Lane Adkins' Skinny Tidbits

Lane's been working his sources as the Combine kicks off and free agency sneaks closer. What should we expect? How serious are the Browns about dealing Derek Anderson? Chasing Derrick Ward?

- How close were the Browns to using the franchise tag on safety Sean Jones? The organization considered using the tag on the soon-to-be free agent, but following extensive evaluation, the decision makers within the organization felt they could negotiate with Jones while also looking at other available talent at the position.

- While speculation points toward the Browns openly discussing moving QB Derek Anderson, the Browns have talked with numerous teams about topics other than the QB. This new Browns regime is looking at players which fit the scheme, as well as players those running the organization are familiar with. As of this writing, the LB and WR positions have garnered plenty of attention -- with talks regarding the former Browns starter at QB have been on the down-low.

- As most fans of the Browns note, WR Donte Stallworth had a sorry 2009 season and should not be rewarded with a bonus and significant salary heading into the 2009 season. Stallworth has not been released due to the team not being forced by deadline to release him, as well as what appears to be an opportunity to re-work Stallworth's contract.

- At $11 million or so under the salary cap, the Browns are seeking to make moves to increase the potential dollars available. Every indication coming to theOBR has been the organization is on the verge of serious negotiations with players having a hefty impact on the 2009 salary cap. Wanting to add talent and depth at numerous positions, this Browns organization appears to be tracking a course of wanting players to help with the cause -- or they will find themselves on the outside looking in.

- Obviously, when looking to gain an idea as to players the Browns may be looking at when the free agent player signing period commences on February 27th, look hard at the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. TheOBR has been informed that no less than four players from these rosters have been targeted by the Browns.

- Take head coach Eric Mangini's disclosure of having an interest in soon-to-be New York Giants free agent RB Derrick Ward with a grain of salt. The organization is curious about changing the complexion of the RB position, but the expense of doing so this off-season may be too steep as the head coach is also looking to solidify the LBs and DBs first and foremost.

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