ATI Highlights: April 4

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Below are some questions and answers yesterday between fans and Lane Adkins, a man who puts the "In" in "Insider".

Which is important because, without that, it would just be "sider", which is a misspelling of a fruit drink. While we do misspell fruit drinks here, it's not our major focus and… um…. where was I?

Ah, ATI, the TAP Room, and the Insider Blog. There's lots more where this came from. Join us, eh?


Additonal 2nd Rounder?

BrownsRCool: In one of his other answers, Lane mentioned a possible additional 2nd rounder.  Any ideas where this additional pick may come from and is this more than just talk at this point?

LA - It was passed along to me early in the process that the organization is of the belief they can achieve securing 5 picks within the first 50 selections.

When inquiring recently about this remaining a possibility, I was told directly -- Yes, and it could be a little better if a couple things fall into place.

Now, they are not providing specifics, which is understandable due to the circumstances and what may be involved.

Feature RB A glaring need

BrownsWolf: Hey guys just saw some video of Rashad Jennings He looks like the real deal… do you think we are giving him serious consideration with one of our round two selections? He looks like the power of Jamal Lewis with the running ability of Jerome Harrison. Get him with one of the #2's and Brian Robiskie with the other our offense sure looks a lot more threatening!

LA - I have been told the Browns have a great number of the RB's in this draft rated very closely.

Being said, the likelihood of a RB being on the board for them in the 2nd round appears strong -- which could be enhanced with the team adding another 2nd round selection on the first day of the draft.

INSIDERS ? QB at 5 and trade???

BrownsGuy64: If the browns are interested in Sanchez at some level, does it not hurt us in a trade situation with Denver if they also wanted Sanchez? If Denver were to believe we wanted Sanchez at #5 wouldn't they try to go to 4 or even 3 (McDaniels and Pioli connection there) to jump us. If Denver believes that we will not take a QB at 5 why trade with us and not Cincy or Oakland since neither of them need a QB in this years draft?
Thanks for all the great work

LA - Sure, the Browns have some interest -- as well as displaying a strong sense of posturing, in hopes to help mold the landscape of the draft.

With the names flying around, the best case scenario could fall in the Browns laps -- which is OLB Aaron Curry on the board at 5


Lane - Quinn?

Hamster: I'm not overly impressed with Quinn personally. I also think Caplan's evaluations have been pretty solid. He feels that Quinn isn't special in any part of his game and that the talent difference between Cutler and Quinn is enormous.

He also feels the most we could get for him is a second.  He doesn't discount he 'could' be a starter someday but doesn't see special.

It's also been said that they (Mangini and Co) feel either DA or Quinn can get them from A. to B.. They also see Quinn's arm as sufficient and nothing more.

So it would only make sense to me that if they feel Sanchez or Stafford can be special, this is a good time to go for it.  You only get so many chances for a franchise QB (Unless you are us of course)

So my question is; "if there are QBs who are projected to be special such as Stafford and Sanchez, as well as Cutler in trade, why do you want to stay the course with Quinn?  (or am I reading you wrong?)

LA -
I don't see a necessity of trading Quinn for the sake of making a deal. Having no ties or vested interest in the player, I can only go on what I have observed on tape -- from discussions with evaluators/players/coaches to help fine-tune my process.

I do believe Quinn can be a solid NFL QB and agree that he is not spectacular in any phase of his game, other than leadership and mental prep. When given the green light to play 'his game', Brady Quinn is a better talent than all viewed in a short, and nearly scripted role he had in the 2008 season.

Sanchez and Stafford are top-tier talents and in some cases project higher than Quinn, in other cases not.

To deal Quinn, you have to receive value in return to make the investment in another QB less of an impact -- and value and accumulating draft selection appears to be the plan in year-one with Mangini and Kokinis.

Bottom-line - I believe Quinn is a better prospect than some note, but I do not see him being a savior, like many are hanging their beliefs upon with the young man.

Now, if you put this kid in an offense that uses his talents and you let him play his game -- he will make plays. Whether that is enough, we can only wait and see.

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