Is Cutler-to-Cleveland Real? Your First Clue

On a day filled with endless media speculation and rumors about the Browns and QB Jay Cutler, one thing has been missing: FACTS. John Taylor fixes that problem with exclusive information. Grab a seven-day free trial and find out why Browns fans rely on the OBR...

First, it was Chris Cooley who didn't want his ass shipped to Cleveland.

Now, apparently, not-for-long Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler shares the Washington tight end's feelings regarding the city.

According to two sources with knowledge of the quarterback's thinking, Cutler has a list of teams to which he'd be willing to accept a trade. The team of interest to those on this site, the Browns, do not appear on that list.

"He wants no part of the Belichick tree. Two months of (Broncos head coach Josh) McDaniels was enough for him," one of the sources said, in reference to new Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini and his long-time ties to Bill Belichick.

"It would take a serious change of heart for him to accept a trade to a team like the Browns," another source said.

The sources refused to say which teams appear on Cutler's list, and would not comment either way whether the list has been shared with the Broncos. One of the sources did allow that there is one team that's "the frontrunner right now in Jay's mind", but the source would not reveal the name. It's believed, however, that the team in question is the Washington Redskins.

Of course, Cutler technically has no say as to where he lands; Denver can ship him anywhere they want and to the place which gives them the most in return for the Pro Bowler.

The rub, of course, is that Cutler will be looking to cash in on a new deal wherever he lands. Cutler has three years remaining on a six-year, $47.86 million deal he signed in July of 2006. The thinking around the league is that Cutler would want to cash in with his new team in the form of an extended contract with new guaranteed money.

In order to dictate where he ends up, Cutler could attempt to send out strong signals to potential suitors that he has no interest in talking contract turkey with Team X. Given the steep price it's expected to take to acquire Cutler's services, an extended deal -- and the subsequent happiness it would bring to the subject of the trade -- would seemingly be a prerequisite for any club looking to acquire Cutler.

Of course, this is all predicated on the assumption that the Browns even have an interest in Cutler; as of this evening, there are indications from those inside Berea that the perception the Browns are on the Cutler bandwagon -- let alone driving the thing -- is wholly and solely media-driven at this point in time.

As with everything you hear this time of the year, though, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt the size of Ted Washington.  "Posturing" is the name of the game right now, particularly in a situation like this.

Needless to say, the Browns are going to do everything they can to keep from Cutlering their own quarterback situation should they look into a trade -- assuming they haven't already.  They don't want their names attached to anything rhyming with the words "Shmay" and "Shmutler" right now.

Especially if they end up short if/when they make a play for the disgruntled QB.

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