Lane Adkins: What We've Been Told

With free agency rapidly approaching, rumors are flying fast and furious. No fear, however, as Lane Adkins is here to set the record straight and, in a couple of cases, add petrol to the rumor mill fires...

- KR/WR Josh Cribbs has been linked to speculation that he could find his way onto the field as a safety in the 2009 season. While anything is possible, theOBR has been informed that this is very unlikely, as the new head coach and offensive coordinator already envision Cribbs having an increased role on the offensive side of the ball.

- Quietly, there has been some discussion regarding the status of veteran WR Donte Stallworth. Coming off a terribly disappointing 2008 season, Stallworth is just one of a handful of players the organization may seek out to provide the team salary-cap relief.

- Despite some rumblings, RB Jamal Lewis has not been approached by the organization to take a reduction in salary -- yet.

- Interestingly, just weeks on the job and the holdover members of the Browns front office -- mainly in personnel -- are having their voices heard by the new regime. According to sources outside of the team, the front office of general manager George Kokinis and head coach Eric Mangini have been much more reliant on the expertise of those in these positions than in the past under the former general manager.

- Backup RB Jerome Harrison is another of a growing list of players that's had the opportunity to talk in passing with the new head coach.

- Roughly 37 plays during the 2008 season cost the Browns an opportunity to be on the right side of the won/loss ledger. Just an interesting number and one which tells how deep this team is being looked at.

- While many outside the Browns look at the organization and see a talent base that's average at best, those evaluating the roster appear to have a much different perspective. As changes are expected throughout the defense and in a couple key offensive areas, the belief is this team is going to be more than just competitive heading into the 2009 season.

- Depth at the WR position concerns the new staff in Cleveland; look for the Browns to actively pursue depth via free agency and possibly on the trade front.

- Information making its way to theOBR via New York is that Mangini and Kokinis have had more than a couple discussions with Mike Tannenbaum, the general manager of the Jets in recent weeks.

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