Exclusive: Public Statements, Private Visits

The OBR is reporting new information this afternoon that undermines highly-reported team statements from the NFL owner's meeting. Find out why we're not inclined to buy some recent spin...

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UPDATE: The OBR has been informed that the schedule for these visits has changed. Sanchez and Turner will visit Saturday, Moore on Sunday, and Matthews on Monday.

Earlier this week, Browns head coach Eric Mangini told the media that the Browns would have an open competition at quarterback between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson this summer at training camp.

Mangini's statements were dutifully reported by the media, and seemingly taken at face value by local commentators who then went on to detail for readers the well-established risks inherent in a quarterback battle.

While the possibility remains that the Browns head into training camp with Quinn and Anderson slugging it out for the starting job, many of us at the OBR suspect that Mangini's words were simply an attempt to maintain the potential trade market for both quarterbacks by suggesting that they were both of significant value.

Evidence for that point of view became stronger this afternoon as multiple league sources confirmed to the OBR that USC quarterback Mark Sanchez will visit Cleveland on Monday, joining fellow USC Trojans WR Patrick Turner, LB Clay Matthews, and DE Kyle Moore as visitors to the team's training facility.

As a certain first-round pick, Sanchez's value to the team would seem to be far too high to spend a year as the squad's third quarterback, even should he slip in the draft as Quinn did in 2007. If the Browns are spending one of their valued allotment of out-of-town visits on Sanchez, it provides very solid evidence that the team has every intention of listening seriously to offers at the quarterback position.

The Browns spending time evaluating Sanchez also ties to something we recently heard from a recently released employee of the Browns, who told us not to underestimate Mangini's disregard for conventional thinking that the team did not need to spend their top draft pick to bring in new QB talent.

So, unless OBR subscribers demand it, we're going to hold off a bit before penning ominous commentaries about allowing Quinn and Anderson to battle it out. Until you read otherwise, we're going to keep the NFL draft horse firmly in front of the training camp cart.

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