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Does Lawyer Milloy fit into the Browns future plans? For that matter... does Derek Anderson? Lane Adkins has been working overtime to get you the news you need to know...

- The Atlanta Falcons announced recently that they would not be resigning safety Lawyer Milloy. It came very naturally to the minds of fans on the OBR that the Browns have a need at the position and that there a history between the player and head coach Mangini. The thinking in Berea is the same - Milloy is an option and his quality of play is going to be explored.

- QB Derek Anderson believes he is not going to be part of the organization for the 2009 season… and for good reason. Despite recent statements not favoring either Quinn or Anderson, the one-time Browns starting QB has not exactly been made to feel all warm and fuzzy about his situation by the new regime in Cleveland. The Browns claim they have made no decisions on the QB position, much less the players involved, but murmurs of interest from other teams continues…

- Early media reports may have painted new head coach Eric Mangini as so unconcerned about talking to players as to ignore them as they walked by him during a banquet. Still, numerous Browns players have been in and out of the training complex in Berea, Ohio in recent weeks. Head coach Eric Mangini has made it a point to be available in some capacity to talk with the players.

- As JT noted in his latest column, do not expect WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow to be going anywhere this off-season. There has been considerable evaluation done this off-season by the new staff in Cleveland to separate the truth from rumor regarding the attitude, play and personal interests of each player - and indications are the new regime views both Edwards and Winslow as key component players for success.

- As of this writing, no less than five players under contract to the Browns are in discussions to either restructure their current contracts or find themselves released. Some of these players have had no discussions with the organization and will be released - dependent on the course of action in free agency by the organization.

- WR Joe Jurevicius continues to recover well from multiple knee surgical procedures and wants to play for the Browns in the 2009 season.

- Heading into the free agent player signing period, the Browns are taking a look at the right side of the offensive line, especially at the right guard spot. The RG spot was the lowest graded position along the offensive line in the 2009 season. Analysis suggests that "the expectation level of the player" did not fit with what the team was attempting to do.

- While the Browns do have an interest in adding depth to the running back position, current starting RB Jamal Lewis has not been excluded for the 2009 season at all. Lewis was told by those in the organization he is a viable part of the Mangini-led team and want him to get healthy this off-season.

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