Following their huge win this afternoon, the hopes of Browns fans fell as the Patriots mounted a furious comeback to beat the Dolphins in overtime. The Browns secured a playoff spot, however, as the New York Jets thrashed the Green Bay Packers to take themselves and the Browns into the playoffs. The Browns will play the repulsive Pittsburgh Steelers next weekend in the wild card round.

It is only the strangeness of the AFC playoff tie-breaking system that could have Browns fans rooting for another AFC team to beat an NFC team so that they could get into the playoffs. With the Jets playing the tough Green Bay Packers, it didn't look good.

The Jets were playing for a playoff spot and the Packers were playing for home field advantage. While the Packers have been a lesser team on the road, they felt that they had conquered their travelling blues with a big win against San Francisco.

The Jets had other ideas, however, as Chad Pennington threw four touchdown passes to lead the New Yorkers to a 42-17 thrashing of the Packers. The Jets were impressive on both sides of the ball, moving seemingly at will and making very few mistakes. With the win, the Jets get into the post-season and take the Browns along.

- AB


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