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Lane and Sobo parry questions about the upcoming draft, and more...

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Right Tackle at #5?

FilFisher: I know you've said that's too high to pick a RT, but I think if anyone can justify it we can. We play in a division with 2 of the best Ds in the league and face them 4 times a year. Why isn't this the right time to break down these historical maxims and build the best bookends in the NFL?

LA - Not Sobo, but the information I have tells me the Browns would consider a RT in the first round - just not with the fifth overall selection. The overall need to improve the talent-base is obvious at certain positions - with the RT position being one which was and will continue to be evaluated. With the available talent to the Browns at #5 and with the depth of potential prospects, going RT at #5 is unlikely, especially in a draft which could provide excellent quality in a trade-down scenario.

SOBO - When you can validate the talent that supercedes the stigma of drafting that particular position.  Shawn Andrews was that type of talent.    No one in this class is (unless maybe you consider Jason Smith there, but he's clearly more of a left tackle).


Braylon Edwards: Value and why?

RobDawgie: First Lane, I need to know why the Browns would trade BE without getting blown out of the water with an offer.  He might be the only skill player of real talent that we have left.  

I know his contract is running out, blah blah blah.  But there are things called franchise tags that would allow us to trade him after we tagged him.   And as the Broncos proved this year, when a talented player is available teams will give up a lot to get him no matter what leverage they seem to have.

Now on to BE's value.  The Giants have #25, 45, 60, 91 in the draft.  I don't trade Braylon for anything less than #25 and #45.  What is his actual value?  Are we looking at #25, 60 and 91?  Or other?

It's going to be straight picks and maybe a WR in return.  I'm just trying to prepare for the blow when he's traded and we have an anemic offense again.

LA - Without multiple picks and players, a BE to NYG deal is not going to occur. With said picks, there must be a first round selection involved.

The issue with Edwards is troubling. He is a very good talent, a young man that has issues with maturity and seeing his name in lights.

This organization is not going to deal him for the sake of doing so -- this is becoming too often the discussion here as well as other forums. The organization is either going to get a viable receiver in return, or draft selections which could lead to filling the void at the receiver position.

My belief is Edwards could excel in this offensive scheme -- but, there is something about BE and the bigger stage which causes me to step back and be realistic here.


Follow up: Braylon Edwards: Value and why?

OTTOCORP: Lane, in another post you say:

"My belief is Edwards could excel in this offensive scheme -- but, there is something about BE and the bigger stage which causes me to step back and be realistic here."

If I remember correctly (which is always a concern) didn't Braylon actually have his best games last season when the team played in prime time?  Of course, "best" is a relative term when it comes to play last year.

LA - Yes, BE put up stats and produced when in the limelight and failed week-in and week-out, as did the majority of his teammates.

When I note bigger stage, I am talking about BE rising about the issues and distractions to be a #1 WR in Cleveland. I am not confident he can and will do such - and I question whether this organization values him / believes he will be that player.


SOBO: Maclin, the other WR

McNulty: Since the Braylon trade seems very possible and we have talked aboout Crabtree, whats your thoughts on Macklin at #5...pros cons skills attitude etc.  

Also, if we don't go WR at 5, do you any solid WR second rounders?  I know Robiskie looks promising, but is he a #1 WR.

Sorry, I know I asked a lot in a couple questions.......Thanks for all the great work.

SOBO - Don't forget, the OBR recently reported the Browns will have Maclin in for a visit.

At no.5, he would be a bit of a reach simply because he isn't really no.1 material.  At least at this point in his maturation.   He's very quick and explosive, doubles as a lethal returner, but really has to round off those rough edges as a route runner.

If you look towards round 2, the potential numero uno types of targets in that range would be Hakeem Nicks (if he slides slightly), Kenny Britt, and maybe a guy like Louis Murphy has that potential but will likely go lower.

Once you hit that range, you have some very good quality but most are complimentary types:  Robiskie, Dillard, Byrd, Iglesias, Mike Thomas, etc.    And you can certainly land those type of guys with that late second rounder, well into round 4.


Same question... now the WRs

Dennn: What does this offense do with the WRs?  I'm guessing dink and dunk...  Do they really need a speed guy?

LA - Yes, a legitimate deep threat to help spread the field is critical in almost every offensive system we see today.

Dependent on the QB -- we may see a shorter offensive version with one of them, and an increased vertical presence with the other.

In the end, there must be a WR on this roster with vertical threat ability.


Any word on returning browns

McNulty: Since my head hurts so much from trying to understand the logic behind trading Quinn to potentially draft Sanchez....I thought I would try to ask something different.

Any word on either Joe Jurevicius or Daven Holley coming back to Cleveland?  I know its a little early and they may want to wait till post draft and see how things play out.   Some guys never come back from knee injuries...but if Daven is near 100% , I'd feel better about the corner depth. Ivy and Poteat is as scary as bringing Travis Daniels back.

LA - Nothing new on Joe J. -- Holly would like to return and he has very little going on at the present time.

Don't have to worry about Daniels, another team inked him to a deal already.


Insiders a question on Lerner

TMontgo: Would or has Lerner given the go ahead or would he even need to in order to allow Mangini to trade Quinn?

As I recall Lerner has always been fond of BQ and even personally attended his Pro Day at ND to some fanfare in the Cleveland media. 

Normally I would not expect him to interfere but we're talking the highest profile player on the team, arguably the most popular who most fans feel hasn't been given a fair chance as of yet to prove himself.

Lerner MUST realize the business ramifications possible as a result of such a move if it bombed....and MUST know that The Browns are close to giving up the town to The Cavs, so with so much on the line does anyone think that his approval would be needed for such a HUGE move?

Is he willing to roll those dice?

LA - If Mangini and Kokinis were on the verge of trading Brady Quinn, the owner of the organization would be well-versed on the decision.

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