Mirage: Your New Quarterback

Brian Tarcy's split personality is acting up again, and it thinks it has the perfect trade...

So let me get this straight. The Cleveland Browns, who have not developed a quarterback in more than two decades, are thinking of trading Brady Quinn in order to draft a different quarterback?

And there are people here who think this is a good idea? Did I miss the lobotomy party?

Look. I am a Derek Anderson fan. I think he can be a top-tier NFL quarterback.

But I don't want to trade Quinn. In fact, I think it's a dumb idea unless you can get one of about five quarterbacks back – and Jay Cutler wasn't one of them.

So yes, my split personality has flared up again this off-season because although I think Derek Anderson has the goods, I am intrigued to see what Quinn can do.

In fact, the major reason I want to see what he can do is precisely because he hasn't played yet. In my mind, that is a good thing.

You see, I first began referring to Tim Couch as Tim "Ouch" midway through his first season. I am not a big fan of playing quarterbacks early in their career. Plus I can cite the come-out-of-nowhere quarterbacks (Tom Brady, Tony Romo etc.) who bided their time while learning the pro game and then succeeded.

The Bernie Kosar/Ben Roethlisberger early success model is rare indeed and almost always comes to a team already built – with a running game.

For the most part, NFL teams are stupid when it comes to picking and developing the most important position on the field. (See Charlie Frye for an example of how to do everything wrong.)

In the case of Brady Quinn, no quarterback in recent memory is better prepared to succeed. He had four years of college and two years of sitting in the pro game. He was tutored by Charlie Weis. We all know the story.

The best case study is the circumstances of 2005 draft. Do you remember that Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers were drafted in the same year? Smith went first and played immediately. Rodgers did the first Brady Quinn Green Room Freefall and then sat behind Brett Favre.

So, which quarterback would you rather have now?

Would have Rodgers been better if he played soon or if Smith sat a while. Maybe. But I think the sitting and watching helped. Akili Smith played immediately. Carson Palmer sat. Until last year, Matt Cassell sat. Unless you draft a Manning, it's best to let the player sit - except for last year's aberrations of Ryan and Flacco.

But could Quinn stink? Sure. That's why I don't want to get rid of Derek Anderson, although the realist part of my personality says it is probably necessary to move on without that particular quarterback controversy.

So I'd like to propose a trade and I ask that if any of you know John Clayton or even a random blogger in Denver, would you please plant this as a something that should, could and probably will happen: The Browns will trade Derek Anderson to the Tennessee Titans for Vince Young.

That way the Titans get a young version of Kerry Collins to plug right in. And the Browns still have two potential superstars at the position.

Then the team goes into the season with Brady Quinn and Vince Young battling for the starting job. When the winner gets hurt, the other will come in and win the Super Bowl. And then next year, trade one for a Herschel Walker type booty.


Brian Tarcy writes "The Dreamer" column for the Orange & Brown Report Magazine. He is the creator of www.freecheezeburgerz.com and the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide To NASCAR.

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