Lane's Notes of Note

Oh? There's a quarterback competition, you say? Really? Nifty! Now that you've read what the team wanted to the media to write, Lane Adkins talks to league and team sources to clue you in on the direction this will really take.

- An open QB competition in Cleveland; as if this hasn't been the ongoing saga for this team for the past decade. While it's true the QB spot is open to any and all takers, the same is unlikely to be said following the college player draft. While Eric Mangini postures well, word on the streets remains that the Cleveland Browns are positioning themselves to move a QB.

- In talking to a jolly college head coach recently, the former professional assistant reminded me of a couple aspects of the QB's on the Browns' roster and their overall experience, or lack there of. Derek Anderson has not displayed the ability to be successful in the short to intermediate passing game, which happens to be a major portion of the Browns' new offense. In the vertical stages of the passing game, which has evolved in an offense such as the New England Patriots, the deep ball is a vital weapon in the arsenal -- a facet some question if Brady Quinn were to be under center for the Browns in the 2009 season.

And within that "show me" lies the rub. Anderson can and will get the ball downfield and be a viable threat in this facet of the offensive strategy. On the other hand, Quinn can and will disperse the ball at will in the short-to-intermediate passing game. As for the vertical game, Quinn has worked this off-season on improving his release point and trajectory in the downfield passing game -- after receiving clearance from the medical staff on his surgically-repaired finger. As the college head coach notes, "Brady is going to show Eric that he has his QB; he needs to look no further. And, Brady and Brian Daboll are going to work well together. They have a lot of football in common."

- All the talk about trading WR Braylon Edwards has proven to be a reality; now, the question becomes can the Browns seriously entertain trading their only viable option at the position, without disabling any reality of having a passing game heading into the 2009 season? At this time, the Browns are not realistically in a position to deal the WR and we have been told that the talks with the Giants reached a stage to be considered "serious", only due to the back and forth of the process. The groundwork has been put in place in prior discussions, but, until the Browns secure a viable to fortify the WR corps or Steve Smith is added to the deal, talks about dealing the WR will be pointless.

- A long-time former NFL coach, while under contract to another organization, shares his opinion and expertise on the Browns off-season movement. This coach has also crossed paths with the likes of Mangini in the past.

"You have to evaluate the overall player movement, not only for immediate results, but for the long-term plan. What I see is an organization getting players into the mix that will fill holes, eliminate voids in the structure and ultimately will be there to assist the head coach in grooming his future teams," the source said.

"To think the Browns are signing these types of players to build with is the furtherest thing from the reality of the situation. Knowing what I know about the situation in Cleveland, Eric is surrounding himself with players that know the system, as well as their role," the source added. "Remember, this is a team a season removed from being 10-6 and on the cusp of the playoff; with some depth and players buying into the program, the turnaround could come quickly. Three issues were the major reasons behind the fall of that team: injuries, depth and accountability. With Mangini, the depth and accountability will be addressed."

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