Chat Transcript: Saturday Night Live!

Live, from Indianapolis, it's Saturday night! Sobo offers his perspective on news from the Combine. The OBR's draft analyst has been scouting the prospects and keeping his ear to the ground...

SOBO:  Okay, let's set the scene:
SOBO:  Offensive Linemen and Tight ends worked out today. Defensive line, Linebackers, and left over offensive skill positions made their way through the media room.
SOBO:  We broke the Andre Smith story before anyone else. And a new one is developing about a lesser known middle round prospect, Brian Manderville (TE Northeastern). Basically he's been told by doctors his football career is over

<BlueSidd> Possibility of Brian Orakpo being the pick at #5 if Curry is picked before #5. Texas is a solid school for defensive players.
SOBO:  B.Sidd: My choice after Curry is Orakpo, if we're addressing the defensive side of the ball at no.5

<brownsclown> Any chance the Browns pick one of the Tackles?
SOBO:  B.Clown: No, there is no chance we take one of the offensive tackles.

<dennn> 1,0Is there a player (combine or bowls) that makes you say, "The Browns must get him."
SOBO:  Denn: Aaron Curry, you can just tell he's a future leader of men

<Cvillebrown> SOBO, some Mocks have Curry going to KC. They already have Derrick Johnson. Are'nt they similar LBs?
SOBO:  Cville: Both Johnson and Curry can play all three LB'ing positions. If they move the 3-4 both would be ILB's with some OLB potential, but could start side by side

<BlueSidd> Does Crabtree and Andre's issues hurt our chances of landing the player we want?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: I doubt Crabtree's problems have as much weight on his stock as Smith's does at this very moment. He messed up big time today

<robdawgie> Smith won't fall past JAX right? Even with all of this?
SOBO:  Rob: I wouldn't take Andre Smith in the first round after this

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, was Aaron Curry more impressive than Stafford?
SOBO:  AFS: Curry was very impressive, and someone that you can easily tell can become a face of the franchise type

<racmpc> Any surprises from the centers?
SOBO:  RacMpc: Robbie Felix of UTEP had a phenomenal day with the centers

<ramllov> SOBO do you get the feeling that Kokinis and Mangini could go offense with the fifth pick?
SOBO:  Ram: Still expect no.5 overall to be a defensive pick

<traveldawg62> After Center, which is more of a O-line need RG or RT?
SOBO:  Travel: RG is more of a hole right now

<dawgbacker26> Sobo, with Smith now coming off of a lot of teams draft boards, does that make Cleveland an even likelier spot for teams like Chicago, Philly, and even possibly Detroit  assuming they do not use the #1 on a T) to move up and get the #2 or #3 overall T on the board?
SOBO:  DawgB: I wouldn't take any of the tackles in the top 5

<dadaman> sobo what is different between savage and kokins?
SOBO:  Dada: Kokinis just seemed more genuine and personable

<adogbtown> Isn't Curry too small to be a 3-4 OLB? Traditionally, ILB have not been a premium or value pick for 3-4 teams. That said, Curry would seem to be a questionable value pick at #5, no? Maybe he's a better 4-3 OLB?
SOBO:  Curry doesn't have traditional size, but he has the long arms and some experience at DE to give some reps there

<dennn> Would you consider trading up to get Curry?
SOBO:  Denn: No I wouldn't trade up at all. This team needs picks desperately

<howldawg> Sobo how far do you think Smith falls now?
SOBO:  Howl: That will depend on how Smith works out at his pro day. He'll drop off some teams boards, but eventually that talent becomes too enticing

<dadaman> Does the GM job fit Kokins?
SOBO:  Dada: that's the question about Kokinis. Wanted to ask him about the differences in his current and previous jobs but was cut off

<BlueSidd> Thoughts on Everette?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Have yet to speak with Brown. They didn't bring him in yet to talk to him

<mes78> Why is Eric Wood usually rated below Mack and Unger? I think Eric Wood is the top center.
SOBO:  Mes: Wood is more limited athletically than Mack or Unger

<racmpc> Where do you think that puts Felix, round wise?
SOBO:  RacMpc: Felix is still a late round guy

<Cvillebrown> Is the OLB from UVA an 34 OLB in the pros? Stintum
SOBO:  Cville: Yes. He's one of the few guys who has experience playing the position. A natural pass rusher, but doesn't move well in space

<BlueSidd> Odds of an Offensive pick?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Odds to me are 1 out of 6.

<dadaman> Sobo who do the Browns take if Curry is gone?
SOBO:  Dada: Orakpo or Ev.Brown, whomever they feel is a better 34 OLB fit

<robdawgie> I'm getting a very bad feeling or a bad hunch or whatever that the Lions will pull a Houston and Miami and take the player who will sign easiest rather than the top rated guy. Curry would fit that it crazy to think Curry would go # overall?
SOBO:  Rob: Curry was supposed to have dinner with them today before that was cancelled. So they are considering him

<ramllov> SOBO, if they go defense at 5, offense at 36?
SOBO:  Ram: Suspect defense then RB/Oline in round 2

<adogbtown> SOBO, Aaron Maybin. Tell me about him? Lots of draft analysts really seem to like him and he is just soooo quick off the edge.
SOBO:  ADB: Maybin came in at an impressive 20 lbs. heavier than his normal playign weight today. He's a legit 250 now. He has amazing physical skills but he has a lot of technique work to do. He got by purely on athletic ability this year

<AdamFenwickSymes> Were any LB's other than Curry impressive during the interviews?
SOBO:  AFS: Enjoyed talking with Clay Matthews but that was more because the conversation was steered around his family

<BlueSidd> could Duke Robinson be a pick in round 2 our does his lack of lateral movement not help
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Athleticism is something I suspect is not as important to the new regime as compared to the previous. As such Duke would then become a legitimate option

<ramllov> SOBO, Maybin sounds like the guy Indy took a few years ago in the first round and his name is not Mathis.
SOBO:  Ram: Maybin won't run a low 4.4 like Freeney did

<dennn> Any thoughts on Louis Vasquez Texas tech G
SOBO:  Denn: Vasquez is a very good limited area blocker who can overwhelm opponents and was a good straight ahead run blocker even in Texas Tech's pass happy scheme

<dadaman> Is the RG or Center a bigger priority?
SOBO:  Dada: Center is more important right now, unless the new staff feels they can squeeze another year out of Fraley or move Hadnot inside

<Cvillebrown> How does Everette Brown compare to Kamerion?
SOBO:  CVille: Brown has yet to do anything publically yet

<dawgbacker26> I know you see defense as being the #1 need and most likely pick at 5. Where would you rate the possibility of taking Knowshon Moreno @ $5?
SOBO:  Dawg: Moreno is that 1 in 6 shot in my mind. He really is a special player though his raw stats and whatnot don't always reflect it

<BlueSidd> If Moreno runs a time below 4.4 is their a possibility at #5
SOBO:  B.Sidd; Running a low 4.4 for Moreno would be HUGE and certainly put him in some lofty status in this draft class

<BlueSidd> have you seen him?
SOBO:  And yes I have seen with him and asked him a couple questions

<ramllov> SOBO any idea about a WR coach yet?
SOBO:  Ram: It's hard to get much here that is too Browns specific. There are a million things going on at once and I'm trying to get you as much as I can from every area

<64superfan> Where does Maualuga fit into all this? If Curry is off the board at #5, any chance they'll go with Maualuga to get a genuine thumper in the middle?
SOBO:  64: Maualuga is a late pick in the teens or early 20's

<Cvillebrown> do you think we will see Beau Bell this yr?
SOBO:  Cville: Certainly you will see Bell, but how much is the question

<dadaman> Sobo king to ILB?
SOBO:  Dada: King is being asked by NFL teams to try fullback

<robdawgie> Sobo, who is the most impressive person that you had the chance to talk to so far this weekend? Player wise, press wise and in the front office?
SOBO:  Rob: Player wise it would have to be three guys; Aaron Curry, Jason Cook (FB Ole Miss), and Ian Johnson (RB Boise St.). Northwestern's Tyrell Sutton would be up there as well. Really could care about the rest of the press, they're just shlubs like the rest of us. And I really liked getting to know George Kokinis a little bit. He really made me feel at ease when asking him questions and whatnot. Ozzie Newsome was very impressive today as well.

<traveldawg62> If you had to choose between Shonn Greene and Rashad Jennings?
SOBO:  TD62: Green then Jennings. Green has great feet and done it at a higher level consistently. Jennings is a lot of exceptional raw talent

<BlueSidd> Sobo your top 3 possible picks for the Browns at #5?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: 1. Curry, 2. Orakpo, 3. Ev. Brown (Crabtree is a possibility in there as well depending on how things work out)

<ramllov> Generally, do you expect Kokinis and Mangini to let all their free agents hit the market prior to signing them?
SOBO:  Ram: No I expect Jones to be re-signed. It seems he is this team's top priority right now. They want something more long term than the tag, and are working on getting that done as soon as possible

<dawgbacker26> Sobo, as a guy who knows the trenches, do you think that we could move Schaeffer inside to RG and get the same out of him that we got out of Tucker?
SOBO:  DB26: Shaffer moves well enough to play RT, but what really hurt him last year was his inconsistency with his hand play. He's generally too wide, and gives up his chest way too often for an starting NFL offensive lineman. Right now I'm not sure on moving inside, simply because I haven't seen exactly what Daboll will do with the offense

<Tmontgo> sobo do you like moreno better than beanie?
SOBO:  Tmont: Have Moreno rated quite a bit higher than Beanie

<dawgbacker26> what do you know about Tyronne Green, OG, Auburn? Is he a mid/late round sleeper?
SOBO:  DB26: Tyronne Green is one of those guys who won't wow you in any certain way. He's a plugger at guard who consistently gets the job done. He was probably the most consistent lineman at the Senior Bowl. A solid mid to late round talent

<BlueSidd> Beanie runs a 4.4 top 10 Pick?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: It's not Beanie's speed that keeps him out of the top 10, it's the way he approaches the game

<brownsclown> Where do you think Marcus Freeman goes?
SOBO:  B.Clown: Freeman is a very good WSLB prospect for a 43 team. Solid late 2nd to 3rd round talent

<AdamFenwickSymes> Was Maualuga working the media room today? Did he ask you for advice about the combine?
SOBO:  AFS: Talked to Maualuga today as well. He wasn't as receptive as he was at the Senior Bowl. It's obvious he has been coached up a bit. Broke the story he has a new agent, even though he lied to me about it

<dadaman> Sobo Curry looks like he could turn into a Steeler type OLB...What do you think?
SOBO:  Dada: If Curry somehow slips to the Steelers, we know God hates us. :p

<64superfan> Here's my "perfect" scenario: We trade DA to Detroit for the #20 overall and try to get Curry @ #5 and Maualuga @ #20. Whatcha think?
SOBO:  64SF: Doubt you get a first for DA and why would you take two ILB's?

<FanofBrwns> What about that IL out UNLV that Savage drafted last year, is he going to play in 09'?
SOBO:  FoB: Are we speaking of Beau Bell???

<traveldawg62> If center has not been addressed before round 4, do you like Antoine Caldwell or Cecil Newton (or anyone else)?
SOBO:  TD: I personally like Newton a little more, but Caldwell would be more of a "Browns pick". But I have a predilection towards more athletic lineman and tend to overlook the small school things at times

<FanofBrwns> Are there any good DT available for Browns in FA?
SOBO:  FoB: DT's as in nose tackles or future 34 ends? Sure at end...looks like the Cowboys will let Chris Canty walk. Igor Olshansky is a FA from San Diego. And CJ Mosely has some talent from the Jets.

<mes78> Mayock has Orakpo rated #4 overall, and you like him as well. Why is he rated so highly? I see a workout warrior, making the tough transition to a stand up 3-4 OLB, who is coming off an injury and has had only very good production.
SOBO:  Mes: Orakpo is my no.5 on my "big board" currently. He is a football player that happens to be very good in the weightroom. He won the Nagurski this year as the nation's best defender. Had 11 sacks on with an injury shortened season. He's very very quick off the edge, strong, and athletic

<LordHelpus> Last night you mentioned Orakpo, Brown, and a 3rd player I forget (old age) as being being the best pass rushers. How are they at coverage and stopping the run?
SOBO:  LH: Larry English was the third. None of them would be entirely comfortable in coverage yet Orakpo would have the most experience, but still not much. English reallys struggled in coverage drills at the Senior Bowl. Brown seems to be molded perfect for it, but never really asked to do it. Orakpo is the strongest at the point of attack against the run. Brown is overwhelmed at times has a great motor. And English plays bigger than he is with good technique.

<mes78> Why is Orakpo a beast? The few games on the tube I watched, he really didn't stand out. Mayock commented the Pettigrew (TE) dominated him in their game.
SOBO:  Mes: If you get a chance, watch Orakpo's first step. It's so impressive. He's so strong off the edge as well. And one thing he had that say...Vernon Gholston, didn't have was that flexibility to really bend the edge of the pocket effectively

<dennn> Who is the best 3-4 DE in the draft?
SOBO:  Denn: Orakpo with Brown right there

<BlueSidd> If jenkins run a 4.4 or lower does he move up in your eyes for us at 5
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Of all the players here there is the most buzz about how Jenkins will run. Getting a 4.45 or lower will be crucial

<BlueSidd> Eye test he is a beast. 12 sacks stands out to me. Pettigrew is also a beast blocker. I have watched all of his games being from Texas.
<mes78> BSidd: What's his strengths. Speed rush? Bull Rush? Is he good against the Run? Who would you compare him to?
SOBO:  Mes: I'm sorry, I'm a little behind...who does who compare to?

<wsu99> are the Browns looking at any qbs?
SOBO:  WSU: Browns are looking at QB's, mainly the lower tier guys; but they're doing their due diligence

<BlueSidd> why keep shaun smith?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Why keep Shaun Smith? That's a good question, I don't know the answer to but wish I did. Though technically they're not going to bad mouth any of their current players when asked by the media. So he could talk him up now, and then cut him down the road. Don't know exactly how these guys operate yet

<ramllov> SOBO do you see Mangini and Kokinis, having 7 DL men on their 53 man roster?
SOBO:  Ram: Their Dline will probably be slightly thinner than that. It's generally the norm.

<traveldawg62> Thoughts on Andy Levitre or Ray Fienga in the later rounds?
SOBO:  TD: Levitre is very versatile and generally technically sound. He's started at LT and guard. Plays a little high at times.  But he's a solid mid rounder. Feinga is another solid limited area blocker who is powerful when he gets his hands on you

<AdamFenwickSymes> Sobo, any idea why 3-4 teams are spending a lot of time with Zack Follett? Just because he played 3-4 OLB last year?
SOBO:  AFS: Actually Follett said today he's getting the feeling that 34 teams don't have any interest in him

<BlueSidd> where is jenkins on your board
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Jenkins is 6th overall . He was no.1 overall at one point, but there are questions that need answered

<ramllov> SOBO would you take Orakpo over Curry for the Browns at 5?
SOBO:  Ram: No. Curry is my clear cut no.1 for Cleveland until he comes off the board in April

<mes78> SOBO thanks. Can Orakpo play standing up in a 2 point stance. Can he set the edge on the strong side?
SOBO:  Mes: Orakpo has already played some in a 2 point stance in college. And yes he is certainly strong enough to set the edge consistently. It basically comes down to technique with him. His upside if very very high overall

<ckindians> I would prefer to keep both Quinn and DA- what do we do for a backup qb if Quinn breaks a finger again if we don't have DA? I know its a lot of money invested in one position
SOBO:  CK: Don't be surprised to see a veteran brought in and/or a young developmental QB draft in the late rounds

<mikehey> where would you go in draft if curry is gone rb, olb ilb c
SOBO:  Mike: OLB with either Orakpo or Ev.Brown (again with Crabtree in the conversation)

<ckindians> Lions did cut Bodden, any chance we could get him back?
SOBO:  CK: Haven't heard much on the FA front. That will play out much more next week

<mes78> I will try and watch more of Orakpo's play? I can't help that I'm skeptical - he reminds me of Gholston. Sobo - nevermind the comparison. You compared Orakpo to Kerney.
SOBO:  Mes: My best comparison for Orakpo would be Patrick Kerney for lack of a better option

<Tmontgo> wouldn't one of the LBS make a bigger impact then jenkins?
SOBO:  Tmont: It all depends on who the Browns believe brings a better value

<dennn> Isn't Okapo and Brown light for 3-4 DE's?
SOBO:  Dennn: Orakpo is a solid 260+, that's the weight your majority of 34 OLB's are. Brown is supposedly 255 or so. We'll see if we get to talk to him tomorrow (hopefully)

<billling> are there any upgrades at center in free agency worth looking at
SOBO:  Billing: Really only Jason Brown is the top guy. The only other worth mentioning in my mind is Matt Birk who has another year or two in him

<brownsclown> Sobo dont we need fresh wr talent somewhere in this draft?
SOBO:  B.Clown: I agree, problem is that there are more holes on the Browns' roster than there is available draft picks currently

<robdawgie> when crabtree runs will it help or hurt him?
SOBO:  Rob: Crabtree just proving he's healthy down the road and on a good recovery will certainly help him

<ckindians> Why is Stallworth still on the roster?
SOBO:  CK: Stallworth is still on the roster because his bonus isn't due yet
SOBO:  BTW: It was well known throughout the league right before he signed with NE that Stallworth failed a drug test

<mes78> Will LeSean McCoy still run and workout despite the flu?
SOBO:  Mes: McCoy will try to do as much as he possibly can. We'll see from there becuase he didn't look good yesterday.  Guy was on I.V. just two days ago

<wsu99> which center would you like to see the Browns get in the draft and where do they need to draft him?
SOBO:  WSU: I've been a big fan of Alex Mack and Eric Wood all season. Mack is an early 2 guy. Wood is probably a 2nd rounder now as well, but might be had early round 3

<BlueSidd> They better not cut corey williams

<ckindians> Will the Browns draft an rb at some point or sign one in free agency?
SOBO:  CK: Running back is certainly on the Browns immediate radar

<ckindians> Is Derek Ward possible?
SOBO:  CK: Ward is possible but it's hard to say how much. All the info is coming from his end, not the Browns

<dadaman> Sobo would you be happy if Curry gone and the Browns take Orakpo?
SOBO:  Dada: Really because of the state of the top of this draft class, I'd be happy with: Curry, Crabtree, Orakpo, Ev. Brown,
M.Jenkins, and even Moreno. All those guys are rated very similarly in my book and strong cases can be made for each and every

<mes78> SOBO thanks. Kerney to me is a weird comparison. He played 34 DE in ATL the one year they ran it.
SOBO:  Mes: It's hard to pigeonhole guys sometime into one current comparison, it's why I hate doing as such. But I will answer the question if asked. Used Kerney because of their phsyical makeup and semi-similar style of play. Orakpo is a much better athlete but the build is similar

<BlueSidd> Brown from Uconn in round 2?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: D.Brown or C.Brown? D.Brown is arguably the best natural runner in this RB class and round 2 would be a good pick. C. Brown is a little light but a nice pass rusher and developmental 34 OLB in the mid rounds

<gunner2> what about bennie wells aT THE 5TH SPOT
SOBO:  Gunner: Beanie isn't a top 10 guy in my eyes

<wsu99> should the Browns take McCoy at rb if he is still there in round 2
SOBO:  WSU: Can't aruge taking McCoy in round 2. He doesn't have that top gear anymore, but he's very explosive in and out of his cuts

<TWILL716> Im starting to like Orakpo more and more at the 5th spot , whats your thought Sobo?
SOBO:  TWILL: Been high on Orakpo most of the year. Think he would be solid pick at no.5. His only question in my mind was his inconsistent motor at times

<traveldawg62> You've mentioned Cantwell as a developmental late round QB (I thought Hoyer looked good as well). Does Richard Bartel have upside or will the new regime likely dump him?
SOBO:  TD62: Haven't gotten to see much of Bartel since being in th NFL

<BlueSidd> is ward too old 29?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: General consensus is to stay away from a RB who is around 30 years old, but Ward does not have much wear on his tires at all. He's average under 200 careers the past two years. Only had 35 in the NFL prior to that. And even averaged under 200 in college as well.

<ramllov> SOBO do you know who the Browns have had dinner with the past few days?
SOBO:  64: The one big name I know had a personal interview set up with Cleveland tonight or tomorrow was Orakpo

<64superfan> SOBO: Would you say it's fair to assume that the Browns' strategy is probably to go after a thumper ILB in FA and then snag Curry or Orapko at #5 in the draft?
SOBO:  64: Barton seems, at least to me, the most probably FA signee to plug inside and he has a few good years left

<AdamFenwickSymes> Who would you not draft based on speaking to them?
SOBO:  AFS: Brandon Wiliams of Texas Tech was like pulling teeth talking to them.

<ckindians> Where do you see Beanie Wells getting drafted at?
SOBO:  CK: Beanie is a 10 to 20 prospect

<brownsclown> Moreno could have the most impact right away. Long term back in the league?
SOBO:  BC: No running back is a "long term" in th eNFL

<billling> maualuga good or great linebacker,browns type of linebacker
SOBO:  Billing: Maualuga is a good Linebacker who has the potential to be great

<Frye9> Sobo: Any nuggets or info you've heard about our QB situation around Indy?
SOBO:  Frye: There has been a tight lid on the QB situation right now with the Browns playing all angles

<BlueSidd> so after meeting with Kokinis is he making the decision on draft day?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: The decision will be a consensus

<mes78> SOBO - Mangini and Kokinis seem methodical and patient. Don't seem to care about the spotlight. Accurate?
SOBO:  Mes: Certainly seems that way. I missed out on a Mangini presser today because I was doing everything else and he invited only the "regulars"

<traveldawg62> Do you have Donald Brown as the 4th best RB in the draft (ahead of S. Green and assuming McCoy is #3)?
SOBO:  TD: Give Green the edge over Brown because less wear, and better size

SOBO:  Gunner: A runner with little heart, is a runner with little heart no matter how you slice it

<ckindians> Didn't he want to play in the Usc game? ...and Tressell kept him out
  CK: Yes Beanie did, but this is also the same RB who admitted he thought he was done the second the injury happened

<TWILL716> SOBO , what do you think of RAJI?
SOBO:  TWILL: Raji has off the field issues he will have to answer about if he is going to go anywhere near as high as some predict

<billling> is clay matthews,jr. as good as his dad when he came out of college could he be a browns type
SOBO:  Billing: No, Clay III isn't as good and is a bit overrated at this point

<BlueSidd> Top center available in round 2 we pick him?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: sign me up for the top center, I'm fine with that

<ckindians> Mangini said he wanted team players , no me-first players- so how much to Kw2 and Edwards have to adjust?
SOBO:  CK: That's the million dollar question. Think both will have to some adjusting

SOBO:  Gunn: Kruger late round two/early 3, Brace round 4-ish or so

<BlueSidd> what happens to fraley if we pick a center?
SOBO:  B.Sidd: Fraley has a role as veteran backup and team leader, or he gets cut. Don't see much wiggle room there

<ckindians> Isn't Birk from the Vikes a free agent?
SOBO:  CK: Birk is a free agent and just talked with Vikes representation yesterday or today

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