Insider Blog: Browns Get Defensive

The OBR has the exclusive scoop on two defensive players who may visit Cleveland, and previously unreported info on the team's chase for help in the secondary...

Today's breaking news from the OBR's exclusive Insider Blog, where OBR subscribers learned about two potential visits, one locked-in visit, and


John Taylor, 3/2 7:04PM
As noted in previous published reports, DE C.J. Mosley is in Jacksonville visiting the Jaguars today.  The visit is expected to extend into tomorrow.

Mosley's agent tells The OBR that, if his client leaves Jax without a contract, his next visit will be to Cleveland -- of course, barring any last-minute changes in scheduling from either side.

As of about 6:30 this evening, the D-lineman's agent had yet to talk contract with the Jaguars.



Barry McBride, 3/2 6:30PM
Movement on CB Jabari Greer, who we've been reporting on exclusively here, continues. Greer will be visiting the Browns tomorrow, according to's Adam Caplan.

Lane Adkins, 3/2 8:45PM
And lets add - a well-placed and very credible source tells theOBR that the Browns hold Greer in very high regard.


John Taylor, 3/2 1:32PM
The OBR has learned that the Browns have spoken to the agent for Jets free-agent linebacker David Bowens.  No visits are scheduled, but one could be at some point during the week.

Bowens would be considered a depth signing, and also brings some value on special teams.  Additionally, he's considered a tremendous locker room presence -- for whatever that's worth, which seems to be a lot for the new regime.

Lane Adkins, 3/2 1:45PM
We've been talking about Bowens, as well as Eric Barton in the chat the past couple days. The Browns have spoken to the reps for each player - no less than one time - and Mangini has also spoken to the players.

As JT stated, Bowens is looked upon as a definite depth presence- while Barton is viewed as a player to add depth and potentially a starting quality in the immediate.


John Taylor, 3/2 10:52AM
According to an organizational source, there "was no way (the Browns) we're going to pay that much" for Andre Goodman, who was being looked at as a third corner and a possible challenger for one of the starting corner spots by the club.

Goodman got a five-year, $25 million deal from the Broncos, with upwards of $12 million of that guaranteed.  The Browns simply weren't going to go anywhere near that amount for a soon-to-be 31-year-old DB who may or may not have been a starter.

"This is not the Phil Savage Browns anymore," the source added.

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