Browns Get Chatty at the Combine

With NFL teams able to interview dozens of players, we've managed to identify a few...

Readers of the OBR's Insider Blog were the first to hear about news items like Andre Smith's disappearance from the combine and George Kokinis' press conference. They were also treated to updates throughout the weekend as team members (including the OBR's Brent Sobleski) were dutifully relaying the names of players identified as interviewing with the Browns.

We're passing along the names of players identified through on-site reporting, as well as some additional names from the media.

Here are the team's interests recorded at the combine:

QB Tom Brandstater, Fresno State: Met with the Dallas Cowboys and Cleveland Browns. He mentioned that he met with more, but he lost track of who they were. (Chris Steuber)

QB Mark Sanchez, USC: USC QB Mark Sanchez already met with the Detroit Lions and had lunch with their staff yesterday. He will meet with the Cleveland Browns, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets tonight. Tomorrow, he will meet with the Detroit Lions (again), San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars. He said that more teams could still be added. (Chris Steuber)

WR Taurus Johnson, South Florida: "Praying" to run a 4.45 40 yard dash or better. Was coached up a lot by former teammates Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams on his routes. Both are now NFL cornerbacks. (Brent Sobleski)

WR Demetrius Byrd, LSU: Talked with the Browns, as well as with the Packers, Colts, Bungles, Cowboys, Lions, Texans, and Dolphins. (Adam Caplan)

WR Jeremy Childs, Boise State: Early entrant who had to enter the draft due to family issues.  Graded as a 4th to 7th rounder by Advisory Committee. (Brent Sobleski)

WR Austin Collie, BYU: Talked to the Browns, as well as the Colts, Falcons, Bills. (Ed Thompson)

FB Quinn Johnson, LSU: Talked one-on-one with the Browns. (Ed Thompson)

OL Ramon Foster, Tennessee: Said he talked to TB, CLE, CIN and MIA. He said he has experience at all positions on the O-Line but believes he projects as a RT or RG at the pro level. (Ed Thompson)

DE Maurice Evans, Penn State: Has already garnered interest from the Cleveland Browns. Evans measured in at 6'1' 274 pounds. He is on the list to practice at both DE and LB, but has not been officially asked at this point. (Brent Sobleski)

DE/OLB Brian Orakpo, Texas: - 6'3' 263 were his measurements.
- On what position he would be most comfortable playing, "I want to do what I naturally do best, get pressure on the quarterback."   Feels he can be a 34 OLB because it's *not* a projection, he's played it in Texas' hybrid 43 defensive schemes.

LB Zach Follett, Cal: Told me one-on-one that he's talked with DAL, CLE and has a formal interview with BUF tonight (Ed Thompson)

Player interviews reported through other sites:

C Juan Garcia, Washington: Reported in his combine blog (available to OBR subscribers) that the Browns had interviewed him.

OLB Marcus Freeman, Ohio State: KFFL relays that he has spoken to the Browns, Cowboys, Colts, and Jet. (Original source unknown)

DT Peria Jerry, Mississippi: KFFL relays that he had spoken to the Browns, Jaguars, Jets and Giants

S Rashad Johnson, Alabama: KFFL relays that he had spoken to the Browns, Falcons, Bears, Chargers, and Bengals.

If you see others, feel free to let us know!

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