Lane Adkins: What We've Been Told

You want some actual reporting about whether or not Brady Quinn has a "for sale" tag? What about BE to the Giants? The Browns draft board? Lane Adkins brings you that, as well as more buzz surrounding the Cleveland Browns...

Here's the latest Browns buzz…

- Talks between the Browns and New York Giants for WR Braylon Edwards are indeed alive and well. Originally engaged in discussions over a month ago, the Giants have remained steadfast in their desire to improve their WR corps. When the team released veteran WR Plaxico Burress on Friday, attention quickly turned to the Browns regarding Edwards. As of Friday evening, Edwards had not been traded to the Giants -- but theOBR has been told the wide receiver would welcome the opportunity to play in New York.

- You can read every fish-wrap in the country and gain a different perspective how/if/when the Browns were involved in deal talks for Jay Cutler. The bottom-line is this: Yes, the Cleveland Browns have talked with the Denver Broncos. Yes, the Denver Broncos expressed an interest in Brady Quinn. Yes, the Cleveland Browns listened, but the difference is the Browns have not actively shopped Quinn, whereas the same cannot be stated about Derek Anderson.

- Fans are pummeling message boards because of their concern that the Browns haven't given Quinn a chance to succeed in Cleveland. There is an unreported story under this concern which simply hasn't made it into the local media. The Browns have not shopped the QB - have not. Any interest has been generated from teams looking for a QB option. Since the Browns are sitting with two experienced starting QB's that have promise, they are logically targeted by teams.

- When discussing thoughts about Quinn recently, the OBR used the term 'sufficient' to describe his arm strength. This description was not meant to devalue the QB or create a sense that the organization has frowned on his ability. If the current regime did not feel they could win with Quinn, he would have been dealt when opportunity presented itself. Granted, the organization has exercised the opportunity to evaluate numerous college quarterbacks and may look in that direction -- possibly as soon as the 2009 draft. Let's remember one thing here -- Quinn was a Phil Savage guy, and wasn't brought into the organization by George Kokinis and Eric Mangini. Quinn's your QB until/unless the new guys in town find a player which would define them and their plan accordingly.

- A rumor spreading around the league suggests the Browns have a deal in place to send Anderson to the Detroit Lions for the #20 selection in the first round of the draft. According to all involved, from agents to the teams in question -- there is no deal between the Browns and Lions at this time, though Detroit could ultimately be a team of interest for the QB.

- While many mock drafts and other non-league evaluators of talent have the Browns locking in on DE/OLB Brian Orakpo of Texas, theOBR is hearing a different story. The Browns are believed to like Orapko's physical ability, they harbor concerns about his overall skill-set, including his inconsistency in getting disengaged. We have been told within the past 24 hours that those locking Cleveland into Orakpo at #5 may be disappointed.

- The highest-rated defensive player for the Browns according to our sources is OLB Aaron Curry of Wake Forest. Curry is regarded as the complete package and the one defensive player the organization would like to secure before any other.

- That being said, the Browns may have tough decisions to make with the fifth selection in the draft. With the two top quarterbacks in the draft and two offensive tackles flying up the draft boards, things may change. Once thought to be a tough position to deal out, the Browns pick is becoming increasingly attractive to teams.

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