Chat Transcript: Pre-Game from Heinz Field

Here's a lightly edited transcript of the chat this morning with Dave live from Condiment Park. Get the up-to-the-minute scoop on the pre-game conditions, Kendrell Bell's status, who's warming up and testing the field.... In other words everything else that matters. Plus tips on Tin Foil Hat design from End Zone Eddie!

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DavidCarducci Hello AB, just got to the Heinz Field press box.... .what a great day.... The heavy snow makes for a perfect NFL Films type highlight day
ArtBtz Ra! I love it!
DavidCarducci Yep. I figured I'd jump in a bit early.
DavidCarducci It's really coming down here.
DavidCarducci What do you guys think today ... looks like Bell is going to give it a go
ArtBtz Ha ha ha!!! == I knew it.
ArtBtz I just finished posting what I had heard in Ask the Insiders.
DavidCarducci What was that?
ArtBtz I've been saying that Cowher is sandbagging all week.
ArtBtz I've been hearing that Bell's injury isn't as bad as the reports suggested.
ArtBtz Basically (1) the team didn't think he needed to practice, (2) he hasn't worn a boot all week and (3) Cowher ALWAYS sandbags.
DavidCarducci By the way, I had to cover two KSU games yesterday .... 11 hours at Kent State ..... OUt of their by 12:30 am, then up again at 6 am to come here ... I'm dragging hard
DavidCarducci You were right on the money
ArtBtz Keep the coffee coming!
southdawg coffe hell BEER
ArtBtz LOL, I hear you South! My fridge will be empty by the end of the day.
DavidCarducci Shame they don't serve beer here
southdawg is it beerthirty yet
ArtBtz Heh. It's 45 past beer o'clock
ArtBtz Dave, let's just hang out here. I'll put a note in the article.
DavidCarducci sounds good
southdawg good think the wife drives
endzoneeddie Goodmorning Fellow Dawgs!
DavidCarducci Good morning
ArtBtz Morning eddie!
Guest19 morn
endzoneeddie Bettis is not starting
southdawg how much snow is there going to be today
endzoneeddie Its snowing good right now Im in Pa
DavidCarducci There is no news here at the stadium yet on whether or not Bettis is starting, but he is still expected to play. Bell appears to be playing, though
DavidCarducci Holcomb is the only Browns player on the field right now.
DavidCarducci I just got word actually that Bettis is expected to start
ArtBtz Uh, I'm not sure I like that.
DavidCarducci This field is under blizzard conditions.
DavidCarducci It's wild
endzoneeddie ESPN announced just minutes ago that Coach Coward has said Zeroue gets the start
ArtBtz This game SHOULD be played in the snow
endzoneeddie Coward might be playing games
DavidCarducci Really. That info hasn't transferred up to the press box yet.
southdawg Is the field in good shape?
DavidCarducci Usually the best way to know for sure is to watch the pregame work
DavidCarducci It's hard to say. Can't see the field through the snow
ramllov The field is not as good as Cleveland's, but it has to be better than New Jersey
endzoneeddie It is said that Coach Coward said Zeroue deserves the start
ramllov Dave do you see any surprises for this game?
endzoneeddie They showed Coach Davis walking the field earlier
DavidCarducci I'm not sure, simply because the field is such a blizzard. A few players are starting to trickle out onto the field, and where they walk on the snow, their footsteps are leaving big mud marks. Leads me to believe that this is going to be one messy game.... love it!
ramllov ESPN is about to show a series of plays on the Browns season, about now.
endzoneeddie He was tamping his foot on a couple of soft spots
ramllov maybe in the next five minutes
DavidCarducci The middle of the field between the hashmarks appears to be all mud beneath the snow
southdawg is green thowing-up yet?
DavidCarducci Let's hope he is. Green plays better when he has that trademark sick stomach
endzoneeddie That field is a disgrace I hear they are going to install some super kind of astro
DavidCarducci It's interesting that Holcomb and Booty are out here this early, but none of the kickers
endzoneeddie With a Will Green 200 yard performance we wont need Kicking
DavidCarducci eddie, they are still discussing it. They want to explore a few more options with natural grass. Rooney himself has called the Browns to ask how they fixed their problems. If you remember the Browns field was awful in the very first preseason game, and then LErner decided to spend a lot of money to fix the problem.
endzoneeddie I been hearing that too
endzoneeddie There is supposed to be some turf that the players like better than grass
endzoneeddie Randy Lerner in Pigsburgh
ramllov I guess the game will revolve around William Green. I guess that is the best
endzoneeddie Soften them up with some quick west coast like passes then turn Green loose
DavidCarducci The turf is that field turf. They have it at Nebraska and in Seattle. They actually have it in Ravenna High School, too
endzoneeddie Ravenna must not be cost prohibitive then
ramllov It is amazing how the Jets have come on so much in the second half of the season. How close is Cleveland to doing a Pittsburgh as the Jets did to Indy?
ArtBtz Ravenna High School, again setting the pace for the NFL.
DavidCarducci You know, on this turf, with the snowy field, it could help the passing game, considering the receivers know the routes and the CB's dont
DavidCarducci Actually, Ravenna was used as a test facility by the company that makes the turf, and they gave it to them practically for nothing
ramllov The Browns secondary is finally healthy, that should add to the Browns advantage
Guest86 I've been reading that Browns are very confident, have a swagger. I'm glad, but what is the basis for this confidence?
DavidCarducci Remember, I coach rugby in the spring at Ravenna, so no ripping on the Ravens
ArtBtz :-)
endzoneeddie What a break for Ravenna Hoe did the school like it
ericthebrown good browns day everybody!!!!
DavidCarducci I think they know they can play with the Steelers, and they feel that they are a different team than the previous two games with the improvement of William Green, the health of the secondary, and the fact that the interior of the line acutally is playing much better
ArtBtz I think that the Jets are a team where they've finally found the right QB for their offense. It's a situation where the pieces have fallen into place on offense. The Colts D is suspect where the Steelers is not.
DavidCarducci The school loves it, although they made a mistake with the crown of the field, and it ends up having some problems int he rain
ramllov Browns on ESPN now
endzoneeddie I think a tell tale sign is Flowers running his mouth earlier then usual We can beat the Steelers today no doubt
ramllov Rudd???
ramllov I am hoping and hoping that the Browns have a great game. It is going to go to the last minute
endzoneeddie High schools usually have a steep crown
DavidCarducci Holcomb is working very hard right now at trying to get used to the footing between the hash marks
DavidCarducci Testing every step and every plant of his foot
endzoneeddie 3,5 or 7 step drops?????
ArtBtz There was a weird sign in the Steelers locker room this week... it said ""Wild Card $17000, Division Playoff $170000, Championship $30000, Super Bowl $70000. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU??"". I'm not sure what to make of that.
Guest86 Will the turf condition slow negatively impact Steeler pass rush?
DavidCarducci He's working on all of them. Right now all five-step drops
endzoneeddie Bad turf always slows speed down
DavidCarducci But that's just light throwing with Booty, getting comfortable
ArtBtz Ram, I'm really worried about this. If you look at the previous games, the Steelers kicked our butts statistically. They kicked the Texans butts as well, but that was a wierd game. This is a team on a roll.
ericthebrown That sign finally truly appeals to most of the players. Its about money....
endzoneeddie I think the 5 step is key today
DavidCarducci I've heard several reporters from Pittsburgh this morning talking about trying to find a good restaurant in Nashville next week. They're talking about advancing like it is a forgone conclusion
ArtBtz That's chump change to them, Eric, I think. Not to the third-teamers, but to the starters it ain't much. It's kind of a weird thing.
endzoneeddie Tell em the Hard Rock cafe they can all die from food poisoning TEEHEE
ArtBtz That would motivate me, but I don't have a base salary of $400K.
ramllov It may help the Browns if Pittsburgh is over confident
Guest86 There are a lot of great restaurants in Oakland.
DavidCarducci I think the bad turf could be an advantage, especially when the Steelers are in their sub packages. It allows Northcutt and Dawson an advantage over backups who are forced into action, like Hank Poteat. Poteat has problems in coverage, and with the sloppy conditions, he could have even more problems
ArtBtz Ram... the same source that is telling me that Bell would play is telling me that the Steelers weren't as focused as the PR says they are.
ericthebrown ""I've gots to get mine!"" still seems to be a prevailing motive for most of these players tho.
endzoneeddie David by the way is Kendrell out there
ArtBtz I think that's right Eric. It's about that big piece of jewelry to these guys.
ericthebrown ESPN said the Bus would not be starting... dangit....
DavidCarducci Bell is not out there right now, but he is expected to play
DavidCarducci No Steelers have been on the field as of yet
ArtBtz Ray Lewis is right... Amos is a better RB for the Steelers to have in there with Maddox at QB
DavidCarducci Actually, Gildon just came out in sweats. I believe it is Gildon. Looks like him
endzoneeddie I dont think he will for some reason I think Coward will rest him or maybe one or two test plays
ArtBtz Dave, any thoughts as to what the keys of the game will be?
ericthebrown I wanted Bettis to play, his tires are flatter, axel is cracked, radiator leaks, and the engine won't start in cold weather.
DavidCarducci Amos is better than Bettis, but he doesn't fall forward the way Bettis does on the tackle. Small point, but that type of running style Zeroue uses might not be a big advantage on this surface. HJard to cut. Lots of action between the tackles.
ArtBtz To me, it's whether we can get any push from our D-Line.
endzoneeddie Lets face the facts its hard to build loyalty nowadays
endzoneeddie Wish we had Bowers playing
endzoneeddie Be nice to have a lead blocker today
DavidCarducci To me AB, the keys are turnovers (obviously, as they always are) and in creating them that means getting to Maddox. The other key is third down. With the lack of depth in the Steelers sub packages, and the fact that Bell (their best player) comes off the field on third down, the Browns need to create manageable third downs and move the chains. The Steelers have had real trouble on third down
DavidCarducci Almost 50-percent success rate allowed.
ericthebrown Any word on how Holcomb looked in practice this week?
ArtBtz Thanks Dave... I agree that getting to Maddox is key. If Big Money and Roye can get push in the middle, it will be a lot more interesting.
endzoneeddie We forget that Kelly is coming of a leg break too
DavidCarducci They've got a big zamboni type tractor trying to clear a lane for the yard markers. Honestly, I think it is having some problems with the mud. They have some people out their looking at the tread marks it's leaving, and they have stopped the tractor
DavidCarducci What a mess
ericthebrown That is my biggest fear, is that Holcomb is all the way back from the broken leg
ArtBtz Man.... that field is hard enough to kick on when it's dry
DavidCarducci Kelly says he is just fine. Of course, what else is he going to say?
ericthebrown So who benifits more on this field, Green or Zero?
ArtBtz Someone give Phil Dawson a mild sedative.
endzoneeddie You are right again David now espn is saying Coward is leaning towards Zeroue and that Bell just got a pain shot and is running on a treadmill
ArtBtz Bettis
ArtBtz j/k
Hoops It looks like Bell is going to start
ramllov Bell, is projected to be a starter, but the
DavidCarducci I think Green ... Like I said, he's a go forward all the time guy.... He falls forward for extra yards on the tackle. Zeroue is a cut, speed guy, and he never gets that extra yard or two on the tackle.
ArtBtz Where did you hear that Hoops? We've been the only ones saying it.
ramllov coordinator said he will protect him, what does that mean?
DavidCarducci Bell is going to play.
ramllov ESPN
DavidCarducci Protect who? Bell.
DavidCarducci ?
ramllov They were discussing the Browns
ramllov That was my question dave
ramllov The discussion was
ericthebrown I would love to see a spread offense today, put Northcutt or White on a LB and see what happens..
DavidCarducci I don't know. Sorry
Hoops Yeah ESPN
ramllov Bell would start, but the coordinator said he would try to protect Bell if he starts. I do not understand that
ramllov Maybe they will not allow the offensive linemen to get to him?
DavidCarducci Eric, I've wanted that since the first couple of weeks, but Davis has his style and he doesn't want to go away from it. To his credit, the stubbornness has paid off in recent weeks with Green's improved play and the improvement of the interior of th eline.
endzoneeddie Coach Coward is supposed to have asked the d coach if he let Bell play how would he use him and the coach said he would start but protect him
DavidCarducci They've dumped the big tractor and moved to a smaller tractor to clear some of the field.
ericthebrown Yeah Dave, but they weren't playing the Steelers D these past few weeks. They NEED to spread the field... in my opinion...
ramllov Dave is Dave Campo coming to Cleveland
ramllov ?
ArtBtz I think the Browns need to decide if Fazio is staying first.
southdawg Time to pop open a beer & head out to the browns backers bar see ya' run william run
ArtBtz I doubt that Davis has had the time to think that one through.
DavidCarducci I don't think we'll hear any talk about Camp or assistants until after the season. I could see it. Campo and Davis have a relationship. It might be a good fit
DavidCarducci Morning howl
ArtBtz I agree... that one is a natural. Fazio is well-liked by the players, though.
DavidCarducci I agree eric. Just don't think it will happen.
ramllov Thanks Dave
DavidCarducci Sure thing Ram
howldawg justa reminder .............STEELER SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ArtBtz LOL. Yes. Yes, they do.
ericthebrown Doh. OK Dave, lets go coach the Browns to a Super Bowl victory, you take offense, I'll take defense...
DavidCarducci Sounds good to me.
ArtBtz Go with the Cover-4, Eric. There's a guy on ESPN who says that's the ticket.
ericthebrown Cover 4? But who would I blitz out of that?
DavidCarducci They play that cover 3 in the red zone, and that has been very effective. Could be another big key for the Browns today
Guest21 The problems on defense seem to indicate that Browns are a bit slow in LBs and secondary. Our good play in the red zone is another indication of this, since we get better when the field shortens down. Is Pittsburgh a good matchup for our defense considering the bad turf?
ArtBtz Man, I'm getting that slightly nauseous feeling in my stomach already... I need a beer.
DawgUSA i read that this morning Art. I think that is quite possibly the worst thing our D could run
ArtBtz Starting to get jumpy
ramllov Art you have to wait till 12
endzoneeddie I like cover 2 with the press corners but you got to have the talent
ramllov State liquor laws
ArtBtz I hereby declare Bietz Manor to be its own independent state. We are seceeding from the State of Ohio, until Noon today.
ericthebrown In this weather, I'd run the old 4-6 defense and have my corners jam the recievers at the line.
Guest21 Too early for a beer Art, you'll miss the 4th quarter.
DawgUSA if they had no running game, and we had a pass rush from our front 4 then the cover 4 would make sense
endzoneeddie You cant Jam Ward he is always in motion
ArtBtz I'm going to have a beer and hide from the black helicopters.
DawgUSA you can't secede from the union art. Abe Lincoln might have something to say about that
ericthebrown Those choppers after you too Art? Damn the man....
ramllov Dave are you satisfied with the addition of our SS and has he played up to expectations the past two games, after recovering from his injuries?
DavidCarducci Ram, I wasn't in any way satisfied with Griffith until the last couple weeks. He is playing better. I have to remember that he has struggled with injuries and he is in a new system. Sometimes players need a chance to adjust and get going. Hopefully he has hit his stride. He still misses to many tackles beyond the line of scrimmmage. I'm very satisfied with his wrok, though, on run blitzes, etc.
ArtBtz Do you wear the tinfoil hats with the reflective side out or in. I wear it with the reflective side in, so that my brain waves are trapped and can't be monitors by the black helicopters.
endzoneeddie David a broken Shoulder will make a man a little shy
FLADAWG Good Morning Everybody, I feel Victory in the air!
Guest21 Make sure to wear the tinfoil with the shiney side down.
howldawg art / david any indications the browns will blitz to get some pressure?
endzoneeddie NO BLITZING
DavidCarducci Howl. I think they have to. It's the best way to rattle Maddox, who doesn't handle pressure well. I'd like to see them use a similar gameplan to the one they used in Jacksonville, which is the only game where the blitz was a key ingredient to the Defensive gameplan
DawgUSA Griffiths main problem IMO is that he could play his position with both of his arms amputated
ericthebrown Always wear it shiny side in. It gives my hair a nice sheen to it as well as keeping my brainwaves in check
DawgUSA he never wraps up
DavidCarducci Very true Eddie
ArtBtz Good point eze... he's been protecting that shoulder on tackles it appears.
Guest76 I'm sorry to see Soul Dawg has left the room. This is a great opportunity to see if his take on Q Morgan in the snow (circa 2001) will pan out--Q can't have two bad games in a row can he?
ArtBtz Then again, shiny side out would bounce the microwaves from the black helicopters. It's a personal choice, I guess.
FLADAWG If Cowher puts Zeroue ahead of Bettis could it affect the Squeelers mentally?
DawgUSA Griffith always goes for the big hit instead of wrapping up and driving through
endzoneeddie I had a collar bone 20 years ago and all I could do was drink beer and make love
howldawg fla good or bad?
ericthebrown Don't go mentioning Q.. Oh man do I not like the guy starting.. I have yet to see him catch a clean pass in 2 years.
FLADAWG I would hope it affects them badly
DawgUSA hahahah eddie
ericthebrown Double up on it Art. One layer shiny side down, one layer shiny side up.
ArtBtz Dave, they're saying on the radio here that they're using leaf blowers to get the snow off the yard markers. It must be a mess there.
DawgUSA snow on the ground in pissburgh?
endzoneeddie now 20 years later all I can do is drink beer
ArtBtz Dang! Good thinking Eric! I'm making a new tinfoil hat.
ericthebrown But I have found shiny side up helps them to spot you from a distance with those spot lights
FLADAWG I just saw pictures on ESPN and it looks as though its coming down heavier
DawgUSA eddie: why did something happen to your other collarbone? ;)
Guest21 Quincy couldn't catch at all last year. This year he catches after bobble. Maybe next year...
DavidCarducci It really is a mess. Steady snow fall for the last several hours. Field is covered. They are using leaf blowers now. They tried two different tractors to clear the yard lines, but both either got stuck in the mud or just tore up the field too much.
DavidCarducci It's all mud underneath the snow between the hash marks.
FLADAWG Looked like about a 1/2 inch now and getting thicker
DavidCarducci I love the conditions
ArtBtz Man, this could be a classic
DawgUSA awesome
endzoneeddie head first motor cycle accident
howldawg eddie was diving to catch a falling beer
CC i cant believe they expect professional sportsmen to play on fields like Heinz and meadowlands
Guest21 Sounds like the field conditions will offer an old fashioned football game.
FLADAWG Dave any negative comments by the Steelers about the Browns
ArtBtz Other than Lee Flowers, Fladawg? He seems to be the one talking (per usual)
DavidCarducci Fladawg, most of the comments I've read have been pretty positive. There has been a lot of trash talking, but not tearing down Cleveland... jsut pro Steelers stuff and how they are the team to beat ... blah, blah, blah
ramllov Dave the way you discuss this field reminds me of the day of my youth
ramllov Where is Leroy Kelly when you need him
DavidCarducci Ram, exactly right. These kinds of games in this weather are a lot of fun to play in
DawgUSA Don't forget...Jamel had his best game rushing on a field much like that
DawgUSA against the Pack
ArtBtz BRB
ericthebrown Lets see Green put up Jamel Whites Green Bay numbers from last year in the snow
FLADAWG I heard Northcutt stated that this is a team we can beat
Guest76 Seriously, I think Quincy is going to have the game of his life. The snow will take him back to some of his greatest catches in college--snow in Pitt the Elder's town will take him to the next level.
ramllov Dave is the Steeler secondary the weakness of their defense?
elwood Sorry, I just came in, I see that Bell is playing, but how effective can he really be, especially in these conditions?
ericthebrown And Holcomb put up Holcombs numbers from the KC game
FLADAWG didn't want them to have bulletin board stuff
DavidCarducci It's worse right now than it was in Green Bay, in my opinion. Not as cold, so the field isn't frozen. More muddy underneath
DawgUSA bell is playing?
ramllov yes
DavidCarducci Believe me. ... It was damn cold in GB at the end of that game
DavidCarducci Bell is playing. He will start
Guest21 Dave, I read somewhere where Heinz Field does not get as loud as old Three Rivers. Have you noticed this?
FLADAWG They stated on ESPN the DC for Pitts said he would help protect Bell
DavidCarducci I think Bell at 75 pct or 80 pct is better than Foote at 100 pct
DawgUSA how do you ""protect"" a MLB??
FLADAWG Bell also took a pain shot, so how long can he go
DavidCarducci Well, they funnel plays to the inside linebackers. Maybe the funnel it to one, and let Bell freelance a bit more
ericthebrown with Bells bum ankle, think he will be blitzing?
DavidCarducci That's all i can think of
DavidCarducci It's going to be tough on a high ankle sprain to play in these sloppy conditions
CC injury reports are a joke, as useless as an udder on a bull
DawgUSA what about Chad scott?
Guest21 Protect Bell, hell, we need someone to protect Holcomb from Bell.
ramllov My hope is that Barry Stokes takes out Bell on the first play
FLADAWG I hope BD has a guard going after him quickly
FLADAWG Dave many Browns fans out there?
DavidCarducci The stadium is 98-pct empty right now.
FLADAWG How about tailgaters
ramllov I remember last year when the Browns were playing Baltimore and one of the offensive linemen got to Lewis. If theyu did it then then they can do it now.
DavidCarducci There were a ton of Browns fans on the roads and at truck stops, etc., on the way here this morning, though
DawgUSA awesome dave
CC this weather will suit as perfectly
FLADAWG I hope the team has enough support there
ramllov Remember men if Ohio State can beat Miami, The Browns can also win!
CC i was worried that the stellers would run up the score early and eliminate our running game
ericthebrown So are you going straight from there to Oakland or will you be stopping back at home first after the game Dave?
endzoneeddie Remember Miami uses Coach Davis defense
DawgUSA good positivity eric
FLADAWG I think our WR will play better here than Plexico or Ward, Ward being the one that concerns me the most
DavidCarducci It's not snowing as hard right now as it was a while ago
futuredawg hey everyone
ramllov The special team kick returners could be the most positive factor on a field like this.
DawgUSA What's the wind conditions like at the stadium?
DavidCarducci It was windy about an hour ago. BLustery snow conditions. Right now it's a ligth snow fall with absolutely no wind. The flags are still
ericthebrown The shiny side foil is telling me the Browns win by a TD so I guess I have the advantage of being secure in watching this game.
ArtBtz They were saying ""light flurries"" today/
DawgUSA thanks
ramllov Dave how good is Pittsburgh's LT Gandy?
howldawg dave what can the browns do to help sut down plax with maddox throwing about 75%% of his passes to left side?
DavidCarducci It is settling down a bit with the snow.
DavidCarducci A while ago it was a white out
Fairwayseeker Dave, will Holcomb be ready to rise to the challenge?
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker, I think he is. He doesn't get rattled. He knows the offense. He is supremely confident. The Browns couldn't be luckier to have a backup like Holcomb
ericthebrown The tuck rule will not decide this snow game...
DavidCarducci He's been on the field working out longer than anyone.
FLADAWG If our OL can play one of their best games, we win today
DavidCarducci Holcomb came out on the field around 11 am with Booty
ericthebrown Hope he doesn't get tired. Holcomb needs to save some of that energy
elwood we can't be predictable!
DavidCarducci Dawson just came out to kick. He is working on his footing right now
Guest204 how can butch be 0-5 against pitt?
Fairwayseeker OK, I feel that is the key today
DavidCarducci It is a huge key. You are right
DavidCarducci Guys. Any other questions. I have to allow the other reporters to use the phone in a few minutes
DavidCarducci Only a few pool phones for us in this press box
Guest204 No backup running back we never heard of
DocGonzo Hey Dave
ericthebrown Final guess on the outcome dave?
DavidCarducci Hi Gonzo
elwood Which team will benefit more from the weather?
DavidCarducci My guess ... In the paper I predicted Browns 17, Steelers 13
FLADAWG Dave yell for all of us!!
Rabid is it still snowing,,and do they expect it to continue?
DawgUSA Scream your head off dave and be safe out there in in-bred land
DavidCarducci I'd love to FLADAWG, but if I yell, I'll get kicked out of the press box
DocGonzo Haven't talked to you since I saw you in the box during the Lions game.
FLADAWG Browns 20 Steelers 17
Fairwayseeker will McCutch be ready today?
futuredawg there you go............I think its gonna be 23-17
FLADAWG Siragusa even picked the Browns today, unbelievable
DavidCarducci Cutch will be more than ready. I think he is wearing a very small contraption on his thumb
DocGonzo Dave ... box at Heinz doesn't compare to CB Stadium?
howldawg not enough soup cans dave??
ericthebrown Too many Ravens or ex Ravens are picking us to win....
DavidCarducci It's about the same here and at Cleveland. Phones are always hard to come by, unless you are at a stadium like Alltel, where they have plenty of phones for obvious reason
DocGonzo lol
howldawg lol
DavidCarducci Guys, I have to run.
ericthebrown They need a WorldCom stadium. Oh wait, nevermind
futuredawg ok thanks dave
Fairwayseeker thanks, Dave
ramllov thanks dave
ericthebrown Later Dave. Thanks
DavidCarducci Yes. That's Chad Scott. and he is out
DavidCarducci See you all. Have a great day.

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