Adkins: Inside the Free Agent Chase

The Browns have signed just three players, none expected to start, in this year's free agency. Now the man who told you exactly what to expect, Lane Adkins, takes you behind the scenes to tell you who the Browns chased hard, and who they will chase next...

- The Browns continue to negotiate with the agent for David Bowens. Bowens, a veteran who played under head coach Eric Mangini would provide experience, depth and a keen presence a Cleveland locker room which is under-going a make-over. The Browns have improved their offer to the LB within the past 24 hours and a conclusion to these talks could be forthcoming.

- In signing DE C. J. Mosely, the Browns addressed some immediate concerns regarding depth and quickness at the DE spot. The high-energy Mosely should fit nicely into the Browns defensive scheme and provide some push from the DE position - which has slowly grown in Cleveland over the past couple seasons. As for the contract - the Browns had Mosely and Bowens in town basically in the same time period - the initial talks with Mosely were more of a priority and easier to complete.

- When LB Heath Farwell visited the Browns recently, it was believed he was just another player the team was looking at to help fill a void within the roster. Contrary to what's been suggested, the Browns went hard after him - to the point where his current team, the Minnesota Vikings, significantly upped their offer to the undrafted player from San Diego State. And in Harwell's own words to theOBR, "I was blown away by the Browns interest and that of head coach Mangini. If not for feeling good with my familiarity with the Vikings, Cleveland would have been a great place to play."

- Another free agent LB, Paris Lenon, and his agent have been perfectly clear: The LB would like to play in Cleveland. Farwell was at the top of the list for the Browns. Lenon and a former Jets player under Mangini, Eric Barton, appear to be the next in line at the LB position to get further discussions with the team. Lenon, an overachiever and tough football player, fits into the mode of player Mangini likes and could be a solid acquisition for the team. As for Barton, the belief remains the LB has a couple solid years left and would like to conclude his playing days under Mangini. Expect this one to gain plenty of momentum in the coming week.

- It was as simple as this - When the Browns re-signed defensive back Mike Adams this past week. The team wanted to add a player they believed brought quality, depth and versatility to the team. As for the player, he had the opportunity to test the free agent market. At the end of the day the Browns wanted him back and the player stopped the negotiation process and landed a fair deal to remain in Cleveland.

- Onto why the Browns did not make a significant run at free agent WR Laveranues Coles - try a four-year deal at approximately seven million a season. The Browns rightfully did not enter into a bidding war as Coles is not the same explosive player he once was. This organization is clearly far from feeling the need to sign significantly over-priced players due to market or specific team-oriented demand.

- CB Jabari Greer had a meet-and-greet with the Browns. The meeting was termed "OK" by parties on both sides of the ball. The Browns went after Greer and offered up some very respectable numbers. At the end of the day, the former Buffalo Bills CB took a slightly better offer from the New Orleans Saints. His deal has less guaranteed dollars than the Browns offered, but Greer has a good feeling about what is happening in New Orleans.

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