Quinn: The Real Deal

Want to know what's really going on with Brady Quinn and potential trades? I mean, not the stuff that gets tossed around and then repeated? How about a dose of truth? The site that broke the Braylon Edwards and Giants story clears up the fog.

Needless to say, the talk of Browns Nation over the past four days was the National Football Post story by Mike Lombardi over the weekend.

In the article, Lombardi wrote that he hears "more than one NFL team" has "a No. 1 pick on the table for Brady Quinn". What Lombardi is hearing and what the Browns are hearing, however, might be two different things.

Two sources have told The OBR over the last 24 hours that Lombardi's report is news to them. While both refused to get into specifics, it was heavily intimated that the spate of reports regarding a Quinn-to-(insert team here) trade has been overblown by an overly speculative media and some around the league who may have an agenda.

It's unclear at this time whether the "news to them" was directed at the first-round pick being offered, multiple teams offering the same pick, a combination of the two or another reason altogether.

That being said, it has become increasingly clear over the past two weeks that the Browns are more than willing to listen to any team that has an interest in Quinn. "Several teams" -- far fewer than have inquired about Derek Anderson of late -- have called the Browns over the last month regarding Quinn.

As one league source put it, "the Browns aren't going out of their way to deal (Quinn), but they aren't hanging up the phone when anybody calls either."

The bottom line on all of these trade rumors? The Browns are not actively shopping Quinn as has been portrayed in numerous reports. They are, however, listening to any offer involving nearly any player.

If the right deal comes along for Quinn, we have been led to believe that the Browns will not hesitate to pull the trigger. What the right deal as far as the Browns are concerned, however, remains to be seen.

Whether or not Quinn is on the roster at the end of this month will be decided by a combination of factors, most notably being the amount of compensation the club could get in return.

While it's looking more and more likely that Quinn could be dealt, it's far, far from a foregone conclusion.

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