Transcript: Chris Steuber Chat's Draft Analyst spent an hour talking to Browns fans on Weds night. Lots of great questions and intriguing answers. How does Chris see the Browns draft breaking down?

Chris Steuber: Hey Everyone, how's it going this evening?
Chris Steuber: I'm doing well; this is a crazy time of year.
Chris Steuber: It's hard to have a bad day covering the draft.
<Grover71> should be a very interesting day
Chris Steuber: I'm excited for it, I think there will be a lot of moves.

<mikehey> you think browns take crabtree with 5th pick in round 1
Chris Steuber: MikeHey: It all depends on if the Browns trade Braylon Edwards. If they trade Edwards to New York, I don't think they have to take Crabtree at No. 5. The Browns could take a defender like Aaron Curry and then use the 29th pick on a WR like Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks or Percy Harvin.

<marinedawg> Is Brady really on the trading block
Chris Steuber: MarineDawg: I think the Browns will listen to offers for Quinn, I know Mangini really likes Mark Sanchez.

<Grover71> I wonder if Washington is really that interested in Sanchez
Chris Steuber: Grover: There are at least five teams that I know of that are really interested in Sanchez: Denver, Seattle, Cleveland, Jacksonville and Washington.

<mikehey> if sanchez is there at the 5th spot you see mangini taking him
Chris Steuber: MikeHey: I personally don't see Sanchez getting out of the top-five. From what I'm hearing, Denver is trying really hard to trade into the No. 3 spot to draft Sanchez.

<nybrownie> who is your top 5 talent
Chris Steuber: NyBrownie: My top five players in the draft are: 1. Aaron Curry; 2. Jason Smith; 3. Michael Crabtree; 4. Eugene Monroe; 5. Mark Sanchez

<Pazienza> How does Sanchez compare to Brady Quinn?
Chris Steuber: Pazienza: Quinn and Sanchez are similar. Sanchez has a little more poise and takes care of the ball a little better. But they're similar; Sanchez just has that "it" factor you want with a quarterback.

<JANKO> If Denver trades with KC, that would give us a great chance to take Curry!!
Chris Steuber: Janko: A potential trade with Denver would be good for the Browns. Curry fits really well.

<JANKO> Chris, do you see Edwards being traded and for what?
Chris Steuber: Janko: I touched on the Braylon Edwards trade last night with Barry and from what was discussed it seems likely that Edwards is dealt prior to the draft. I have to think the Browns will get at least a 1st and a 3rd for Edwards.

<nybrownie> Who is interested in Quinn?
Chris Steuber: NYBrownie: I think the San Francisco 49ers are interested in Quinn, but not for the 10th pick in the draft. The Jets are another possibility if they're unable to get Sanchez.

<browns82> do they get wr too?
Chris Steuber: Browns82: No, I think the Browns would select a WR with one of the two first round picks they would have if they trade Edwards.

<BlennyBaller> chris have you heard anything about a possible trade for DA?
Chris Steuber: BlennyBaller: I've been hearing more about Quinn being traded than Derek Anderson. Quinn has more value.

<JANKO> Chris, my 8 year old son says that we need to keep Quinn, do you agree and who if anyone would be interested in QB Anderson?
Chris Steuber: Janko: I like Brady Quinn, but I think the Browns have been toying with him. For him to be successful, a change of scenery wouldn't hurt him.

<nybrownie> Who is shooting up/down the draft charts?
Chris Steuber: NYBrownie: Rising up draft boards are: Robert Ayers, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Josh Freeman, Eben Britton... Falling: Percy Harvin, Vontae Davis, Hakeem Nicks, LeSean McCoy

<Grover71> is it possible Freeman goes in the top 15?
Chris Steuber: Grover: I think Freeman will go between No. 17 - 22.

<billbrasky09> Are the Browns showing any interest in Raji at all?
Chris Steuber: BillBrasky: I think the Browns would have interest in Raji, but if Curry is on the board, he's the pick.

<USSPARGO> Really now, how many great players have come from wake forest?
Chris Steuber: USSPargo: Curry is a legitimate backer, but I also wonder how great he will be at the next level. He's a SAM linebacker and at that position, he won't have much of an impact. He's never been a forceful pass rusher, but he's a great tackler.

<Pazienza> Would the Browns trade Quinn before the draft, knowing that Sanchez might be gone before pick number 5?
Chris Steuber: Pazienza: That's a great question, I wouldn't trade Quinn unless they had a plan. Or, if they receive an offer they can't refuse.

<JANKO> Chris, if they do trade Edwards, would NY give them a 1st, 3rd and a player such as Hixon?
Chris Steuber: Janko: It's possible that the Giants include a WR, probably Manningham.

<64superfan> Chris: Anyone interested in DA for a 2nd rounder?
Chris Steuber: 64Superfan: Maualuga is a top-20 selection. He could go anywhere from No. 8 - 16.

<MuskieDawg01> Any chance either Matthews or Lauranitus drops into our laps in the second round?
Chris Steuber: MuskieDawg: I can't imagine Laurinaitis or Matthews falling into the second round. Laurinaitis is a player and I think it's crazy that people have him as a second round pick.

<JANKO> So then Chris, you are the GM of the Browns, with the fifth pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select....
Chris Steuber: Janko: I'd select Aaron Curry if he's available. If he and Sanchez are off the board, I'd go with Crabtree.

<chuckwildcat> how high would you take loadhold ?
Chris Steuber: Chuckwildcat: William Moore is rising right now and he will be drafted around the area the Browns select.

<samdawg32> Better fit at C for Browns Offense---mack or woods
Chris Steuber: SamDawg: Mack and Wood are both really good players. Wood gives you more versatility, but Mack is on his level.

<nybrownie> what are the odds Cleveland stays at #5?
Chris Steuber: NYBrownie: I think the Browns stay at No. 5.

<chuckwildcat> how high would you take loadhold ?
Chris Steuber:
ChuckWildcat: Loadholt will go in the second round.

<64superfan> HOw high could Ayers go?
<branc> chris is crabtee a higher rated prospect than edwards was coming out of college????

<JANKO> Chris, if the Browns select a RB in the second round, who do you see available?
Chris Steuber: Janko: Donald Brown could slip out of the first round. LeSean McCoy, Andre Brown, Rashad Jennings and Shonn Greene will be on the board in the second round

<JANKO> OK, if Sanchez is available and Curry is off, do you take him and look to trade Quinn ASAP?
Chris Steuber: Janko: I think the Browns are really interested in Sanchez. If they select him, Quinn is gone.

<Grover71> is William Moore a second round pick?
<Grover71> or will he end up in the 3rd
Chris Steuber: Grover: William Moore will be a second round pick.

<ewalsh03> If the Browns can get a first rounder for Braylon, what range would the pick most likely be? 21-30?
Chris Steuber: EWalsh: I think you hit it, I'd say that's a good area.

<Grover71> every year there is a run on a certain position. which position do you see that happening with this year
Chris Steuber: Grover: I think you will see a run on OTs early in the first round, DE/OLB during the mid-first and WR towards the end of the first.

<64superfan> Chris: I'd still like to know how high you think Ayers might climb. He's got a lot of upside as a pass rusher and the Browns
have to be interested in him.
Chris Steuber: 64SuperFan: Ayers is a wildcard in this draft. I really don't think he's a top-20 player, but he's ascending. I think a solid range for him is between No. 18 - 30.

<ewalsh03> If there is a good shot the Browns are going to trade Braylon, do you think they'll make a play at Boldin since the Cardinals
have announced they're listening to offers? or are they avoiding any big contracts considering he wants a new one
Chris Steuber: EWalsh: I still don't know if the Cardinals will truly trade Anquan Boldin. I would be surprised if they did.

<nybrownie> after Crabtree/Maclin who will be the next wr off the board?
Chris Steuber: NYBrownie: I think Heyward-Bey could be a surprise early pick in the draft and he has a chance to be selected before Maclin!

<chuckwildcat> what intrest would the browns have conner barwin and will he be availiable iat 36?
Chris Steuber: ChuckWildcat: Barwin is intriguing. He's a great athlete and he can do a lot of things for a team. He will be selected early in the second round, and he could be available at No. 36. I think the Browns interest depends on what they do in the first round.

<ewalsh03> Are the top Offensive Tackles in this year's draft "that good" that 3 could go in the top 10 or are there a lot of teams with a
need at that position. I don't recall that many tackles projected so early ever
Chris Steuber: EWalsh: I'm predicting three OTs going in the top ten, Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith and Michael Oher

<64superfan> Chris: Thanks. So, how nuts would it be for the Browns, given their 3-4 LB needs, to go Maualuga at #5 and (if we get #29 for BE), use that one on Ayers. Seems to me that would upgrade the LB corps by light years in one draft and we'd still have 2 or maybe 3 more picks in the 2nd round.
Chris Steuber: 64SuperFan: I like Maualuga, but No. 5 is a little high.

<nybrownie> How do u rate the top 5 this year vs last year ?
Chris Steuber: NYBrownie: The top five this year is close to the top five last year. I think this year's group has a lot of talent and it's similar to last year's draft where there wasn't really a consensus No. 1 guy.

<samdawg32> Rate the overall quality of the guard class--Any chance of a starter found in round 4 or later?
Chris Steuber: SamDawg: The guard class this year is probably the weakest of all the O-Line positions. There are a few good players, but it lacks depth.

<branc> will aaron curry play inside in a 3-4? And if so is that postion worthy of a top 5 selection?
Chris Steuber: Branc: Curry played about 99-percent of his plays in college at the SAM position. He could move inside, but there will be a transition. I know he would love to play WILL; he's an outside linebacker in my eyes.

<mikehey> how many picks do you see the browns have on draft day
Chris Steuber: MikeHey: It's tough to say how many picks the Browns will have in the draft, but they could have four picks in the first 64.

<dedwards> With all the pick the Eagles have, could you see then getting into the mix for B. Edwards?
Chris Steuber: DEdwards: The Eagles are gearing up for something big and if that involves Edwards, we'll have to see.

<billbrasky09> If we pick Sanchez, does that force Denver to trade w/ us for one of our QBs? They can't be serious about going forward w/ Orton, can they?
Chris Steuber: BillBrasky: Quinn going to Denver makes sense, but I think they will wait and see if they can get Sanchez.

<samdawg32> Duke Robinson worthy of pick 36? or 50??
Chris Steuber: SamDawg: Robinson will probably be a late second, early third round pick.

<64superfan> Nobody's asked about Orapko yet, so I guess I'll do it. Rap on him seems to be his problem disengaging. Is he really a top 10 LB?
Chris Steuber: 64SuperFan: I think Orakpo is a really good pass rusher, I'm just concerned about his durability. He's an undersized guy, but he's a perfect fit for a 3-4. I think he's worthy of a top-ten pick.

<mikehey> do you think the edwards deal is a sure thing to happend
Chris Steuber: MikeHey: It seems likely that Edwards gets traded. I think his contract situation will basically force a trade.

<brownzjunky> Because we can't plug all the holes should the Browns just bail and get all the picks they can?
Chris Steuber: BrownzJunky: I think the Browns should be smart about things and evaluate the board before they trade down.

<chuckwildcat> what would think of crabtree, barwin , loadhold as the browns first picks ?
Chris Steuber: ChuckWildcat: That wouldn't be a bad draft, but I'd also consider a RB at No. 50.

<nybrownie> What do uthink will be the biggest trade on draft day
Chris Steuber: NYBrownie: I think Denver will trade up with Kansas City for the No. 3 pick. That would be a blockbuster deal.

<dedwards> Who would you rather have...Raji or Orakpo?
Chris Steuber: DEdwards: Wow... Well, it depends on my need. Raji is a solid penetrator and he can get after the QB. Orakpo is a quality pass rusher, but he's undersized. I'd probably go with Raji, because of his size and potential to make others better upfront.

<dedwards> What do you think of Pat White...where will he be picked?
Chris Steuber: DEdwards: I think Pat White will be a late Day One, early Day Two pick.

<mikehey> is detroit going to take stafford number1
Chris Steuber: MikeHey: Stafford will be a Detroit Lion. I think it's the wrong choice, but from everything I'm hearing it's a done deal.

<NapEsq> if sanchez is avail at pick 5, who in the top 20 pulls the triggers and trades up? SEA, DEN, NYJ, WSH or ???
Chris Steuber: NapEsq: Well, Seattle holds the fourth pick, so they wouldn't trade up, but I think Denver has the ammo to move up.

<chuckwildcat> would jennings be worth 50 pick?
Chris Steuber: ChuckWildcat: Yes, Jennings would be a good pick at No. 50. Andre Brown would be as well.

<64superfan> Chris: How do you rate the safeties? Any going in round 1, or will the Browns have a clear shot at the best of them at #36?
Chris Steuber: 64SuperFan: I don't see a safety being selected in round one. William Moore has first round talent, but he will fall. Sean Smith could be a late round pick, but he's a tweener DB.

<Grover71> would the Browns trade Quinn with Sanchez off the board?
Chris Steuber: Grover: If Sanchez is off the board, I don't know why the Browns would trade Quinn; unless they get a deal they can't refuse.

<branc> would u rather have an edwards that didnt drop passes or crabtree?
Chris Steuber: Branc: I like Edwards, but there's something about Crabtree that makes me think he's going to be special.

<dcarbetta> Let's assume that Stafford and an OT go 1 and 2. If Denver moves up and takes Sanchez, who does Seattle take at 4?
Chris Steuber: dCarbetta: I think Seattle would draft Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe; one of the OTs that falls to them.

<dedwards> Philly has more picks than they are going to want to there any player you could see them trading up to #5 for?
Chris Steuber: DEdwards: The Eagles love Jason Smith and I think they would move up to get him.

<chuckwildcat> any defense tackles at middle rounds for the browns front?
Chris Steuber: ChuckWildcat: Sammie Lee Hill from Stillman is an interesting DT to keep an eye on in the late rounds. Chris Baker from Hampton and Terrance Knighton are two late round guys to watch.

<Grover71> so we are looking at Stafford-Smith-Sanchez-Monroe-Curry?
Chris Steuber: Grover: I say, Stafford, Monroe, Jason Smith, Sanchez, Curry

<64superfan> Chris: How about Delmas? 2nd rounder?
Chris Steuber: 64SuperFan: Delmas is a good option in the second round, but I like William Moore better.

<Grover71> so it is pretty evident Sanchez will not be there at 5
Chris Steuber: Grover: I think Sanchez could go No. 3 or 4.

<Grover71> How bad is Kyle Orton?
Chris Steuber: Grover: I like Kyle Orton. He's not a superstar by any means, but he's a serviceable QB and he's a great leader. His teammates love him and they work hard for him. He doesn't do many things on the field that hurt the team, but he also doesn't do enough to win games.

<jb42776> where do you think Beanie Wells falls?
Chris Steuber: JB: I think Wells goes between No. 14 - 19.

<southwestohiofun2000> How much do you think Denver is willing to give for BQ both 1sts or one 1st and a 2nd?
Chris Steuber: SouthWest: I think it all depends if Denver can get Sanchez.

<mikehey> your the gm for the browns who would you pick with there first choice in first round
Chris Steuber: MikeHey: The way that I see the draft going, I think Curry will be the Browns pick.

<64superfan> Chris: And Patrick Chung?
Chris Steuber: 64SuperFan: Chung could fall into the early portion of the third round.

<dapound> 5,0Aloha Chris, Do you think Alex Mack makes it to #36?
Chris Steuber: DaPound: I think Mack will be there at No. 36, yes.

<Grover71> he gets by Pitt?
Chris Steuber: Grover: I think the Steelers favor Wood over Mack.

<Grover71> Sanchez in Denver makes so much sense
Chris Steuber: Grover: McDaniels loves Sanchez!

<jb42776> Who doesn't love Sanchez?
Chris Steuber: JB: Well, for months I've been telling everyone that Sanchez is better than Stafford and I basically got laughed at.

<Grover71> wouldnt Den just deal with Sea knowing that KC already has a QB? or would they be worried someone would move ahead of them
Chris Steuber: Grover: Seattle is in play for Sanchez as well.

<NapEsq> can curry really be a difference maker if he doesn't rush the passer?
Chris Steuber: NapEsq: Curry can solidify a defense. He has the potential to make an impact, but I don't think he's going to be a superstar.

<dedwards> Do you really think KC would trade picks with Denver to help them get Sanchez? I can't see it happening.
Chris Steuber: DEdwards: Kansas City is rebuilding; Denver needs a QB. I don't think KC minds acquiring No. 12 and 18 for the No. 3 pick. That's a nice deal, especially since the Chiefs could get a pass rusher at 12 and a OT or LB at 18.

<dcarbetta> Can you name the superstars in this draft in your opinion?
Chris Steuber: DCarbetta: I think Sanchez is going to be a star. I really like Michael Oher. Hakeem Nicks is the best WR in the draft. And I really like Everette Brown.

Chris Steuber: Guys, I have time for one more question. I have another chat scheduled at 10 p.m. EST.

<dcarbetta> Wow....nicks over crabtree?
<Grover71> Nicks is the best WR in the draft? wow
Chris Steuber: Grover: I really like Nicks; he's the most complete WR.

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