Site News for the Whole Family!

Click this article for <B>important news about tonight's chat</B>, plus all kinds of strange things like updates to site features and mockery of Steeler fans. You know, the usual.

Here's some miscellaneous site news for you and yours this Holiday season:

1. Tonight's Joint Chat with Steeler Cretins

Tonight's joint chat with the writers from Steel City Sports will be conducted in the chatroom lobby. Given that this is "free week", we won't go through our usual business of passwords and top-secret knocks. This is truly open to everyone.

So that the chat stays focused on football news, we're going to have room moderation turned on. The moderation will require that we have a list of people who want to participate in the chat. There will be one line of Browns fans and another of Steeler fans, and one fan from each team will be able to chat with our Insiders at a time. Browns fans who have been to our moderated chats before know what to expect.

For those of you new to Bernie's Insiders chat room, the way you get on the list is to notify the room moderators. The list of Browns fans will maintained by ArtBtz and the list of Steeler fans will be maintained by SteelCity. You can contact either by right-clicking the moderators name (listed in the chat room's right-hand window) and selecting person-to-person chat. Simply say you want in line, and the moderator will line you up. As your turn comes up, you will be given "voice" and asked to go ahead with your question. It helps to type your question in ahead of time so that folks in the chat room don't need to wait for you to type your question in.

After the chat is over, usually about an hour or so, we will lift the moderation and Browns fans and Steeler fans can toss as much smak or talk as much football as they like.

2. Graphical and HTML schedules updated

Grafixdawg has updated the graphical schedule (suitable for framing!) and I've finally updated the HTML schedule. The nice thing about the latter is that you can check out all the articles, photo galleries, and gameballs & goats for a particular game.

3. Ask Steeler Fan Updated!

Every once in a while, we wonder what Steeler fans are "thinking" in their small, caveman-like frontal lobes, and we go out and talk to a few of them. Keeping downwind, of course. The latest wit and wisdom from the mind of Steelerfan has been captured in the latest installment of Ask Steeler Fan. You can talk to more of these types right here, but we're baffled as to why you would want to. You might as well try to talk to crustaceans, but it's your call.


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