OBR on Twitter: A "Must-Follow"

Get the news (and talk about it) before it's "news" with the OBR Twitter and Facebook feeds. Fans can get updates as soon as they're on the OBR web site… and sometimes even faster.

You already know that the OBR message boards are the most popular place for Browns fans to talk about the team anywhere on the internet. There are good reasons for that… the forums are very important to us, we've got a great and dedicated group of fans to moderate them, and everyone involved in the OBR participates in them daily.

The problem that you might face, though, is that you're not on the OBR forums or website every waking moment.

First off, try to get that fixed.

Secondly, you'll be happy to know that we'll come to you as well. The best Browns conversation is spilling out across the internet these days, thanks to the OBR Twitter feed and the OBR on Facebook.

Yeah, we know. Everyone's talking about "Twitter". You hear a lot about it these days, and every sports site that can hire a consultant or read the trade press is climbing on board and yammering about their new Twitter feeds.

Welcome to the party, folks. The OBR has been on Twitter for two years, posting updates constantly from the press box and sidelines. We've made over 7,500 tweets in that time. We've been right proper Twits for years.

The OBR also uses Twitter differently than most news organizations. Many big sports or news sites just use Twitter as a replacement for their RSS feed, pushing links to their stories, but not bothering to read what fans might be writing back. Just like their forums, actually.

If you're looking for something that's more than just a way to advertise links at you, give the OBR Twitter feed a shot. Nearly 200 Browns fans have "followed" the OBR in the last month or so as the word has gotten out and Twitter has jumped in popularity.

Not sold yet? Check this out. If you're hard-core for breaking Browns news, the OBR Twitter feed has consistently pushed out breaking news ahead of even the OBR website. Today's signing of Noah Herron came through the Twitter feed first, as did the cut of RT Kevin Shaffer. Twitter followers knew Shaffer was cut before any other Browns fans on the 'net. On Saturday, we posted breaking news updates regarding the tragedy in Miami all day, and OBR Twitter followers knew what was going on hours before it appeared in local newspaper sites. OBR Twitter followers knew about the release of Joe Jurevicius within seconds of the story breaking on TV, and well before it appeared on the web.

And check this out: Twitter also allows you to send breaking news to your cell phone or RSS reader.

That, my friends, is concentrated awesome.

And the cost for this?

Free, if that, um, works for you.

If you're a Facebook user, you can also join the conversation there. We cross-post many of breaking news stories to Facebook and engage in the conversations there as well. Send us a friend request and get OBR karma when you're hanging on the immensely popular website.

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