Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Info and analysis from Scout's NFL insider on quarterback trade buzz and the Browns upcoming draft...

Adam Caplan: hi all
Adam Caplan: good to be back
Adam Caplan: I've grown a beard since the last time I was in here

Adam Caplan: On Cutler: I think it's true the Browns have some interest in Cutler, not as much as has been reported though.
Adam Caplan: I can't see Denver wanting Anderson at all, McDaniels wants a cereberal QB like Quinn.

<clebrowns80> Adam do you believe that the browns favor Quinn over DA?
Adam Caplan: CLE: This regime does, but they have no allegiance to either guy, that's why it's an open competition.

<JANKO> AC, if they do trade BE, what do you think they would get in return?
Adam Caplan: JANK: Roy Williams, who isn't as good as BE, yielded a first and third
Adam Caplan: now that was a bad trade for Dallas, so I'd expect at least a first though

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you really believe that they will go into camp with DA and Quinn?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I probably will have a stronger indication either way about two weeks before the draft.
Adam Caplan: The Cutler stuff just happened last night.

<browns28> adam do you think bq will be traded
Adam Caplan: BROWN: The QB market isn't strong so I think Quinn would have value in a deal if another team wanted him.
Adam Caplan: Anderson, not so much, doesn't have a strong rep around the league.

<wskeezer> Adam: Do ou buy into any of these 3 team trade scenarios?
Adam Caplan: WS: That went on in the Cassel stuff before

<wsu99> is Quinn or Cutler a better fit for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: WSU: They really on comparable
Adam Caplan: in that way
Adam Caplan: Cutler is in a class by himself

<Pazienza> Other than Cassel - who would Denver like to have for their starting QB?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: McDaniels wants a smart QB who has a strong arm

<BrownsDCFan> Adam, from an outside perspective what is your view of how ManKok have proceeded so far this offseason
Adam Caplan: BR: I can tell you that Mangini is making all the calls on personnel
Adam Caplan: so it's more his decision
Adam Caplan: Kokinis does the leg work
Adam Caplan: then Mangini makes the decision
Adam Caplan: They are trying to get Mangini guys in there
Adam Caplan: that's why you saw the former NYJ guys in there

<wsu99> adam, last year you hit on Flacco, is there a Ryan or Flacco in his years draft?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Really like Stafford, I'll be at NFL Films on Friday to watch tape of a lot of players so ask me next week the same question
Adam Caplan: BTW, the Browns do like Brian Hoyer a bit
Adam Caplan: from Mich St.
Adam Caplan: mid round guy, from Ohio

<Pazienza> Are the Browns interested in Sanchez?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Yes, they are bringing him in for a visit

<BrownsGettinBetter> Okay Adam give us a percentage chance that Quinn will be dealt?
Adam Caplan: BR: I can't give percentages yet
Adam Caplan: too early

<er298404> i hear the browns arent that high on orakpo for the first pick u hear different
Adam Caplan: ER: They really like Robert Ayers I'm told

<redright> ADAM, what would it cost the Browns to get Jay Cutler?
Adam Caplan: RED: Have to think at least first and third
Adam Caplan: As for Edwards, a trade wouldn't be a surprise at all, the new regime didn't draft him

<tommybo> Are you still hearing anything about Rogers available in a trade?
Adam Caplan: TOM: They want to keep him

<Pazienza> Right now - how do you see the first 5 picks going?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Stafford will likely go #1
Adam Caplan: after that, too early to say
Adam Caplan: haven't even done a mock yet

<browns28> adam who do you see the browns going after for reciever
Adam Caplan: BR: Not that early, at #5, best available D player

Adam Caplan:
Curry is the top player in this draft on D
Adam Caplan: not even close
Adam Caplan: but the Browns need a pass rusher badly
Adam Caplan: so it will be interesting to see what they do there

<tommybo> Is Crabtree being looked at for number 5 pick?
Adam Caplan: TOM: I don't see Crabtree going to the Browns

<JANKO> AC, do you see a new CBA and will they FINALLY have a rookie pay scale for say three years or so?
Adam Caplan: JANK: NFL wants a rookie wage scale
Adam Caplan: BTW, on Cutler, he has three years left, very tradeable contract
Adam Caplan: had a look today

<wskeezer> Adam; How secure do you feel that Stafford has done enough to lock up the #1 sport?
Adam Caplan: WS: At this point it would be a surprise if DET didn't take him
Adam Caplan: I can't see anyone trading up at this point

<BrownsGettinBetter> Is Everett Brown on the Browns radar at 5?
Adam Caplan: BRO: If they traded down, maybe on Brown

<BrownsGettinBetter> Donald Brown from UCONN is he a second round talent?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, but he's not physical enough as they would like

<browns28> adam do you see the browns drafting a rec and who might they have in mind?
Adam Caplan: BR: They like Ramses Barden
Adam Caplan: especially if they trade Edwards
Adam Caplan: he had a 90 min meeting with Mangini last week

<boozer2> are the Giants really in play for be
Adam Caplan: BOOZ: NYG wants a big WR to replace Burress

<redright> ADAM, What is the market value for Brady Quinn? If we got Jay Cutler for our first and another pick, what could we recover by trading Brady Quinn?
Adam Caplan: RED: I could see Quinn yielding a second rounder
Adam Caplan: no way a first
Adam Caplan: he has no special qualities
Adam Caplan: but could be a solid starter down the road

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, what does Mangini dislike about Quinn that has put BQ on the block.
Adam Caplan: BRO: I don't think it's that at all, that's not his player
Adam Caplan: I was told last week that Mangini wants to put his stamp on the team.

<tommybo> Hear anything on a Boldin for Braylon swap...would that make sense?
Adam Caplan: TOM: Makes less sense than zero

<redright> Adam, How embarrassed is Pat Bowlen?
Adam Caplan: RED: Very
Adam Caplan: I think having a head coach 32 and the GM at 35 is the problem

<manoa1> what about on OT with the first pick
Adam Caplan: MAN: No chance
Adam Caplan: You don't take a RT at #5

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, why would any team give the Broncos fair value for Cutler. it is a buyers market for him
Adam Caplan: BR: All you have to do is put on his tape and you'll have your answer
Adam Caplan: I know what you're saying, but we have a rare situation that a special QB is made available
Adam Caplan: and he's a proven starter

<tommybo> How would you grade the Browns offseason thus far?
Adam Caplan: TO: Mixed
Adam Caplan: they need a good draft
Adam Caplan: it looks like a bad football team on paper as we stand now
Adam Caplan: TE, WR, RB, secondary all are weaknesses

<Grover71> we have Hank Poteat...what more do you want?
Adam Caplan: GR: lol, he's a star
Adam Caplan: should be in CFL

<er298404> so have u heard anything about kam wimbley
<er298404> what the new coaches plans are w/ him strictly rush i feel he failed the last few years cause he was put in coverage too much
Adam Caplan: ER: I have to think Wimbley will be better with Mangini
Adam Caplan: he'll be used more to rush and Mangini is more aggressive than RAC

<ed209horner> you think this team is worse on paper this year than last year? wow.
Adam Caplan: ED: They have no real strengths

<clebrowns80> Adam, how long do you think it will be before cutler is traded?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I have to think within two weeks
Adam Caplan: DEN needs to move on

<wskeezer> Any particular Free Agents you see the Browns looking at in the future?
Adam Caplan: WS: There's nothing of note left except some decent veteran CBs and Ss
Adam Caplan: I think they will sign one or two before camp starts

<2020com> is torry holt an option for the browns?
Adam Caplan: 20: He has an arthritic knee so probably not

<ed209horner> what do you think of the womack and st. clair signings?
Adam Caplan: ED: Womack has a real bad injury history, but he's versatile

<er298404> i like shawn green at rb ur thoughts
Adam Caplan: ER: Like him, just posted he is visiting SD and ARI
Adam Caplan: solid second rounder

<redright> Your competitor on ESPN radio has just said that if he were Mangini he would give a 1st and Brady Quinn to get Cutler...whatever it takes....Jay Glazer
Adam Caplan: RED: I agree, I'd get Cutler in a heartbeat
Adam Caplan: I talked to Glazer right before the chat as a matter of fact
Adam Caplan: I'll ask him what he thinks

<er298404> i actually would like to c the browns take bj raji w/ the 5th ur thought
Adam Caplan: ER: There is no way they take Raji
Adam Caplan: makes zero sense
Adam Caplan: off the field issues and doesn't always come to play

<ramllov> Adam what is your opinion on Orakpo?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Like Ayers a little better
Adam Caplan: but both are solid

<tommybo> Would a 2nd and Quinn get us Cutler in your opinion?
Adam Caplan: TOM: Can't see it
Adam Caplan: Cutler is so much better than Quinn it's not funny
Adam Caplan: and it's not a shot at Quinn
Adam Caplan: it's just the film shows there's a big difference

<ramllov> Adam, can they get Ayers at 36?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No, Ayers will go much earlier

<wskeezer> Adam: If the Browns can't deal their way out of the #5 pick, do you feel OLB is the #1 priority for them or another position?
Adam Caplan: WS: Biggest need is a pass rushing OLB

<BrownsDCFan> Adam, what do you think the Browns can do to strengthen WR?
Adam Caplan: BR: Get some solid young rookies in there who can compete for PT right away
Adam Caplan: there are no veterans out there who could help

<quarz> May thought Pioli did not get the Cleveland job because of his blow-up mentality..isnt that what Mangini is doing and is the owner on board?
Adam Caplan: QU: No
Adam Caplan: Pioli didn't want the job after about two hours
Adam Caplan: he didn't think it was a good fit
Adam Caplan: he and Lerner had different philosphies

<resash> Any shot Curry falls to 5?
Adam Caplan:
RES: Yes

<ed209horner> Adam who do you think is the best FIT for the browns at 5?
Adam Caplan: ED: I'd go with the best pass rusher or Curry

<wsu99> who would you rather have running your team, Mangini or Pioli?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Pioli and Mangini coaching

<er298404> is Lerner really the moron every one sees him as?
Adam Caplan: ER: He's very supportive
Adam Caplan: I will say that

<wskeezer> Adam: Do you feel Curry is a true OLB?
Adam Caplan: WS: He's much like Mayo of NE
Adam Caplan: can play anywhere

<Sampson81> Do you see any chance we address the CB concerns in FA or do you think we will do it in the draft?
Adam Caplan: SAMP: I'd expect a veteran of some ilk to be signed by camp
Adam Caplan: and for them to draft one

Adam Caplan: RES: yes, BO is the better pass rusher
Adam Caplan: curry is the better all-around player

<Pazienza> Orakpo = Gholston or Ware?
Adam Caplan: PAZ: Makes no sense
Adam Caplan: what you're saying
Adam Caplan: But I would say this, Mangini made the call on Gholston

<wsu99> does Mangini have too much control?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Good question, I'd say yes
Adam Caplan: I think Lerner should have done more homework on Mangine
Adam Caplan: I mean why hire him so quickly?

<jb42776> Connor Barwin make it to 2nd round?
Adam Caplan: JB: That's where scouts expect him to go

<er298404> im not sold on orakpo if curry isnt there what great defensive player has come from texas that last 10 years
Adam Caplan: ER: That's a bad way to analyze players
Adam Caplan: it's all about how they look on film.

<dhohenshil> You think Mangini and Kokinis are good enought to get the browns into the playoffs in 2 or 3 years?
Adam Caplan: DH: Very questionable.

<wskeezer> Adam: What is your top 3 list of best OLB Pass Rushers after Curry?
Adam Caplan: I'd say Brown, Ayers, and Orakpo
Adam Caplan: in any order
Adam Caplan: are the top guys

<jb42776> would love to see Curry slide to 5 then Barwin at 36
Adam Caplan: JB: That's a nice combo

<jomama21> 109 memebers want to know if we will be a MAJOR player in a Cutler trade?
Adam Caplan: JO: Already answered it earlier

<dhohenshil> Is Rodgers ok with mangini now or is he going to loaf this year?
Adam Caplan: DH: I expect Rogers to be in the fold
Adam Caplan: he's too good
Adam Caplan: Mangini according to some NYJ players I talked to is a game player
Adam Caplan: he does stuff that is strange from time to time

<isentintheclowns> how far has lesean mccoy fallen
Adam Caplan: IS: Maybe in the second round
Adam Caplan: surprisingly

<browns3213> A lot of mocks have us taking Mack in the 2nd, any chance?
Adam Caplan: BR: I can't see it
Adam Caplan: They have to get help on D early

<redright> Taylor is said to have been told by Kraft that for the right price they have a spot for him in New England...Any chance of the Browns?
Adam Caplan: RED: Browns have the cash now to pay him

Adam Caplan: All, good chat, see u next week.

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