What We've Been Told

Over the last several days, Browns fans have been flooded with rumors from all sides. So, which of the out-of-town rumormongers has it right? Lane sifts through the rumor stack, and separates the "obvious" from the "baseless".

- Let's get this out of the way immediately. So, now we're told that QB Brady Quinn is now upset with the trade rumors? Thanks for the great insight and reporting. Bottom-line guys - the organization has spoken with the QB and told him where he stands with the team. Quinn is on the roster, and was informed the team was not actively seeking a trade for his services -- and the organization has guaranteed nothing to Quinn, or Derek Anderson as far as a role is concerned.

- Another report, this one from a much-travelled former executive, has received plenty of interest around the league as well as the local Cleveland fish-wraps. The National Football Post's Michael Lombardi has gone way out on a limb and stated the Browns have standing offers in place for Quinn and WR Braylon Edwards. Well, the Browns have been engaged in plenty of discussion regarding Edwards and continue to talk -- as reported by theOBR extensively for the past couple months. With Quinn, there has been a team or two which has expressed more than a passing interest and is expected to keep the Browns on speed-dial as the draft approaches.

- An interesting development could come on draft-day regarding the QB and his future. The Denver Broncos, despite receiving QB Kyle Orton in the Jay Cutler deal, have not stepped back their attempts to secure another QB. The Broncos remain interested in Mark Sanchez and a non-related party informs theOBR that the Broncos have not yet given up on a potential Quinn deal in exchange for a first-round draft selection.

- Another rumor tossed out today leads us to San Francisco. The world-wide leader today suggested that 49ers have offered a first round pick for Quinn. This would give the Browns the #10 selection for the QB. This column has been told the speculation is baseless, as the Browns and 49ers have not discussed Quinn or the #10 pick selection in the draft.

- Despite all the speculation regarding the Browns' interest in Sanchez, the growing consensus is that the QB will not be available when the Browns are on the clock with the #5 selection. Presently, the belief is that two QB's, one offensive lineman and linebacker (or two QB's and two offensive linemen) could be off the board. If the latter plays out, the Browns could be staring at OLB Aaron Curry at the #5 spot. This may may logically be the best-case scenario for the Browns.

- Dependent on how the draft plays out in position one through four, the Browns could be in an envious position in the 5-hole. If a player such as OT Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe slip to #5, the Browns could conceivably go OT with the #5 pick and work to solidify the right side of the offensive line.

- The need to fill the pass-rushing woes of this team escalates DE/OLB Brian Orakpo up the boards of many draft pundits and fans alike. Too bad this does not equate to the front offices of the teams themselves -- or does it? Now the Kansas City Chiefs are believed to be looking a little closer at Orakpo -- in the end, the DE/OLB could land anywhere from #3 to #13 -- with many teams having too many questions about his overall game to gamble on him early.

- If Orakpo is available at #5 and selected by the Browns, remember this quote specifically: "Orakpo has the physical ability and make-up to become a disruptive player at the professional level. He has some issues in his game, which he was able to overcome due to the competition level in college -- here, he will be coached-up to make the plays -- which is a far cry from what he had to do at Texas, where he got by on simply talent alone much of the time."

- As for the Browns, Aaron Maybin (OLB-PSU) and Tyson Jackson (DE-LSU) are getting some looks from the organization. Maybin displays some solid characteristics of a player in the 3-4, such as the Browns, while Jackson may be the best DE for a 3-4 in the draft.

- FSU DE Everette Brown may have the best set of physical pass-rushing tools of any DE/OLB in this draft. An issue with Brown and the Browns is that there are open questions as to his ability to transition to a 3-4 OLB. He is simply too light in the britches to be a DE in the 3-4. Despite the perceived short-comings, Brown continues to get a look from the Browns, although he does not appear to be a fit with the #5 pick.

- WR Michael Crabtree displays the ability to play above the level of competition, although some teams look at Crabtree and wonder about his ability to get off coverage and his lack of top-end speed. Granted, the WR made it look simple at times at Texas Tech -- but as some in the game have noted, "this isn't Texas Tech anymore, Michael". Crabtree remains a sure-fire early first-round draft pick, but the separation between he, Jeremy Maclin, Hakeem Nicks, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Kenny Britt has closed considerably. If anything, the WR position is deep in quality talent and a team can secure a solid talent within the top-five or six WR's on the board.

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