Rich's Rant: Have Questions, Seek Answers

They say you shouldn't ponder the imponderable. Rich Passan does anyway. WARNING: We believe that the following contains opinions on the Cleveland Browns cleverly disguised as innocent questions. Rich is a clever one. Tread carefully.

Questions seeking answers, some of which are obvious . . .

When and why did the Browns' offensive line, supposedly an area of strength as recently as a year ago, become a need area?

How surprised will you be when Floyd Womack and John St. Clair form the right side of the offensive line?

Is there a chance Ryan Tucker has something to say about that?

And why is that Tucker seems much more comfortable and effective at guard than at tackle?

How many fans know that St. Clair gave up the third-most sacks among left tackles in the National Football League last season?

How long will the quarterbacks last with Womack and St. Clair working next to each other?

How much longer will Isaac Sowells remain on the roster with the acquisition of two new offensive linemen (probably three following the college draft)?

Have Eric Mangini and George Kokinis noticed that Alex Hall, who had his moments as a rookie linebacker last season, is on the roster?

When are fans going to realize that cornerback is not a position of weakness for the Browns if they can conjure up a pass rush?

And isn't time to admit that Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald aren't nearly as below average as a lot of fans believe?

Why do fans want the Browns to trade Braylon Edwards when that'll mean Donte' Stallworth (assuming he's in uniform this season) and Syndric Steptoe become the top two wide receivers?

And when will Edwards realize that Browns fans don't like him because he drops too many passes, not because he went to the University of Michigan?

Why is it that some fans try to rationalize a trade of Brady Quinn to Denver for Jay Cutler due to Quinn's involvement with Charlie Weis, who mentored new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels?

Are they Derek Anderson fans?

Why hasn't owner Randy Lerner questioned Mangini's purge of the roster he inherited?

Why does it appear as though Lerner likes Aston Villa more than the Browns?

And why haven't the Browns scheduled a news conference to introduce some of their new players?

What is that strange silence emanating from the Fort Berea bunker?

Is anyone home?

What in the world is Shaun Smith still doing on the roster?

When will Shaun Rogers understand that the sky will fall before Browns trade him?

And what can we expect to see from Rogers this season as a result of having to play another season in Cleveland?

How much better will the defensive line be with a healthy Corey Williams and Robaire Smith?

Is there any question the Browns will be deeper (not necessarily stronger) at linebacker than they have been since switching to the 3-4 scheme?

What are the odds new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will switch from the passive two-gap 3-4 to the aggressive one-gap 3-4, thus creating more pressure on opposing quarterbacks?

How much more improved can the special teams get under Brad Seely than they were under Ted Daisher?

How much of a kickoff return weapon can Joshua Cribbs be if he's utilized in other areas?

How much longer can Hank Fraley anchor the offensive line?

Why are fans as trustworthy of Mangini and Kokinis in the war room during the college draft as they were of Phil Savage?

Does anyone miss Romeo Crennel?

Or Savage?

Wonder what Savage is thinking now that Mangini and Kokinis have all but gutted about a third of his final roster?

Isn't there more than what we're being told by the folks at Fort Berea about the release of Joe Jurevicius?

Why haven't the Browns tried to restructure the contract of long snapper Ryan Pontbriand?

Or placekicker Phil Dawson?

Or punter Dave Zastudil?

Who's the receivers coach?

OK, why don't the Browns have a receivers coach?

Does Kokinis know the definition of figurehead?

Was Kevin Shaffer really that bad? Really?

And finally, will we ever in our lifetime see the Browns become a force again in the NFL?

Just wondering.

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