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... our first-ever edition of "Stuff to Read". You like to read about the Browns? You like stuff? Well, then this collection of readable stuff from all over the OBRverse is for YOU!

As much as we all love being part of the Scout network, the front page of the OBR (found, of course, at and its' four slots for articles simply can't contain the weirdness.

As a result, the OBR has spread all over the internets.

We're much like the pickle juice when that jar fell out of your refrigerator and which then ran all over in an unstoppable flood before you could do anything about. Within a matter of mere seconds, things got all sticky, and there was this sort of vague greenish stain that never seemed to really disappear not matter how hard you scrubbed.

We're like that. Except, instead of your floor, it's our staff blog, insider blog, rumor central, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and all sort of other nooks and crannies of the interwebs.

We'll try to gather some of it up here so you don't get a headache.


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The Annual Posting of the Draft Value Chart

I would like to thank you all for attending our annual posting of the draft value chart, a dubious mechanism used to price and sell the college-flavored human football products available on the NFL's draft weekend.

This chart, provided to you by your pals at the OBR, is clearly superior to all other NFL draft charts, because the column headers are displayed with a familiar brown background font, #663300, which displays well even in the most timid of web browsers. (more…)

K2 Gets Paid

When Kellen Winslow was dealt to the Tampa Bay Bucs, one key element of the deal was that Winslow's contract was very trade-able. The tight end was in the final year of a deal with precious little in the way of remaining signing bonus that needed to be absorbed. The Browns wound up eating "only" a half-million in dead cap, a pittance for a player of Winslow's caliber.

That contract, of course, had a lot to do with Winslow's being traded. The brash tight end was ready to demand that his contract be renegotiated in order to play or, at the very least, exit Cleveland post-haste after the season. (more…)


Another Day, Another Denial

kanes-warth-ss1We actually got hold of this last night via our own friends but, frankly, I had just tossed out four blog posts and my XBox 360 was calling me.

My son got a new game called Halo Wars, which is pretty cool, but I'll stick with Command and Conquer for RTS games at this point. It's enough for my gaming needs to stick to decimating the evil plans of that bald-headed Kane twerp (pictured, being evil, requesting large potato). (more…)


A Rumor I Can Almost Believe

Anyone followed the bizarre and largely inaccurate reporting of the Browns-Redskins-Broncos-Bears-Indians-Raptors trade scenarios involving Jay Cutler can probably tell you two things:

1. Man, there's a lot of crapola out there, and,

2. The more intricate and involved a trade scenario is, the less likely that it's going to happen.

The latter was my fundamental issue with most of the wild-ass stabs in the dark informative articles on the Cutler situation and the Browns. The trades suggested by folks speculating about possible deals had to be clockwork mechanisms where three teams feel that equitable value is exchanged or, better yet, that they're getting the best side of the deal. (more…)


Go to your Corners, Fellas - Rumor Central

I'm not exactly sure what to make of the little slapfest that has broken out between Pro Football Talk and blog network Bleacher Distort Report.

Normally, I don't have anything against either site. PFT is a sometimes-entertaining, often-accurate paean to its ancestor NFLTalk, which I remember fondly. It employs two of my friends, and they seem to be able to use the resulting money to buy beer, although none of that beer has yet to flow through to me.

Bleacher Report, for its part, is a wildly uneven group of fan bloggers that are part of a network trying to make some scratch off of advertisements on their website. I don't know any of the fan bloggers there personally, but I'm sure they're hard-core fans expressing themselves. Nothing wrong with that. (more…)



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There's a new poll on Scout's NFL portal asking who got the better end of the Cutler trade. I already voted… click click here and scroll down to offer up take.

Chris Steuber's latest mock draft has %%MATCH_3%% falling to the Browns. That will work for me. 

Remember QB Darrell Hackney, who was in the Browns training camp a few years ago? He has bounced around the NFL a bit. Today, I got a press release from the Broncos that he has been cut from their roster. Clearly, the Broncs are making room for Brady Quinn, Shaun Rogers, Mike Pagel, and Fair Hooker, soon to be dealt in a big blockbuster trade.

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