Adkins: What We've Been Told

The info you want! Lane has been talking to team and league sources about the Browns pre-draft machinations. Here's the latest on the team's interests and trade prospects for players like Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards.

The very latest that we've heard…

- Sitting in the five-hole, the Browns have many options in draft-day and have discounted only a few of them. While many media evaluators outside of Berea perceive certain "positions of need" and focus on them, the thought process inside the Browns organization about what is needed is more than a little different. Getting to the point: the Browns do have an interest in LB's, QB's, WR's and OL early in the draft.

- The Browns are an organization looking to move down from the fifth spot in the draft. Due to the depth of this draft class, accumulating selections within rounds one through three appears to be top option for the team, as we have reported previously. Feelers have been put out around the league to gauge interest of the fifth selection.

- For the sake of many looking at the WR's in the draft -- Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin are 1A and 1B. As the Browns have looked closely at each of the receivers, and the speed and quickness of Maclin has gotten their attention. Still, his explosive ability to gain yardage after the catch his experience in the return game has rocketed this receiver up the board. Adding to all this is the notion that the Missouri product is still developing physically.

- USC linebacker Rey Maualuga had a very steady and productive collegiate career. As is the case with many linebackers at the college level, they are not systematically challenged or provided opportunity to shine outside the confines of their position or scheme. In the case of Maualuga, many teams look at the linebacker talent as having a great wealth of knowledge and untapped potential. USC head coach Pete Carroll has been in the forefront when talking to NFL personnel about Maualuga, and has bent the ear of Browns head coach Eric Mangini on more than one occasion.

- Linebacker Aaron Curry remains the top-rated LB in the draft according to numerous NFL personnel evaluators. The Browns like Curry, and believe that he has tremendous upside and has the proper physical skills and mental capacity to excel in their defensive scheme.

- While depth in the draft at the safety position is unquestioned, there does not appear to be a game-changing safety worthy of the fifth-selection. At the same time, however, we would be wise to mention the Browns are one of a number of teams that believe OSU cornerback Malcolm Jenkins has good potential as a safety as a pro, along with proven ability at corner.

- Numerous trade rumors are floating along -- QB Derek Anderson to Detroit, WR Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants, and so forth. In opposition to some rumors on the east coast, the Browns have not worked a deal with a team for either player, although both players could be realistically on the move prior to the draft. Nothing definite has occurred, but talks regarding both have been entertained and possibly rekindled in the last week.

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