Highlights from Ask the Insiders. Then I think I'm going to gargle with hot water to get my vocal chords in shape for tomorrow."> Highlights from Ask the Insiders. Then I think I'm going to gargle with hot water to get my vocal chords in shape for tomorrow.">

Highlights from Ask the Insiders

Bietz here. There's about 16 hours until gametime and I'm all twitchy. More than normal. Even my good friend "beer" isn't helping me, so I'm going to occupy myself by pounding out another edition of <I>Highlights from Ask the Insiders</I>. Then I think I'm going to gargle with hot water to get my vocal chords in shape for tomorrow.

Budweiser: Was just wondering if Orlando Pace will really be available or will St. Louis franchise him. If he is available Ryan Tucker should be able to help get him here not to mention the obvious Ohio connection. Thanks.

Lane Adkins: All indications coming out of St. Louis and through league sources are that the Rams will do everything necessary to retain Pace.

ArtBtz: I asked one of the premium writers on the St. Louis site this same question, and he told me that there was no way that the Rams let Pace get away.

Hamster: With White becoming a free agent after this year and not wanting to re-up as a third down back. Do you see the Browns keeping him? If not why didn't they trade to get something for him? Also is he a restricted free agent?

Mike McLain: From what I can tell, the Browns want to bring back White, who showed his value last week in Baltimore. Since White will be a restricted free agent, the Browns can retain his services by matching a deal White might sign with another team. I'd be surprised if White isn't with the Browns next season.

David Carducci: I'm sure the Browns will match any reasonable offer and he will be back. They couldn't trade White now, anyway. That is something the Browns would have had to consider weeks ago, and then, the teams willing to take on a restricted free agent would most likely be teams positioning for the playoffs - the very position the Browns are in right now.

ChipperJones: With so much on the line, and the season in the balance, will Butch and the coaching staff be quick to pull Couch if he gets off to a slow start Sunday?

David Carducci: Absolutely not. Davis has said several times that he only makes that type of change if it is clear that a player doesn't have it that game, and usually that is something he reads in practice during the week. If a player like Couch has a good week of preparation, Davis believes you stick with him. When a quarterback gets off to a slow start in a game, it isn't always his fault. Davis believes in riding it out with his quarterback. As we've seen all year, Davis doesn't alter his basic philosophy.

JeffRo: I think Tim is much better out of the shotgun. He also excells at running the 2 minute offense. Now I know we can't run the 2 minute offense and/or the shotgun all the time. But I think they should run it more.

More shotgun sets in the regular offense. And throw in the hurry-up now and then. Once per half. Or don't run the hurry up in the 1st half but come out with it to start the 2nd half and then do it again early in the 4th quarter. Why not use something so effective more often?

Mike McLain: Couch's success in the shotgun goes back to his college days, when he almost never lined up under center. I think he became so conditioned to that style in college that he's struggled in a more structured setting.

I would like to see the shotgun more often, but the Browns shouldn't sell out on being a passing offense. William Green needs to get the ball as much as possible for the offense to succeed.

RedRightCould Tim "RPM" Couch play in a June Jones, Jerry Glanville run-and-shoot? Glanville did sound like Tim's #1 fan.  

Mike: I don't think any consideration has been given to using the run and shoot offense. Butch Davis favors a power offense centered on the ground game.

David:  Butch Davis has his style, and he will not change it, even if the players he has are a better fit for another style.

Couch probably could play in the run-and-shoot, although traditionally it is not a shotgun offense, and does not fit what he is most comfortable with. I think of anything, Couch would like to sit back in the gun, spread the field, occasionally work in hurry up early in games. Couch was asked several weeks ago about that, and he said he would like that chance. He also said the coaching staff has never brought up the idea before with him. It has never been considered.

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