Donte Stallworth Detained in Florida

UPDATED SATURDAY 1:30PM: As we await the results of the blood tests, Jeff Schudel reports that Donte Stallworth is back in Berea with the team.

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BREAKING NEWS 12:10PM - According to a news report from Florida, Browns WR Donte Stallworth has been detained for questioning in an accident involving the death of a pedestrian. The OBR had been following up a tip to confirm this story, which broke this morning.

UPDATE 12:15PM - We have contacted the team seeking comment.

UPDATE 12:53PM - The Florida Sun-Sentinel provides additional details. Charges are "pending the results of the investigation and blood tests" according to the paper, which said that Stallworth was "cooperating with authorities".

- The Browns have offered the following statement:

"We are aware of the incident involving Donte Stallworth and have been in contact with his representatives. We understand the seriousness of this situation, but will not have any further comment at this time as this is an ongoing investigation."

UPDATE 5:15PM – Police in Florida have identified the accident victim as 59-year-old Mario Reyes and place the time of the accident as 7:15AM. The Browns wide receiver has been released, and it won't be known for several days if charges will be filed. The Sun-Sentinel has video from the scene.

UPDATE 6:50PM – Pro Football Talk is reporting that Stallworth may be charged with DUI since prosecutors are now assuming he will be found over the legal limit in Florida following the fatal accident this morning. The test results are not yet back, but based on testimony, they believe that the results will not be good ones for the Browns WR. The implications, if true, would be catastrophic for Stallworth's career, if not his life in general.

UPDATE 10:50PM - The gang at Pro Football Talk are convinced that they really nailed this one down. So, we'll see. Browns fans get to await the results of the blood test and to see if charges will be filed against the Browns WR. What a horrible freaking day, start to finish.

UPDATE SUNDAY 3:45PM – There is very little news to share from the last 16 hours with this story. Today, the Associated Press published a story highlighting the human tragedy from the perspective of the victim's family. The word continues to be that the blood tests will take anywhere from three days to two weeks to be returned.

UPDATE SUNDAY 3:45PM – The Miami Herald has obtained video of Donte Stallworth interacting with police taken just a few minutes after the accident.

UPDATE MONDAY 2:45AM – Reports now suggest that Stallworth is likely to get charged in the incident, albeit for different reasons than suggested above, and regardless of the outcome of the blood tests. According to the article linked above, Stallworth may have driven his Bentley around a stopped vehicle to avoid a red light.

UPDATE MONDAY 11:15AM – The AP is now reporting that Stallworth's bloodwork hasn't even reached the lab yet.Drew Rosenhaus still isn't returning calls, ours or anyone else's. A representative of called him before this was even in the newspapers Saturday, so one would hope we're near the top of his list. Everyone is staying very quiet on this one, understandably.

UPDATE MONDAY 12:05PMThe Miami Herald now says that blood test results will be available around the end of the week.

UPDATE THURSDAY 2:15PMThe Miami Herald now says that their sources are indicating that police have found that Donte Stallworth was over the legal limit at the time of arrest, as reported last weekend by Pro Football Talk. There is no official confirmation by local police.

UPDATE THURSDAY 10:15PM – While there are no official toxicology results, the buzz is getting worse and worse for soon-to-be ex-Browns WR Donte Stallworth. CBS4 in Miami is reporting that their sources maintain that Stallworth's results will show a blood alcohol level of .14, nearly twice the legal limit. DUI / Vehicular homicide carries a maximum sentence of 15 years.

UPDATE THURSDAY 10:30PM – Miami TV station WSVN reports that Stallworth and his lawyer are negotiating his surrender to local officials.

UPDATE SATURDAY 1:30PM – Jeff Schudel reports for the Lake County News-Herald that Stallworth has been back in Berea since Wednesday, working out with the team. The Browns are not confirming that any player is or isn't involved in the voluntary workouts, protecting that precious information from other AFC North teams. It's part of the team's effort to prevent Mike Tomlin from suffering panic attacks if he were to find out that Dave Zastudil was doing arm curls in March. (Sigh) Whatever. The wait continues.

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