Week 17: Gameballs and Goats

BerniesInsiders.com visitors named William Green this week's MVP handily, giving the Browns a nearly unanimous Gameball. If anyone had to wear goathorns after such a monumental win, it was Quincy Morgan, who was voted as the game's goat by two-thirds of emailers. Here are the totals for this week, plus your comments!

Each week, like we've done since 1999, we ask folks to send us three nominations for Bernie's Insiders gameballs as well as thee nominations for the team goat. We add up all the nominations and post them each week, and also keep track of the votes throughout the year.

Week 17 Results

1. William Green
2. Defensive Team
3. Earl Holmes
4. Dwayne Rudd
5. J-E-T-S... Jets, Jets, Jets!!
6. Offensive Line
7. Browns Fans

1. Quincy Morgan
2. Kelly Holcomb
3. Miami Dolphins

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Your Comments!


William Green - from bust to boom, the heart and soul of the offense - MykeVS

The fans - They put away the Brie and actually cheered for the whole game. -lPace

Referee: Thanks for the non-reversal on Falcons TD catch at end of 1st half. 'Bout time the Browns caught a big break! - RonY

W. Green - One of the most impressive performance I've seen by a Browns RB in quite some time.   I don't know why, but I had a feeling he'd break the big one right before it happened.- BryanK

The D... unbelievable goal line stand. I think it is time to let the helmet throw die. Great sticks by both Rudd and Holmes. Great job in containing Vick all day. - OKC Browns Fan

The entire Cleveland Browns team and organization.  What a performance.  The entire team overcame the loss of Tim Couch as well as many untimely turnovers.  The goal line stand at the end to clinch the win will go down in Browns history.  AWESOME!! - Tim O

Rudd -That's right Rudd!  On the goal line.  Only wish he had taken his helmet off after the play...........juuuuuuuuust kidding guys!  - RAC

Lewis Sanders - That's right!  Did anyone else notice he was right there
on every special teams play? - BigMac_IN

Earl Holmes- Same reason as Rydd. Holmes was a big reason Vick wasn't going anywhere. - BigMac_IN

Butch Davis - In my humble opinion, the guy is a great coach.  Granted he
makes mistakes, I think it's the learning process.  However, he knows how to
win and get his players to do the same.  I doubt any Browns fan thinks Chris
Palmer would have even gotten this team close to the playoffs! - Josh

William Green, he was a absolute beast today and show why he was our first round pick and he is now the franchise. - Gene G.

The ETERNAL game ball goes to Mr. Al Lerner.  Although he didn't live to see his team make the playoffs, he is what we are all about.  Thank you to Mr. Lerner and his family for bringing our team back and sticking with the City of Cleveland.  - TEO

The New York football Jets:  Thank you so much for kicking Packer ass today!  But if we meet you in the playoffs, I hope we kick your ass. - Mark

Willian Green -  Outstanding.  Going into the game, I still thought the running game wasn't receiving respect from the opposing defense because it didn't seem they had a threat to break the long run.  Now they should get that respect. - Coopdawg

Earl Holmes.  Proved why we signed him.  Huge hit on the screen....goal line hero. B.Ryman

Finally, The Fans!  I am finally proud of how we acted today at CBS!  What a great atmosphere.  If you think you didn't make a difference, ask the coach, the players, the Falcons.  We willed the goal line stand! - JMatt

William Green: I've been on the edge of my seat for 5 weeks waiting for that 64-yard sprint, ever since you turned your season around.  And please, PLEASE keep embarrassing opponents by straight-arming them to the ground.  I LOVE that s***! - PhilS

The Defense - Kept Mike Vick pretty well in check and had another great goal line stand - Ryan

Butch Davis- I've criticized and blasted this guy for most of the year, but when it comes time to suck up and give props, I'm man enough to do so. He deserves credit for keeping this team focused on reaching the playoffs, even during the bleakest times this season. Throughout this roller coaster ride of a season, Davis kept his players upbeat, confident, and never let them dwell in doubt and despair. And now all that work has paid off with a playoff berth. Now if Davis can actually outcoach Bill Cowher next Sunday, he will be absolved of his four previous regular season failures. - FGMDawg

William Green.  Was that roar the fans, or William breaking the speed of sound on the 64 yard run? - RockyMtnDawg

WVIT the local Fox Affiliate here.  THANK YOU for broadcasting this game in CT!! - JS in CT

William Green. Somewhere, the real William Green is locked in a trunk, and this impersonator is cashing his checks. Let's keep this quiet ... - Doc Gonzo

First off, an honorary gameball to Jim Donovan for his call on William Green's 64 yard TD run.  Made my heart jump right out of my chest.  Jim, Deke and Casey really make listening in on audiocast at 2 am local, 12,000 miles away worth it.  God bless. - Dave

The Fans - That stadium was rocking, the 12th man was there Sunday. - Josh A

Tim Couch - We finally get into the playoffs and he doesn't get to play.  No matter what your opinion of this guy, you HAVE to feel bad for him. - Dave K

Tim Couch - Timmy gets a gameball for being a warrior and trying to play through what has to be horrifying pain.  Hell, he even gets an extra one for his play throughout the season, Tim is the guy that has gotten us here, hopefully his team will step it up and win it for him. - Eric S.

J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!  What is better than knowing that Art, Billy B., and Marty AND those loser Dolphins (horns to them for blowing that lead) are all at home next weekend watching the Browns beat down the Steelers? - KSKerl

William Green - This was the 1st time since Leroy Hoard did I get the feeling he could "go all the way" everytime he touched the ball. He could fall in line with many of the other great RBs this city has seen - Pruitt, Mack, Kelly - WOW! Now people are trying to jump on his bandwagon! - DaytonDawg

Couch- for getting us this far.  This is still your team! - mb

Earl Holmes.  Great stop, enough said. - JamesR

Tim Couch - Get well soon.  If he steps up behind the scenes the way he did on the field, the Browns will not miss a beat. - laturner

WILLIAM GREEN - That's why Davis drafted him in the first round. Now hopefully all the doubters will shut up!!! Keep running William!!!!! - VaDawgLB

Dwayne Rudd -- Let's all remember him for his performance today, not the helmet thing. - MattW

Dwayne Rudd - He was just huge on the goal line, he came up big and made up for the helmet toss. - Rusty

The Legendary Cleveland Browns fans - That place was truly 'Pandemonium Pallace' I am sure Nev Chandler was hugging Al Lerner up in Heaven. - Upperdawg


Quincy Morgan:  Bone headed false starts and that fumble didn't help our cause today.  But all is forgiven.  Just don't screw up against Pittspuke! - Mark

Bruce Arians - Jamel White 1 carry and 1 catch ?? Now I know William Green is all that but to completely eliminate this guy from the game plan is not only an injustice to a guy who provided so many great plays this year but also plain stupid. - MykeVS

The Dolphins - For blowing their game and making us wait until the Jets waxed the Packers - Ryan

Quincy Morgan -- But remember, we wouldn't be in the playoffs if it weren't for No. 81 - Matt W.

Morgan - He nearly false started his way to Erie.  One more penalty by him and I was going to reach through the TV and shake him like a pair of dice. - Dave K

The TV announcers - Were they even watching the game? Couch gets hurt and they're blabbing about something else. Then, they repeatedly show the play AFTER the play where Couch gets hurt, and are trying to figure out how he broke his leg on a non-contact play. If they had actually been watching the game, they would have seen that Couch was limping before that play. Then they got fixated on the Browns punting instead of trying a 46 yard field goal into a bad wind. And they made quite the fuss about Atlanta requesting a review of the play right before the half; they seemed to be clueless that the referees are the only ones that can can request a review with less than 2 minutes left. These guys were TERRIBLE. - lPace

Shaun O' Hara - Ole' El Matador - RockyMtnDawg

Kelly Holcomb: Hey, we need that guy who played early this season back for our playoff run! Not the guy that played this game! - Ron Y

Pittsburgh - Knock, knock (steelers open the door) - Rabid DAWGS rush in....to be continued January 5th 1 pm.....GO BROWNS!!!! - Eric S.

Quincy Morgan - How many people saw that fumble coming before it happened? Also motion penalties on receivers ... what!!! - Coopdawg

The Miami Dolphins.  They had a win and threw it away.  Fortunately the Jets came thru for us.  I'm glad the Dolphins are out of the playoffs.  To blow a late 11 point lead is pathetic. - BryanK

Tucker.. got straight worked over all game.. what a waste of cash. - OKC Browns Fan

MIAMI - For putting us Browns fans through that pathetic ending to your game and making us have to watch the Jets game! - VaDawgLb

Goats - To darn excited to give one. - PREvans

Earl Holmes  Looking better every week.  Bet he has a career day against Pittspuke - Tunc69

Kelly Holcomb.  Two big interceptions almost cost game, good thing for William Green (see gameballs) - JamesR

These "fans" have been on Tim Couch all year, screaming for Kelly Holcomb.  Yesterday showed why Kelly has been a backup for   his whole career and why the beer-drinking idiots are sitting on their hands in the stands and not coaching.  These so-called "fans" have been a discrace since the Browns returned.  Throwing bottles, booing you QB when he's hurt, only chearing at the very beginning and end of games.  Do us all a favor and stay home and let someone else give it a try. - Tod

Bill Belichick. Nice try, scumbag! But your scheme to spoil our season was foiled! - Doc Gonzo

No goats who cares about goats WE ARE IN, HOLY S$@#  - Jason L

Quincy Morgan for his bonehead mistakes - D.O.

Fox Network - We can't see the end of an overtime game, WITH playoff
implications?  (NewEngland-Miami) You have to be kidding. - BigMac_IN

Kelly Holcomb- I think it is obvious who our starter should be. Holcomb killed any controversy the Browns have with a pretty horrid performance. Holcomb needs to play better than he did today to be successful in the playoffs. - EccentrikDJ

Quincy Morgan, head was not in the game.- Gene G.

Kelly Holcomb - Way to come in firing on all cylinders Kelly...isn't that what backup QB's are supposed to do? - Dave

Quincy Morgan.  You want the damn ball....hold on to it!!!!!   And learn the snap count! - B.Ryman

Dave Wanstadt--You caused me to worry for 3 more hours.  You almost cost us the playoffs.  You deserve to be out of the playoffs. - JMatt

Fans calling for Josh Booty:  I'm not kidding.  There were people in the Dawg Pound actually chanting "Boo-ty, Boo-ty" after Holcomb's second interception.  Don't they check for crackpipes at the gate?  You people must have a short memory, because I don't remember Josh Booty as a very effective quarterback - could be why he's the third string. - Phil S.

Can i give Michael Vick a gameball for throwing the ball so hard his #81 couldn't hang on?  repeatedly in the 2nd half.  it helped.  a lot.  :) - justThinking

Kelly Holcomb- Granted, Holcomb was probably rusty and didn't have the luxury of a full week of practice and preparation, but some of his throws were horrible. Thank goodness William Green and Kevin Johnson bailed him out. But he will have to play much better against the Steelers next week, and I believe he will. - FGMDawg

Cutch - Seems to be a step behind since his injury and is not tackling well - Rusty

Jimmy Johnson for being a Putz, on Fox pregame, not on Fox, basically everywhere he goes. - JS in CT

Would love to give Quincy a goat, but I'm just too insanely happy to pull the trigger. GO BROWNS! - Flynnberg

Daylon McCutcheon - Very bad game for Daylon, missed tackles, got burnt, very uncharacteristic. - Josh A

Couch's fibula. How about some calcium supplements for the team's quarterbacks? Got milk? - KSKerl

Since it is hard to really point out bad things during a really great day, I will give my last Goat to Modell who will be watching the Playoffs from home! - mb


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