Passan: Big Baby Wants a Buddy?

So Shaun Rogers is "disenchanted"? His feelings are hurt? Rich Passan isn't sympathetic...

So Shaun Rogers is upset at new Browns coach Eric Mangini and wants out of Cleveland.

On two occasions since becoming the big cheese in Berea, Mangini has snubbed the big defensive tackle. Once in Berea and once at a local sports dinner.

Feelings hurt? Didn't realize the massive defensive tackle was so sensitive. Poor baby.

Big baby.

So Mangini is not a friendly guy. It appears that the warm and fuzzies isn't his thing. Big deal.

He'd much rather be hunkered down in a room with a video machine and screen, dissecting his new team.

Who can blame him as he tries to rebuild one of the worst teams in the National Football League? He must have noticed the Browns looked like a bad college team down the stretch last season.

Then again, perhaps this is Mangini's way of sending a message to his new troops: I'm not a players' coach. I'm not your buddy. I'm not like Romeo Crennel.

Nothing wrong with that. Some coaches prefer to keep a social distance from their players and are rewarded with excellent results. Like Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin.

Crennel's coaching philosophy embraced buddying-up a major portion of the 53-man roster the last four seasons. It was repaid with three losing seasons, a 24-40 record, no playoff appearances and a one-way ticket out of Cleveland.

Yeah, that approach really worked.

Well, shouldn't Mangini at least have had the decency to acknowledge Rogers' presence? Probably. But let's not make a bigger deal of this than necessary.

At this point, Rogers should be more concerned that his new coach and his staff are planning changes that just might dramatically shift the direction in which this team is headed.

It's rather interesting that Rogers' ego is bruised so easily. His job is to play football, not be social with the head coach.

Now if new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan or new defensive line coach Bryan Cox snub Rogers, that's an entirely different matter.

Mangini has to look at a much bigger picture. Give him some slack in that area.

For a guy who played far beyond what most people thought he would, especially considering the season fell apart after 12 games, Rogers' off-the-field behavior is strange.

He's taking this way too personally and selfishly. Quite the opposite of the way he played in 16 games last season.

The big knock on him when he arrived from Detroit was that he was great at times, but took plays off. Sometimes took games off.

We didn't see that at all this past season. He came up large in every game he played, oftentimes when it was apparent some of his teammates quit. Got him to the Pro Bowl and deservedly so.

Rogers, despite his latest effort, isn't going anywhere despite his displeasure. This team needs him desperately and is not about to let him go. And then there's the little item of a nearly $10 million hit on the salary cap if they release him.

He's the only defensive lineman the Browns can count on. Unless, of course, he reverts to his Detroit days and starts taking plays off. Maybe even games.

Big baby.

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