Transcript: Friday Night at the Combine

Sobodawg has been devoted to being your eyes and ears at this year's NFL Combine. Here's the transcript from Friday night's chat.

SOBO:  Hello all
SOBO:  Let me set the scene first: only kickers and punters working out and QB/WR/RB were there for media interviews. With that, let's begin...

<DaBrowns41> 1,0Travis Beckum with a nice bench . 28 reps, eh?
SOBO:  DaB - Bench isn't Beckum's problem, he needed to stay healthy desperately

<nybrownie> Hear any good rumors
SOBO:  Today was pretty slow, but it appears the Browns are going to really go hard after re-signing Sean Jones prior to FA actually beginning

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, any thoughts on Travis Bright? Is he not athletic enough for our scheme?
SOBO:  AFS: If you look at the Kokinis interview today, athletcisim in lineman seems to be less of an issue.

<DaBrowns41> Any particular reason Stafford isn't working out? By workout, I mean throw.
SOBO:  DaB: Stafford has no reason to work out. He's not really threatened by anyone here in his stock. But I'll tell you one thing, he was one of the more enjoyable guys to speak with today... definitely impressive in that regard

SOBO:  Mike: That's so hard to call right now. To me I expect LB and RB/C at this point; but so much can change from now till late April

<AdamFenwickSymes> How much of an impact do you think measuring in at 6'1 1/4"" will have on Crabtree's draft stock?
SOBO:  AFS: It will hurt him slightly, but it won't knock him down completely. He is what he is, an that's a great possession type receiver who uses his body very well

<DaBrowns41> Also, do you think Ayers could play OLB? I think he's got a lot of upside as a rush OLB, but he's probably best as
1,0a strong side DE in a 43.
SOBO:  Dab: Well the 34 DE crop isn't very deep by my estimation. Meeting Gilbert and seeing what type of person he is outside of his likely freakish workout will be interesting. Guys like Moala, Jackson, etc. are all interesting just becaue they're highly rated at a position of need. FYI, Mitch King has also been asked to work out as a FB here

<ramllov> Max Unger is one strong center. They rate him the highest center. How do you like him.
SOBO:  Ram: His bench strength doesn't necessarily translate to the field. His hand play was awful in spurts last year and he was driven in the backfield as easily as any other center in the country at times

<DaBrowns41> Who are the DE candidates you'll be looking at most this weekend? I'm excited for Gilbert, Bolden, T-Jack, Francois, King, etc.
SOBO:  DaB: Thing I like about Ayers is how strong he can be against the run, setting the edge. Don't think he's a dynamic pass rusher, but certainly some nice potential

<browns82> any sleeper rb's
SOBO:  B82: Two of the more enjoyable guys I talked to today were fullbacks actually: Jason Brown (Ole Miss) and Marcua Mailei (Weber St.)

<nybrownie> rank the positions in this years draft(strongest, deepest)
SOBO:  NYB: LB, RB, OT are the strongest off the top of my head

<ILive4Sunday32> what do u think of malcom jenkins? can you compare him to any defensive backs currently in the NFL?
SOBO:  ILive4: One of the most talked about names down here is Malcolm Jenkins. There is a really good debate whether he is a corner or safety. His 40 time is arguably more important than any player here

SOBO:  Mike: Beanie is a top 20 pick. Jennings is a solid late 2nd or early third prospect

<IkoIko> Hey Sobo, what do you think about Everette Pedesscleaux, DE N. IA
SOBO:  Iko: Haven't seen much of him to be blatantly honest

<AdamFenwickSymes> Of the guys you spoke to today, who struck you as being Mangini types? (cerebral, unselfish, hard working guys)
SOBO:  AFS: Three guys really stood out to me talking to them: Matt Stafford, Ian Johnson, and Jarrett Dillard. If Ian Johnson isn't President in the next 20 years, I'll be blown away

<Fulldawg78> Has any of the Tweeners impressed you so far? (Orakpo, Brown, Maybin, etc.)
SOBO:  Full: those 34 OLB types will arrive tomorrow

<TWILL716> Will CB Vontae Davis be at the combine and is he a 2nd rd prospect for us?
SOBO:  TWILL: Davis will be here, don't know if he'll work out yet
SOBO:  he is a solid top 20 guy as well

<nybrownie> You like Moreno over Beanie
SOBO:  NYB: I clearly like Moreno more than Beanie

<DaBrowns41> Rashad Jennings and Jarron Gilbert are my two favorite smaller school prospects. They are studs, IMO. I hope we can get another 2nd. ;)
SOBO:  DaB: This draft is pretty weak at the top of the first, but very deep in round 2

<Pazienza> Say Curry is gone and J. Smith or Monroe is available at #5 - wouldn't they be the best and safest players available and therefore the smartest pick for the Browns? The o-line would attain elite status.
SOBO:  Paz: Don't think any LT in this class is worth a top 5 and barely a top 10 pick

<ramllov> SOBO, If Jenkins runs the 4.45, do you see him as a potential shut down corner after about two years in the league?
SOBO:  Ram: It's tricky. It's not all about pure speed, but also fluidity of the hips. So don't just watch him in the 40 but how he does in individual drills as well

<Fulldawg78> Are most players planning to work out this year, or are they waiting for their pro day?
SOBO:  Full: Only a select few of note aren't working out, A.Smith and Stafford, some just aren't because of previous injury

<ramllov> SOBO you still see four or five offensive tackles going in the first round.
SOBO:  Ram: Yes 4 or 5 could easily go, I just don't see them on that upper tier level

<Pazienza> Who are your top 5 players in this draft?
SOBO:  Paz: Stafford, Crabtree, Moreno, Curry, Orakpo

<ramllov> I laughed about the OTs, eight went high last year, but they need 64 OTs in the NFL and there aren't that many that are real good.
SOBO:  Ram: 8 went high, only about 5 deserved it

<Pazienza> Who does Orakpo compare to in the NFL?
SOBO:  Paz: Personally don't like doing player to player comparisons but if you twist my arm Patrick Kerney comes to mind.

<ramllov> SOBO, they talk about 4 or 5 potential first round draft choices. How many more could go in the second and third round. Is this a real deep class of WRs?
SOBO:  Ram: Every year there are a ton of solid WR prospects. I have in upwards of 9 who can go in the first two rounds

<DaBrowns41> 1,0SOBO, what kind of 40 do you see R. Jennings running. I'm thinking 4.5-4.55
SOBO:  DaB: Wouldn't be surprised if Jenning sran even slightly better than that because of the natural athlete he is

<ribsnwhiskey> Sobo any chance your making enough contacts to get a lower tier job to get your foot in the door with an NFL team.  You seem very good at the draft stuff... then you can secretly feed us some info
SOBO:  Ribn: I've tried buddy. Things just haven't broken my way. This is how I keep around the game I love

<AdamFenwickSymes> Besides Stafford, which QB's seemed like natural gridiron leaders?
SOBO:  AFS: None of the QB's I talked to really impressed me other than Stafford

<ILive4Sunday32> What round do you think Brian Robiskie will go? Are the browns taking a serious look at him?
SOBO:  ILive: Robiskie is a late 2nd/3rd round guy depending on how he runs

<ramllov> SOBO, have you seen Mangini today?
SOBO:  Ram: Mangini has not made a public appearance

<DaBrowns41> 1,0How active have the Browns been in the interview process so far?
SOBO:  Dab: All the teams are extremely active. They cover all their bases and talk to basically everyone

<nybrownie> I saw the Browns talked to a FB ? why?
SOBO:  NYB: Due diligence, plus one of the reasons the running game suffered this year was the injury to Vickers

<Pazienza> With Savage, McCreight, and Kelley gone - do the Browns have enough beef in their scouting staff?
SOBO:  Paz: That's yet to be determined, but I got a real good vibe off of Kokinos today. He's very different than Savage

<ramllov> SOBO do you see Robiskie as a second WR or a first on the depth chart?
SOBO:  Ram: Robiskie is a no.2 or slot guy in my mind

<ribsnwhiskey> also maybe this was asked already... whose choice was the Gholston pick last year
SOBO:  Ribs: Haven't gotten the chance to talk to Mangini, so not sure of the Gholston selection

<ramllov> SOBO, have your heard any talking about DA, we seem to hear Tampa Bay, Detroit, New York Jets.
SOBO:  Ram: I brought it up a bit, but there doesn't seem much to it...yet

<browns82> will we continue to hear from kokinos while they are at the combine
SOBO:  Browns: Basically all the major coaches/GM's meet with the media officially once. So he'll probably disappear in the night now

<DaBrowns41> 1,0How chaotic is it in Indy right now?
SOBO:  Dab: For me it's very chaotic covering this event from multiple angles. Y'know I'm trying to put up workout stuff from certain sources, running around and interviewing every guy they make available in the media room, plus trying to find the time to dig into some scoops

<brownsclown> Are the assistant coaches more involved there than in the past?
SOBO:  BC: Saw Rob Ryan quickly, but it's not yet determined how much they play a role at this point.

<Fulldawg78> Any Browns FA talk at the combine? Any talk at who they may be looking at?
SOBO:  Full: The big thing with the Browns right now is what they plan on doing in house. Again, Sean Jones is the main target. JJ and Tucker were brought up with Kokinos. You have the Shaffer stuff on hold. They didn't have any restricted or franchise guys that get any buzz. So we'll see from here...

<ribsnwhiskey> Sobo when Lebron flanks out at WR like this picture box in front of me tells me he is. What do expect his numbers to be. I can't wait...
SOBO:  Ribs: Lebron first year: 152 catches, 2,010 yards, and 32 touchdowns. Mark it down.

<ILive4Sunday32> What free agent is most likely to end up with the browns?
SOBO:  ILive: Basely this purely on need and probability, I would put 5 dollars on Eric Barton

<brownsclown> Any chance McCoy is still on the board early 2nd? What's your gut on him?
SOBO:  BC: McCoy will be fine, but I just learned about 10 minutes ago that he was so bad he was on I.V.'s just yesterday

<ramllov> SOBO how do you feel about the RBs, two in the first, three in the second and how many in the third?
SOBO:  Ram: I actually have 5 backs with a 2nd round grade currently. And then there is a drop-off from there

<DaBrowns41> 1,0Are there any guards that you'll be looking closely at in the Combine?
SOBO:  DaB: Guard isn't as much of a concern to me until center is decided up. The pivot is a much more important position along the offensive line and until that's settled one way or another, then we can move from there

<Fulldawg78> Do you feel Barton is an upgrade over Andra Davis?
SOBO:  Full: Yes. Barton is a good strong veteran in the middle of the 34 who will not make as many mental mistakes as Dra

<ILive4Sunday32> Who do you feel is the best pass rushing 3-4 outside linebacker?
SOBO:  IL4S: Orakpo, Ev. Brown, then Larry English

<ramllov> SOBO, do you hear about anybody trading down or up in this draft or is it too soon?
SOBO:  Ram: Way too soon buddy

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, any thoughts on the recently released David Bowens?
SOBO:  AFS: Bowens would merely be experienced depth, but I don't know how much he has left in the tank

<Fulldawg78> Beanie Wells. If he has a good 40 is he a top 10 pick? Has his toughness been discussed a lot at the combine?
SOBO:  Full: My problems with Beanie have never been with injuries or 40 time, so I would say no. That said, Beanie knows how important his times will be to scouts and how it affects his standing. And yes he was questioned by one certain media member about his toughness which he played off

<Pazienza> Will any of last year's picks - Bell, Rucker, Hubbard - be producers this year?
SOBO:  Paz: Rucker is the best of the group in my mind, and really could develop into a nice starting TE depending on how things with this roster are managed

<ramllov> SOBO, would you say that if the Browns were going to draft a RB, it would have to be in the second round?
SOBO:  Ram: That seems the general consensus, but don't rule out Moreno as a wildcard

<Fulldawg78> Do you think the Browns will consider a guy like Raji with the #5 pick?
SOBO:  Full: Raji is not a top 10 pick in my mind at all

<ILive4Sunday32> will orakpo and ev brown participate in all events of the combine?
SOBO:  ILive: We'll find out tomorrow on Orakpo and Brown, and I plan on getting plenty of questions in

<ramllov> SOBO, gut feeling, do you see offensive line with the second choice or secondary for the Browns?
SOBO:  Ram: Believe it comes down to RB or Center in round 2 at this point, looking at the makeup of this team

<ribsnwhiskey> I was having a discussion with my brother Kam not coached up or soft. I fell he is not coached up with only
having one move but my brother feels he is soft.
SOBO:  Ribs: Kam showed he can do some things in this league and then got progressively worse. This was arguably the worst run team from a coaching standpoint the last two years. There is some talent there. Wimbley may never be that elite player originally envisioned but the talent is there to be a productive player

<ramllov> SOBO, Brian Thomas, OLB, Jets, how much interest do the Browns have in this player?
SOBO:  Ram: Thomas likely still has a role with the Jets with the cutting of Bowens. Though his neck might be on the chopping block as well

<DaBrowns41> Sobo, you're doing this again Sat and Sun, correct?
SOBO:  DaB: Yes I shall be doing this Sat. and Sun. The time Sunday may be a littel different simply because of the drive back home. I'll update that late tomorrow or early Sunday as to when exactly

<brownsclown> Alex Mack make it to early 2nd?
SOBO:  BC: Mack is very intriguing. He's a legit first round caliber center but didn't dominate as expected this year, wasn't as good as I expected as the Senior Bowl, but he has everything you want at the position

<Fulldawg78> What kind of interest do you think the Browns will have in Clay Matthews Jr? Could he be an option in the 2nd round, or would Sintim make more sense?
SOBO:  Full: Matthews isn't the best fit for what this team needs. Here is a little tidbit I was just told. Matthews and Brian Cushing basically hate each other because of their competitiveness at the position

<AdamFenwickSymes> Notice any trends re: the WR's the Browns have shown interest in? (for instance, Collie and Childs are both soft-handed guys)
SOBO:  AFS: All the receivers seemed to garner a lot of interest from the Browns, and it was team name that came up often today throughout the process

<ramllov> SOBO, what players would Mangini have an interest in with the Jets that he could possibly pick up in a trade with them?
SOBO:  Ram: Look at the guys who are free agents. It's not a guarantee the Browns will make a play on guys already on the roster. It's why I've brought up the names Barton and Mosely so much over the past couple of months

<Pazienza> Kruger or Sintim in the 2nd round if Browns don't go OLB in 1st?
SOBO:  Paz: Kruger is more technical, Sintim is a better pure pass rusher.

<DaBrowns41> 1,0Other than Stafford, Johnson, and Dillard, who else impressed you with interviews?
SOBO:  Dab: Those three really stuck out. Jason Cook (FB Ole Miss) was the best guy to talk to down here. If he isn't in broadcasting at the end of the year, it will be a shame.

<AdamFenwickSymes> Feel free to not answer if you don't think it's appropriate, but was there a guy today who you wouldn't want to draft based on how he interviewed?
SOBO:  AFS: No I don't mind, but the one guy that pops automatically to mind would be Josh Freeman. He is sooooo soft spoken, I have no clue how he could ever be a true leader at the QB poition. Take that for what's it worth, because last year I thought Chris Johnson was absolutely the worst guy I interviewed here

<Pazienza> Any Missou defensive players the new LB coach likely to bring in?
SOBO:  Paz: Stryker Sulak is a nice 34 developmental OLB option in the late rounds

<ramllov> Is he an Alex Hall type of sleeper?
SOBO:  Ram: Alex Hall is a much better athlete and has much more potential.

<quarz> Were you impress with the way Hall played the run at the end of the season. It seems team ran at him when they saw him on the field.
SOBO:  Quarz: Hall needs to set the edge better on a consistent basis

<ramllov> SOBO how much can Alex Hall develop this off season?
SOBO:  Ram: Believe Hall will be a solid rotational player, but he really has to develop both physically and in his overall technique

<Fulldawg78> What's your thoughts on Zack Follett and Maurice Evans? What round do you see them going, and do you think there will be any interest from the Browns?
SOBO:  Full: Follett isn't a great athlete, and is undersized to play 34 OLB. Evans is a fantastic athlete but he had the off the field troubles and never got back in full swing this year. Neither I really see going prior to round 4

SOBO:  Same time tomorrow guys. Hope that's okay for a Saturday.

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