks are thinking without spending the whole day surfing.

It's draft season, which means that it's mock draft munching season once again.

After a year off to celebrate the Browns selection-free first day in 2008, the Mock Draft Muncher has returned, as disturbingly obsessive and barely-tolerated as ever.

The new Muncher has been integrated into Scout's new NFL portal page, and features even niftier live charts than in past years. For example, here's the chart showing what mocks are saying about the Browns first-round selection, indicating that February 13 was the day when Aaron Curry passed Malcolm Jenkins in the eyes of mock drafters as the Browns pick.

Also of interest to Browns fans this year is the draft simulation, which is right now showing the effect that Kansas City is having on the Browns draft. With mock draft writers unsure of what direction KC will take in the draft, they look at this point like the team most likely to draft a player the Browns might want.

The Muncher also shows trends for individual players and will be interesting to watch as results from the Combine pour in. You can visibly see the jump that players like Aaron Maybin have taken in the draft, or players who seem headed in the opposite direction, such such as Michael Oher.

Alongside the new look and improved charts is a different approach to selecting the mock drafts included in the Muncher. Mock drafts seems subject to a lot of "groupthink" as writers look at other mock drafts and change their selections.

As a result, we're trying to focus on mock draft writers who actually do a lot of first-hand scouting, attend the Senior Bowl and combine, etc. About half the mock drafts in the muncher fit in this category, and the other half are there because they've been writing mock drafts for a while. We're trying to make the MDM reflect the best original thinking rather than reflecting the mass of the eight billion mock drafts cranked out every year.

We hope you enjoy it!

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